Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Janelle Glams Up the Backyard #BB14

Janelle brightens the back yard with her smile.  There were many house guests that she enjoyed seeing evicted, but she was happiest to see Danielle get evicted.  She thinks she really picked a bad team---a "team of crazies" who turned on her.  She says coming back after decompressing at home is kind of nice.  She got to see it play out at home instead of just getting dumped in the back yard without knowing what is going on.

She wishes she could manipulate people like Dan.  He plays hard but does play dirty.  She was sad for him tonight.  It's hard to come in second.

Spicy asks her about Wil.  Spicy has been hosting Wil on SuperPass for weeks now on Happy Hour and she wants to know the status of Janelle's relationship with him.  Janelle says they are friends----"kinda, but I have a lot of friends".  She smirks and they both giggle.  Jeff gave Janelle a bag of pork rinds.

Jeff is doing the interviews first, I guess.  The CBS Golden Child.

If Janelle could take one thing from the house she would take one of the big chess pieces.  Once Frank was evicted Janelle cheered for Dan.

Janelle loves her fans and says she knows there are a lot of us out there.  She is thankful and love us all.  


  1. It was a bad night for Janelle overall. She wanted Dan to win and she openly campaigned for AC on Twitter and didn't get that, either. I bet she'll finally cry a tear or two when she gets back to her hotel room.

  2. No, Janie won't cry, she knows and respects the game.

    Love you, too, Janelle!

  3. she got screwed over by that stupid reset.


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