Friday, September 7, 2012

Is Pandora on the Way? #BB14

They have all been alerted to an outdoor lockdown.  In past weeks, this has led to a visit from Pandora's Box, since this gives Production a chance to get inside and set it up.

Shane comes in the bathroom, changes into his pink swim trunks, and asks either Danielle or Jenn to use her sunscreen.  I don't know which one he asked, but he said "I'm sorry to ask to use your sunscreen, but it will probably be for the last time".  Was that a slip of the tongue? 

Jenn tells Danielle that she saw Shane and Ian talking for a long time last night.  Danielle reacts as if she is going to be nominated.

 Jenn:  I don't think he's nominating you.  He wants Dan out...but he told me that the nominations are arbitrary.

She tells Danielle to be careful what she says to Shane.

If I were Ian, I would consider not opening the Pandora's Box.  I doubt there is anything that would alter the game at this point, but it is sure to be something that is bad for the HOH, and good for the house.

Evel Dick has really fucked up with AGP, hasn't he?  Because I could see him getting an annual gig like Jessie has, to come in the house and yell at them, maybe bang some pots and pans and pour some iced tea on their heads.

That would be great for TV, but it is clear that AGP won't be going that route with him.  I think they are done with him.

Maybe there will just be an old-fashioned luxury type game.  In past years, the house guests got two minutes to "shop" for clothes, grabbing everything they could put on themselves to keep.  We haven't seen that since BB11, I don't think.

Maybe a movie challenge?  Or some sort of TV person coming in the house.  I think Pandora is kind of played out, but that is just me.

Now they must go outside and stay outside, according to Big Brother.

Ian:  On a beautiful day like this one, you  tell me to go inside, and I'll tell you to go fuck yourself!

He's got a mouth on him, that one. 

Ian:  Just one Veto competition, and we'll hear Julie Chen say Hello Quack Pack to us..

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