Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ian Walks it Off #BB14

Everyone just kind of sits in stunned silence.  They are locked indoors, and expect the next HOH competition to take place soon.  It will likely be held before the Showtime show, which will will start one hour later tonight. 

Ian says his heart is still racing.  They say he'll be the talk of Tulane and he says they may be talking about him at school tomorrow.  He thinks his family must have been "shitting their pants".

Shane gives a shout out to Tulane Taylor and we get FISH.  

Dan hopes he will get pictures of his wife Chelsea and a letter.  Ian got an HOH basket, pictures and a letter when he had the short HOH reign last time, but he didn't get the basket until after the second HOH competition had ended.

 Danielle eats cereal and it is very loud.  The spoon, the bowl, her teeth, the slurping.  We hear all of it.

Dan frets that Jenn is still in the DR, after all this time.  He wonders if she will come out guns blazing, or will she be calm.  Danielle expects her to be chilled out.  Dan says that she cannot win the next HOH.

Now Jenn is out, in the Boom Boom Room hugging Ian and she was shocked about tonight.  Ian said that this is the first time ever they have had two double evictions in one season.  He says he almost shit his pants.

She says this is such a mind fuck. She knows that they will have another HOH contest soon.  This is the first time Ian has been on the block and she says now he gets to know what that's like.  And playing for the POV is a "whole different ballgame when your ass is on the line."

Jenn goes back to the kitchen to finish the dishes.  Ian goes and whispers to the others that Jenn is alright.  She just "misses her buddy".  Ian adds that she wanted to get him out, but I certainly didn't hear her say that.

She makes her slop patties.  The oven is already preheated.

Danielle admires herself in the mirror and sees some good cinematic opportunities.  She asks Ian if he can come over and unzip her.

Ian: I would, but I need to wash my hands first, or else it would be unsanitary.

He laughs at that statement after he says it.  I think she unzipped her own dress after that.

And there is Shane, showing some skin.

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