Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get Ready for Action #BB14

I think the POV ceremony is happening now, instead of Monday.  Everything is being scooted up one day, and there will be an eviction live on Wednesday night.  That is when we will go to the Final Four and the last series of competitions will begin.

There is sure to be drama after this POV ceremony.  Supposedly Shane will not use the POV, and this will cause Jenn to go ballistic, thinking they are all playing her and ganging up on her.

But I think the real plan is for Danielle and Dan to vote Shane out on Wednesday, stunning both Ian and Jenn.  Ian won't be able to play for HoH (I don't think?) so that will set the stage for Dan's final run at the end.

A few minutes ago, Jenn and Dan had a rushed conversation---you can see it on the left side of the Quad Cam below.  Jenn said, "you'd better not be playing me....I hope you're not all ganging up on me".

Then she kind of said, if she goes, she goes.  At this point there is not much anybody can do.  

Dan is so cocky wearing Memphis' hat. I really hope the vote Wednesday is live so we can see Ian's reaction.


  1. It's not a live eviction show on Wednesday, Julie would have said so if it was. It's probably being taped on Tuesday.

  2. Oh, pretty please with sugar on top let this happen.

  3. Nah, no POV yet. I guess it will happen tomorrow.

    And it will suck for SHANE to be evicted without the whole live show experience. He probably won't even know the difference,though.


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