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Jeff Enjoys a Good Chat with Frank Eudy #BB14

Jeff Schroeder sat down with Frank Eudy on Friday for a live interview.  This is the first time I've actually watched the interview live, so it was kind of exciting.  I'm not sure if they cut things out before they put the final version out on their website, but I think they might.  There were times where the interviews seem kind of choppy---maybe because they do a little editing.

 I tried to find the final version posted by CBS on their website so I could pull the pictures with the captions on them before posting, but I can't even find the interview on the CBS website!  Even with their names in search I couldn't find the video!  The one of Jeff interviewing Joe is front and center, because that was the second interview posted, but I have to give CBS an EPIC FAIL on the Jeff and Frank interview accessibility.  Thank god I was able to catch it live!  That never happens due to my real job.  (That's why we have YouTube, I guess, due to corporate idiocy.)


Frank has on a dark plaid shirt and Mike Boogie's Coach hat.  Sitting next to Jeff, it is clear that Frank could use a haircut.  I am on #TeamFrank, but I do think a cut or at least a heavy trim is in order. I must also point out that Frank mentioned Jeff and Jordan as America's Sweethearts in his SuperPass pre-season interview, naming them as former players he'd like to meet.  And  how can anyone sit next to Jeff Schroeder like that and not feel a little humbled.  Jeff is a frickin' babe, right?

Jeff starts off by saying he is a big Frank fan, and points out that Frank was such a big target in the game, and he was on the block every single week he wasn't HoH.  Jeff pays tribute to Frank by saying that Frank was able to do what he couldn't do...Jeff went out with the Clownshoe and Frank won that one when he needed to.

Frank:  Well I was lucky because I had the clovers.  I wasn't even sure that was what I was supposed to find in all of those balls, but I carried it down there anyway.

Jeff:  You were in the same lane as me, too.  But you did what I could not!  You won!

Jeff says he has a big list of questions from the fans, but he just wants to talk to Frank first, with his own topics.  Jeff wonders what Frank's biggest mistake was.  Frank says his biggest mistake was trusting Dan in the game.  He had three chances to evict Dan, and he should have taken those chances.

Frank said he went into the Big Brother game with integrity, and feels like he left with more of it than he carried in.  Dan may have gone into the game with integrity, but he is leaving with a whole lot less.  Jeff says he does feel like Frank played with integrity, just like he did.

Jeff:  Maybe we just can't play the game like that!  I did it twice and it didn't work..

Jeff asked Frank about Ted, except neither of them were allowed to call him that.  I think they just called him "the bear" but Frank may have called him "Teddy B".  Frank said that he was able to get two things out of the house---the red POV symbol that he won on the live show, and Teddy B.  Jeff said the bear is so big, Frank is going to have to put him in a separate bag and check him.  Frank thinks that Ted may even get his own seat on the plane going home---he feels he deserved it.

Jeff:  You hugged two people when you left the house..and that bear was one of them!

(ha ha ha)

Frank:  Well, I was really worried about what I might say...I was so angry and I didn't want to say something I was going to regret.

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Jeff wonders if Frank like the Spirtard or the Carrot Costume more.  Frank has to think about that one.  The Spiritard was really heavy and hot, He thinks the Carrot costume was easier to wear because it was "breezy", but he hated the Carrot Top.

Jeff:  Yeah, you had a big week in that costume!  Lots of big meetings wearing that!

Frank groans.  They discuss Mike Boogie leaving Frank with T-shirts and hats.  Frank thinks that he and Mike Boogie were like two grumpy old men, sitting together in the morning drinking coffee and bitching about stuff.  Jeff says you need to vent in there--you need someone to talk to with no fear that they will repeat it.  He had Jordan on his side and Frank had Mike Boogie.

Frank:  Oh, I almost started cussin' just now..

Jeff asked him about the money that Frank sacrificed for Ian and Jenn when Mike won the money.  At first Frank says he wishes he had let Mike give him the cash, because he knew he was going to, but then he remembers how much the money meant to Ian so it's okay.

Jeff:  Do you have any regrets?

Frank:  I have two regrets, but if the first thing had happened, I wouldn't need the second.  I regret sending JoJo home that week, because we could have evicted Danielle and Dan as a Coach.  But if that hadn't happened, I would have wanted to keep Wil over Joe, I think I could have worked with him.

Jeff asked if Frank was suspicious about Ian.  Frank said that he and Mike talked about Ian being the rat, but Mike didn't think that was the case.  Frank really started to wonder about Ian when he kept talking about keeping Britney safe, and repeating that over and over.  Jeff asked about Frank's blue water bottle---did he take that with him?

Frank: Yeah, I packed that up in my bag.

Jeff says that that blue water bottle was in every big scene with Frank.  He seemed to be attached to it.  Frank said that there were so many messy people in the house---he didn't want to ever be accused of that, so he just tried to use one bottle and not mess up too many dishes.

Jeff:  Who were the dirtiest person in the house?

Frank:  The dirtiest?  Hmmmm...let me list a couple.  Danielle, Britney, Ian and Dan!

He describes Britney's dirty habit of leaving half full coffee cups with milk and sugar all over the house, at least three a day.  Jeff says that the longer the show goes, the less and less people clean and Frank agrees.  Jeff says he hasn't watched all of the BB seasons, so the Super Fans may need to step in, but he thinks Frank may have set a record being on the block 5 times in a row.  Frank says Ian was around to keep him up to date on that.

(Will on BB2 or Amy on BB3?)

Jeff asks about Ashley--was that a Shomance or was Frank just lonely?  Frank laughs and says it was a little of both.  Jeff is trying to ask a question about Ashley and is struggling for the right words.

Jeff:  Well, I mean, I've met her, but you know her and would know if she is like that all of the time..

Frank:  You mean flighty?  Ashley being flighty?

Frank says yes she was like that "through and through" but she really surprised him and Mike at the end of the game.  She proved to be a gamer and hustled votes for Mike like crazy.  Frank wishes he had worked with her earlier in the game.

Frank would like to see Jenn win if she makes it that far.  (He is still very bitter.)  He said she is the one person who never lied to him, and he is going to push for votes for her, big time.

Jeff:  But not lying to people is not necessarily the way to play the game...

Frank:  Yeah, I know....

Jeff:  But I like the way you play.  Maybe we can work together on All Stars if they ask us?

Frank, beaming:  Yeah!  I like the way you play, too!

Jeff asks about Shane's style---what does Frank think about it?

Frank:  Oh my gosh...Shane is like the Backstreet Boys from the late 90's...

Jeff, delighted:  What about those puka beads?

(picture is of Jeff pointing to the puka beads)

Frank:  Oh those beads!  I was like, who the hell is this guy?  And he's wearin' 'em on the memory wall?  And he's not even a beach guy...he's from frickin' Vermont!  Vermont!

They both crack up and Jeff tries to recover.  He apologizes to Shane's family and says he has asked everybody the same question and he doesn't want to be mean.  (Jeff needs to be somewhat impartial, like Julie Chen at this point.  He can't just start slamming the house guests.)

Frank says Shane is a nice guy, but he started watching BB back in June, during casting.  He seemed so genuine, but never played honestly in the game.  Jeff asks about Frank's hair---he heard Frank say that he wouldn't shave his head for the "How Bad Do You Want It?" POV and Frank says he wouldn't shave it.

Jeff:  You're like Samson!  But not even for Final Four?

Frank:  Well, that's a different question now...It was so stressful in there, I was scared it wouldn't grow back!

Jeff says Frank is going to get all kinds of mail from fans, and will get asked to a lot of proms.  Frank says he and one of his buddies always joke about wanting to date young girls and they would always say that they "had one more prom in them".

Jeff laughs at that and Frank says he does have one more prom in him, and since he is 29 he "wants to get it in before he's 30".  Jeff says don't mean "get it in" and Frank laughs and says no.  Frank says he's been unemployed for three years and he was kind of hoping something would come up after the show.  He says he doesn't mean the entertainment business, but maybe somebody with a business would hire him to come work--even construction.

Jeff asked him if he would move out to California and Frank says he'd have to talk to Nana about it.  They joke about buying Nana a longboard so she can surf.  They end the interview with a fake Chilltown call.  Jeff has to have Frank re-do it since Frank didn't "Brrrrinnng" the phone very well at the beginning.

It ended up being a sad call, with Frank reporting that he was evicted 3 - 1, but they crack up anyway.

Jeff:  Oh, that was a sad one..

Frank: We need Mike Boogie...he's the king of the phone calls.

Jeff is getting really good at these interviews.  He is a natural at this.  I don't think this is the last time these two will see each other...


  1. Thanks for posting this! Team Frank!!

  2. Enjoyed this posting. Thanks. Still hoping Frank wins something. Maybe favorite houseguest.

  3. I watched it live too. First time I caught a live one. I loved Frank and I love Jeff (Jeff is quite hot) so I really do hope they bring the two back to play All Stars. That would be some good TV!


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