Monday, September 3, 2012

How Many BB Notches are on Ashley's Bedpost? #BB14

This topic has been on my list of things to discuss for some time now, and today is the day...

Ashley Iocco didn't leave much of a legacy in the Big Brother house.  But she did leave a trail of romantic entanglements--some that you might not expect.  Let's review them, in order of interest.  Note that I am omitting the Spin the Bottle night--I don't consider that romantic, even though she did deep throat Mike Boogie.  (You can read about that here, if you'd like.)

Willie Hantz

If you watched the live feeds, Willie made it clear that he had a special fondness for Ashley.  One night Ashley either slept or passed out in the HOH suite.  She was stoned on some sort of painkillers that the DR gave her for her "back injury" that apparently happened during the first HOH challenge- appropriately involving bed hopping.  Ashley was likely dead weight at that point, so it is unlikely that she was a participant in any sort of romantic action with Willie.

Ian Terry

We all saw the contrived "Slop Date" Ashley had with Ian in the early weeks of the game.  I don't think Ashley saw that as anything other than something new to do for the evening, and maybe some guaranteed TV time.  That was not a real date as far as Ashley was concerned, although I have heard Ian refer to her as one of the oldest girls he's "been with".  As a card-carrying virgin, Ian is using the term "been with" very loosely here.

Frank Eudy

We saw a portion of the "Ice Cream Date" that Ashley had with Frank up in his HOH Room on the CBS show.  There was some definite chemistry, and they definitely had some real kisses. A few days ago, Frank told a group in the Arcade Room that he and Ashley continued to kiss in the BB house.  He said that before competitions, and when it was time to say good night, they would "hide their heads behind a pillow and kiss".  He demonstrated this for the group, and they were kind of stunned by it.  I can't vouch about any of this...I didn't see these sneaky sessions, but Frank told Dan, Danielle and Jenn this and I did witness that.  Then Danielle left the room and recounted this to Shane, still shocked by it.  This is a picture of the Ice Cream Date (which, by the way did not involve any ice cream).  If someone has details about any furtive kissing and groping, please let us all know in the comment section.

Jenn Arroyo

Now, here is where things really start getting interesting, right?  We started hearing Britney commenting in mid-August that "Jenn and Ashley are BFF's now, and snuggle up at night", but I didn't think much of it.  It is kind of narrow minded to think that gay people will hook up with just anybody of their own gender, and I don't think anyone was implying that.

But then, after Ashley was evicted, Danielle was whispering to Britney that Jenn told her that Ashley and JoJo were "not straight".  Danielle used hand motions to designate the word "straight"--I didn't hear her say it, but I heard her motion it.

Then, on the Big Brother After Dark show that aired just after Ashley was evicted, Jenn started doing some talking about this.  She mentioned that Ashley "tried to snuggle up in bed with her" (see #4 at the link below), and then mentioned something VERY interesting.  She said that she and her friends developed some different "hand motions" that Jenn would use on the live show to indicate to them if there was any activity between her and the "cute straight girls" (see #11 at the link below).

The Source:  Big Brother After Dark - More Allegations!  Whispers! and Lies!  8-25-12

So I went back and checked the tape for the live show, looking for clues about Jenn and Ashley.  And what do you know, Jenn did a little double hand motion when she voted to evict Ashley.  Check it out.

Jenn:  I vote to evict  A....



Well, that looks like hand signals to me.  What about you?  What do you think this means?

I know some of the family members of the house guests have visited my website before, if you are one of Jenn's friends, we would love to hear your insights on this. 


  1. I agree something went on, maybe it was some extra cuddling but I doubt any kissing that would of set the BB universe ablaze.

    Jenn was so devestated when she learned that Ashley had flipped to Boogie & Frank and was going to vote Jenn out. She seemed more like a wounded lover than a friend.

    Ashley is such a free spirit I don't think it means anything to her but to Jenn she took it all to heart.

    Jenn is now crushing on Danielle, not that anything is going to happen there. But Jenn does seem to crush on the girls pretty easily.

  2. "But I heard her motion it" I LOVE THAT!! funny stuff.
    Janice aka JanLeigh


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