Saturday, September 29, 2012

Evel Dick on Danielle #BB14

Evel Dick has been ranting about the long, long list of things that make him angry.  I know, I know...what else is new?

I am ready for a break from Evel Dick, but will still follow him on Twitter as long as I can stand it.  He is one of those annoying people who retweet every positive comment he receives.  I would rather hear what he has to say, not what the idiots who follow him have to say.

(I realize I just called myself an idiot.  I'm okay with that.)

Anyway, Dick went on a rant yesterday about how the BB fans can cross a line to impact the players after the game.  He mentions instances where fans try to get the house guests fired from their jobs and otherwise ruin their lives after the BB season is over.

Dick mentions people trying to get Ronnie Talbot (BB11) fired, but I think Ragan (BB12) also had a very rough time with his after his season.  Dick mentions a situation with Danielle, where supposedly she "spoke at an event about cancer", and that "people complained and tried to get the person fired who booked her as a speaker".  I did some research on that, and haven't come up with anything.  I think it is a rumor and not fact, based on the timing.  When would Danielle have had time to do this?  I don't think it's true, but Danielle thanked Evel Dick on Twitter for defending her.

Dick then scolded her for not capitalizing the word "dick", saying it looked like she was calling him one, and not using his proper name. 

Ever the punching bag, Danielle apologizes to him for her mistake.  Maybe she should find out all of the shit-talking Evel Dick has been doing about her before she starts thanking him for anything?

I love the way he also lectures her about retweeting people.  Pot, meet kettle.

 And Danielle is not going to discuss her "relationship" with Shane.  Good move Danielle.


  1. The problem with Dick is that while he is annoying, egotistical, and just plain mean sometimes, he often provides the most "real" and honest commentary in the BB community. He does (between asides about himself) ask real questions of former HGs, and he does (between asides about how poorly he was treated) remind us of production's faults, and gives us insight into how things really work on the show. I'll be honest. I didn't pay for RTVZone because a little ED goes a long way, and because of your fine recaps. So thanks for that. :) And his production values are also crap.

  2. I would totally read a blog entry on "production secrets" because I freaking love when the HG talk about production on the feeds! Are there any blog entries you recommend I read to find out more? I'm guessing you've covered some of it before.

    1. Yes I would also be interested in this too.


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