Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Excitement on a Tuesday Morning #BB14

The Final Three were awakened today, and they all got up immediately to get ready.  But for what?

All signs lead to some sort of official activity.   Danielle is using her curling iron!  Dan is ironing a shirt!

I heard Danielle ask Dan something like "isn't it usually live?"  Dan didn't say much--I'm sure he is mentally preparing his plan of attack, as well as how to get as many plugs as possible for his website and books.

I'm guessing that today will include a chat with the Jury,  or maybe some media work.  Like interviews to hype the finale.   This is also the last day of the live feeds, if history serves as a guide.  The feeds will probably shut down by mid-day tomorrow, as they prepare for the live finale.


I think they are going to appear live on The Talk, Julie Chen's talk show.

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