Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dan's Plan for the End of the Game #BB14

Dan seems to be playing out the end of BB14 in the same manner as BB10.  The Final Three of BB10 was Dan, Memphis and old Jerry.  Dan planned for Memphis to throw Part #1 to him, and he did.

Sound familiar?

The Part #2 HoH competition during BB10 is one of those that is played separately by each person, and then the winner had the fastest time. 

This clip from the BB10 finale episode starts with the Part #1 HoH challenge, where we see Memphis fall on purpose.  I loved the look of that challenge--it seemed so fun and kind of easy, if you have good balance.   The Part #2 portion starts shortly after the 4 minute mark. 

How ugly is that living room furniture?  Unlike Ian Terry, I pretty much forget the details about the furniture as soon as the show is over.  Except I remember the "hippie" bedroom they had in BB10, with the Volkswagon Bus coming out of the wall.  That was cool.

The remainder of the Part #2 challenge kind of drags on but finishes in this clip.  Just like Dan and Memphis planned, Memphis won.  Since the two of them had a solid Final Two deal, they knew they had successfully shut old Jerry out of the game.  But Dan wanted to win the Final HoH, just to be sure, and to give him something else to crow to the Jury about.

In this clip we get to see Dan and Memphis do their little Renegade gun slinging handshake as they celebrate the win, and we also see old Jerry in his underpants.  Not that that is a treat or anything...  

We also see the issues with Memphis as a BB player---there is nothing really wrong with him.  He seems like a nice enough guy, but he just has no pizzazz.  His DR sessions are too low key, and seem so boring.  Just like Lane from BB12--these are two BB runner ups that I doubt will ever be asked back again.  Both bland snoozers.

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