Saturday, September 1, 2012

Frank and Jenn Regroup #BB14

in the storage room.  Frank mentions his chat with Dan this morning, when they discussed Frank throwing the comp to Dan.  Frank indicates that he didn't throw it, he "forgot about Ashley".

I think it was OTEV based on what Frank said about "going down there to get it".

Jenn wants to know what he and Dan talked about.

Frank:  Well, we said the best case scenario was him winning...

Jenn:  And taking you off?  Or me?

Frank:  Taking you off, but what if he puts up Danielle?  Or Shane?

Jenn:  Then he's going back on our deal.

They are both worried.  Frank wants to "get up there and talk to him.  Shane does the dishes.  There is a lot of silence going around.

I think Jenn was whispering that she shared some personal information with Dan, "about her mom" or something like that.  I don't know if that information is causing a problem or not, but she mentioned it now.



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