Saturday, September 1, 2012

Father Dan, aka Judas #BB14

I found this clip on YouTube of BB10, where old Jerry calls Dan Judas in front of everyone.  This is what Britney referred to in her live speech last Thursday, when she said "a wise old man once said you'll always be Judas to me".

 Watching this, it is hard to believe that Jerry was on Big Brother.  That really was a courageous casting choice on the part of Production.  On the CBS show he got kind of an angelic edit, but on the live feeds he was a surly old fart who was easily annoyed and let everyone know about it.  I'm not saying I blame him for it, but there was a pretty big disparity between the way Jerry was portrayed, and who he really was.

Dan is friendly with Jerry, and even invited him to his wedding.  Jerry's wife is apparently very ill, and I think he has struggled with throat cancer himself.

In this clip you can see Dan wearing that same red St. Mary's T-shirt, and you will see Memphis Garrett wearing his fedora.  Memphis gave Dan that hat, and Dan has been wearing it on BB14 this year.

Looking back at it, Memphis was ahead of his time wearing that fedora four years ago.  But maybe he was just copying the guys in the movie Swingers.

And here is Jerry after the POV meeting, crowing about what he just said, and also calling Dan a "motherfucking cocksucker", complete with hand gestures.  Now that's the Jerry I know!  Note that he is talking to April and Ollie, who used to have sex openly in the house, during the day when everyone was outside.  They were nasty on the live feeds, but on the CBS show Ollie was portrayed as a preacher's son.  I don't think America was ready for that action...

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