Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frank Eudy on the Loose #BB14

Frank Eudy is out on the party trail and likes to take pictures, which will hopefully be a good sign for the future.  In pre-season intereviews, Frank said that he only got a Twitter account so he could be up-to-date on all BB casting info.  But now that Frank has nearly 23,000 Twitter followers, this is bound to change.

Here is Frank getting up close and personal with actress Shannon Elizabeth.  She is a huge BB fan, of course.  I think she got her foot in the door during BB3, since she was one of Marcellas Reynold's clients when he was a stylist.

Frank posted these pictures yesterday of his "little" brother Gunnar with Jenn City.  I think this is Jenn's friend Dez Evil, although I am certainly not sure about that.  For all I know, the blond is Gunnar's woman.

And here is Gunnar Eudy with Britney and her husband Ryan.  No, he's not how I imagined him, either.

Frank also said during his pre-season interviews that he was the "short one in the family".  Don't you know the two of these guys kept Mama Eudy busy in the kitchen?  Not to mention cooking for Psycho Sid?  Damn that is a lot of groceries.  I've been thinking about which BB14 cast members would be selected for The Amazing Race----if Gunnar has half the personality that Frank has, this might be a formidable and entertaining team, right?

Frank had no idea that his friends would make a T-shirt for him.  They really did a great job creating some unique graphics that distinguish Frank's persona.

 Here is Frank with Missy from SuperPass.  Look at Missy copping a feel of Frank's abs...


Rachel Reilly Villegas tweeted this picture.  At first I thought this was a cake, but I think this was hanging on the wall at the SuperPass party.  

And Jenn City is no doubt pleased the the growth in her Twitter followers.  She tweeted out this picture of her band.  This is likely one of her publicity photos and not a candid shot.  She flew home to finish her album and get it out as quickly as possible.  


  1. "No, he's not how I imagined him, either."


  2. That is definitely Dez Evil with Jenn and Gunnar. :)


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