Monday, September 10, 2012

Danielle: Did I Mention I Need Immediate Surgery? #BB14

It's been awhile since we've heard Danielle talk about her long history of health problems.  You know, the broken back, the broken jaw, etc.

Well, apparently the ill and often injured Danielle is back.

 A little while ago, she told Dan that she had a lump in her breast that she would have to have removed as soon as she leaves the house.  Dan asked if it is "malignant" and Danielle said no.

Then she started to tell him about when she was in the shower with Britney and Britney saw something and asked her what it is.  She let Britney feel it.  Then she said a bunch of stuff regarding radiation therapy, etc.

Well now, about 30 minutes later, Danielle is telling Dan in the kitchen that she has breast implants, and that the lump is scar tissue.  She says she want from an A to a DD cup.  (She doesn't look that big to me.)

Now she retells the story about Britney seeing it, but amends the story to mention that she told Britney about the breast implants.  Supposedly "the mass" is attached to one of her implants.  She has mentioned Britney seeing at it at least four times.

Oh, and she threw Kara Monaco under the Breast Implant Bus, too, while she was at it.  No big surprise there, but on principle that is none of Dan Gheesling's business.

 Ian walks in and Dan cuts off Danielle's breast lump banter to tell Ian he's going to hang out with him this afternoon, and asks about his lunch plans.  Dan wants to make seared tuna tonight.

I think I'm going to file this story along with the "broken back from the tire swing story".  You know, the one where her dad picked her up and ran miles through the woods to the hospital.  You know, while Danielle's back was "broken".


  1. The same dad who was horrible to her, mind you.

    UGH! I can't stand this vapid mythomaniac (read: cunt) anymore.

  2. Well, according to Danielle, when she went on her trip with Shane, "THEY" told her she is America's favorite female in the house. So I'm hoping that, aside from the older cat ladies who love her, shit will hit the fan when she gets out, at least with her parents and "friends."

    People this delusional and self-centered need reality to slap them in the face a few times.

  3. Ha! I knew those things were fake!

  4. Does Howard Stern still watch BB? If so he should definitely have on Danielle and call her on her shite.

  5. The reason Dani's Boob implants don't look like a DD is because she is big. Big being the polite way of saying chubby. I don't think its fair that Joe has had his tall tales called out but not Danielle.

  6. I think SJ has a point...she's chubby and that's why her breasts don't steal your eyes...
    When I had breast augmentation in Toronto at, my surgeon found the perfect size and shape to fit with my body, and unfortunately I can't say this about Dani....Or maybe she had another strategy, who knows?

  7. Howard Stern doesn't watch BB, and won't even discuss it. One of his employees left to work on Big Brother years ago and burned soem bridges when he left. He worked on BB10 and BB11 and was going to run things for BB12 but ended up getting what he thought was some bad advice from his management team.

    He sued.

  8. I think the reason Joe had his called out more is because he's loud, doesn't give a damn, and his lies don't define him. Danielle seems to be a little mental and would likely have a breakdown if people started calling her out because her lies are way more personal. You can sense something about her, even through TV, that is a little off. The remaining BB14 players are smart and likely just want to get through her stories without upsetting her mental balance.

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