Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jeff Has a Chat with Chef Joe Arvin #BB14

Jeff Schroeder sat down for a live chat with Joe Arvin the day after his eviction from the Big Brother house.  They start out laughing and Joe is in great spirits.  He's a good looking guy, Joe is.  Very photogenic.

Jeff wastes no time asking about the hair on Joe's chin.  Joe says that is his "flavor saver" and also says it is his "mini Claus".  Jeff is brave enough to touch it.

Then Jeff says his favorite scene with Joe was when Joe thought Dan was Shane in the dark bedroom and started spilling his guts.  Jeff like the way that Joe didn't try to make excuses.  Joe says he spent the "next 5 hours laying there trying to figure out how to fix that."

Jeff:  Do you know how loud you are in the house?

Joe knows, and says he has two brothers and he had to yell to make himself heard.  Then he says maybe it is because the kitchen is so loud with the pots and pans and all.  Jeff thinks that cooking might be part of Joe's strategy.

Joe:  I didn't think I would win all of the challenges, but I didn't expect to win nothing!

Jeff asked Joe what he liked cooking with, and Joe says America voted on some great ingredient for them.  Joe enjoyed working with the salmon, and the cod.  Jeff says that is no punishment, is it?

Jeff, to us:  You all have no idea how loud it is right now in here! 

(ha ha ha)

 Joe:  We're bursting at the seams!

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Jeff:  Do you think anybody's gonna starve now that you're gone from the house?

Joe left a package of slop burger mix, and one of slop cookies for Jenn, since she is eating slop for the rest of the summer.  He says that 99% of what was eaten in that house was prepared by him. 

Joe:  They'll be eating mac and cheese for two weeks!  Everything out of a box or can.  Dan can make great tomato soup though---he can open up that can just great.

Jeff asks Joe about his tall tales and Joe says he is from a small town and they got into many adventures.  I think Jeff is trying to get Joe to admit that he told lies, but Joe claims everything is true.  Jeff asks him to tell a tall tale and asks him about the dog eating a stick (Britney told him about it.).  Joe tells a mini version of the story and Jeff wants Joe to tweet a picture of that dog so he can prove it.

Joe wanted to take Shane to the end.  He thought Shane was very loyal, and they could use Joe's talking skills with Shane's physical skills and be a good pair.   Jeff says he noticed that Joe seemed to follow the power and Joe laughs that  he was accused of that many times.

Joe claims all of that was to protect Shane as well as himself.  He thinks Shane would have taken him to the end, rather than Danielle. 

(Was Joe on the same show we've all been watching?)

Jeff brings up Shane's  style and wants to know Joe's opinion of it.

Joe:  You mean all that pink?  Shayna in pink?

Jeff tries to steer the conversation elsewhere, saying let's start from the neck down.  He brought up the puka beads but Joe has no idea what he is talking about.  I can tell that a snippet was spliced from the interview because the conversation abruptly changed. 

(Maybe Joe brought up events like this, when Shane dressed in drag.)

Joe thinks Ian will take it all the way to the end, and discusses hie intelligence.  He liked working with Janelle and is sorry she is gone, but didn't know what to believe about some of the things that Janelle supposedly said.  Jeff asked for an example and Joe said that Danielle claimed that Janelle said a lot of bad things about her.  Joe doesn't know if that is true or not.

Jeff laughs about Joe going to sit in the red nomination chairs before they even had nominations on the live show.  Joe says he knew that if he didn't win HoH, he was in big trouble.  Jeff says that was "a really loud one from Joe" and puts his finger in his left ear to be sure we got that.

Joe's favorite moment was one that he didn't know if any of us knew about it.  Britney would be MC Snowflake and would rap some Emenim and it was crazy.  Jeff had no idea and Joe says she would do it in the morning during the wake up songs.  Jeff wants to see that but Joe says he lived for that every day.

Jeff asks Joe about missing his family.  This is the first time that Joe has been away from his family for that long, and he tried to dwell on memories like his son's softball game and other family events.  Joe says he loves Kentucky and the Wildcats too.

Jeff, joking:  Really?  Other than the yelling and what you wore every day, I had no idea....

They crack up.

Joe's favorite competition was the OTEV cornfield one.  They had to get down and dirty and crawl through the muck and he loved it.  Joe lost about 10 or 15 pounds on the show and gives Shane credit for his bootcamp class.

Joe:  Shane had me doing things I've never done.

Jeff:  Like pushups?

They get another big laugh out of that.  Joe thinks his wife Sarah will be pleased with the way he looks.   Joe says that he tried to "start a few fires" early in the game by spreading some gossip and trying to start "Team Diversity".  Janelle had to take him aside and tell him not to come out as a leader too early, because he might become a target.

Jeff agrees that a social game could be a great part of strategy, and gives Dr. Will as an example of someone who won without winning any competitions.  He says Joe's social game helped him out, because he too went pretty far without winning anything.

Joe wishes he could have picked his own alliance from the beginning, instead of the Coach and team situation.  But he's not complaining and says if somebody gives him a 1 in 12 chance to win half a million dollars, he'll come back a hundred times if they let him.

Jeff: I wish you'd talk to Jordan then.  Because she won and she said she's never coming back.  But who knows....we don't know what will happen...

Joe says hello to his family and is hoping to get a call from Sarah soon.  Jeff says he'll see us soon with another evicted house guest, but can't say anything else so as not to tip off anything to Joe.

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