Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Evel Dick Wants Money, Too #BB14

The word on the street is that JoJo Spatafora sold her Big Brother 14 bag a few weeks ago for $900.  How embarrassed will Evel Dick be if his bag doesn't go for at least that much?

I think he's a year too late, personally.  A year or so ago, people thought he might be on the verge of dying or overdosing, or something.  Nothing drives up prices more than extinction.

If this is how you'd like to spend your hard-earned dollars, you can start bidding at this link.


  1. I wonder how much Janelle got for hers?

  2. Just answered my own question. Janelle's bag went for $1525!

  3. Look slike Dicks sold for $2500


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