Saturday, September 1, 2012

Frank and the Older Ladies.... #BB14

Dan, Danielle and Frank are in the kitchen, chatting about various topics.  Frank is cooking eggs and the topic of bar fights comes up.

Danielle tells a story about being in a bar with "Michael" and him throwing a punch at the guy next to him when he made a comment about her.  Then Danielle started telling them that there was a company that would walk around the bar, selling hamburgers.  She repeats this several times, like it is unbelievable.

(Uh...isn't that what a waitress does?)

Then she says that they also sell roses.

Frank:  Oh, they do that all of the time in Memphis....I may have purchased them a time or two..when I was younger.

Dan likes the sound of this conversation and wants to hear more.

Frank:  It was always for some girl who I was dating at the time...and then, I was like these roses are a piece of shit! 

Dan:  I can see Frank dating older ladies...I think they'd get a kick out of him, just the way he is..

Frank:  Well, I have a strict cut off..

Dan:  Stop right there!  You are about to cut off a whole pipeline, so choose your words carefully..

Frank:  OK.  Older ladies are fine.

They all laugh.  Frank dated someone 7 years older than himself when he was 23.  It sounds like he's had a few one-nighters, too, but that's it.  Frank says the ladies in Naples take better care of themselves, he's noticed, then women in other parts of the country.

Dan:  They don't put on that winter coat.  You know what  I mean by that?

Frank:  Yeah.  They don't put on those winter pounds...

Dan asks them to picture looking at their computer screens, and watching themselves on the live feeds.

Dan:  Frank, someone is watching you cook eggs!

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