Monday, September 10, 2012

Danielle's Daddy is Mean, Apparently #BB14

Danielle is upset at being nominated, and was angry at Dan for the way he treats her sometimes.  This morphs into a huge discussion about her father, and how horribly he has treated her.  Whatever his own issues are, Danielle does not believe that they justify the way he has spoken to her over the years.

Dan tries to turn this conversation around, by asking if there is anything Danielle ever does to instigate matters.  Of course, Danielle reports she is in no way responsible for the rocky relationship with her father.  She thinks that if he "hears this on TV, then he may start listening".  FYI Danielle is not crying, and does not seem angry or upset while she discusses this.

Meanwhile Ian and Shane move about the kitchen, discussing various fast food salad options.

 Danielle starts talking about how the family is all "dirt poor farmers" and the cameras quickly change to this. 

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