Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Think the Live Feeds are Toast #BB14

I'm not 100% positive, but the live feeds went to TRIVIA about 2 hours ago, and haven't returned.  They usually put up a message saying that they'll see us next year, with information about the Finale, but I haven't seen that yet.

They got the wake up call today, and I took these pictures of Danielle getting up and getting ready to go up to the HoH Room for a lockdown.  Dan and Ian were still in bed. 

I clogged the kitchen sink this morning with a huge pile of carrot peels, so I had to deal with the plumber and didn't get any last glimpses of Dan or Ian.  The timing sucked, but my carrot juice was fresh and delicious.  And expensive, if you add in the plumber's costs....

PS  I think the Final Three were on The Talk today, but it was likely filmed yesterday morning.  I think they wore CBS snuggies, too.


  1. I'm going to miss BigBrother after tonite..I will be counting down the days till it is back for my viewing pleasure

  2. Thank fuck for Suvivor!

  3. On BB After Dark last night Danielle looked at herself in the mirror and said out loud: "I'm breaking out so bad".

    I responded (also speaking out loud towards the TV): "You don't have to break out... you're gonna be sent home tomorrow!"


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