Sunday, September 16, 2012

Danielle Sucks it Up. And In. #BB14

Ian and Dan have been sitting in the pool for some time now, keeping up a constant chatter about the season's competitions, and Ian's schoolwork.  Ian discusses his classes, and some thermodynamic topics, while Dan listens and asks follow up questions.

Ian greets her when she comes over to the pool, and asks her about dinner.  She's not wearing a microphone, so I couldn't hear her response.  I don't think she had a response, though.

**Two Things**

1.  Future house guests could learn from Dan Gheesling's "Listen-Talk" ratio.  He does a lot of listening.  And people just love to talk about themselves.

2.  Danielle might think she is punishing them by not speaking to them.  That's a game she's going to lose every time.  

It's hard to keep up a look like this for too long, isn't it Danielle?

1 comment :

  1. Doesn't Dani know that sucking her stomach in isn't going to fool anyone?
    And if she's going to pose she should have put some makeup on first.


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