Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eviction and HOH Results are In #BB14

and once again @MissCleoBB14 was in the audience and spoils the results.

Bye bye Jenn City.  You can eat and drink now.

And the new HOH is ....Danielle.  Yep.


  1. meh. Hate Danielle. Not like Jenn earned it but I am so friggin' tired of Danielle. No longer care who wins. I miss Frank!!!!

  2. I don't miss Frank but I sure am tired of Danielle. I wish she'd been eliminated from the game in the early weeks.

  3. I agree with this completely. The worst thing to happen this season was Frank getting evicted.

  4. We might get to see Ian evicted tonight....and some of the action at the Jury House.

    So there are still a few things left to look forward to...


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