Thursday, September 6, 2012

Everyone Continues to Lie to Frank #BB14

You'd think Jenn would give him a little heads up about tonight.  Frank tells us that "tonight is the big night...he just hopes the vote goes his way".

Frank:  I put in as much work as I could...I hope it wasn't too much work...that's what I'm worried bout.

He saw Dan and asked Dan what Danielle was whispering to Joe about earlier.  Dan told him something that seemed to make Frank happy.  Jenn sat with Frank at the dining table and they said only two weeks left...hard to believe!

Frank says that Production has been building in the backyard since about 3:00 am, and there are some pretty big sounds coming from the backyard.

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  1. This is not very good television. This whole season has consisted in players lying to other players in order to avoid confrontations, and yet confrontations and discussions about strategy which are more emotional and heated are way more fun to watch.

    The audience has been getting screwed by all this nonsense... not to mention that most of the players who were really interesting to watch and listen to have long gone. It seems as though the boring players got rid of all the interesting players as quickly as they could.

    This season has been spiralling downwards ever since Willie got removed from the game. That first week was non-stop excitement. Now BB After Dark is boring.

    And lying too Frank and others as they have done in previous weeks is just plain uncool, aside from being boring. I think the producers of this show are pretty lame, since there are so many things they could have done to spice things up this season but have instead allowed things to remain very vanilla.


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