Monday, September 3, 2012

Danielle Confesses to Shane #BB14

She just told Shane that she is a "charge nurse" and he's not shocked about it.  She tells him that she had already started school when she was pulled out for the show.

She had to forfeit those tuition fees and re-entry into the program is not guaranteed.  She told him that she sometimes handles up to 60 patients on her own at work on her 3-11 daily shift.  She understands Shane when he says he works long hours.  She has been working full time and going to school and she was ready for a break this summer.

She says she makes her own schedule at work so she can be flexible about taking time off, and visiting Shane.

A little while ago Joe was out there with him, and he was trying to predict their futures.  He pictured Shane as a successful entrepreneur, with a family.  Then Danielle asked Joe what he saw in her future.  He said something about her being a great kindergarten teacher---he was struggling to think of accolades for that profession, then he said he thought Playboy would do a MILF spread and she could be in it.

Danielle:  A MILF?  But I don't have kids!

Joe:  We're talking about the future Danielle...

Danielle:  But what about now?  Do you think they will call me now?

Joe:  Maybe you could do a special kindergarten section....wearing your little glasses...

Danielle winked at him.

( I'm sure Joe was thinking that she would need to be sitting behind a desk, or standing behind a podium in the pictures.)

Danielle also insinuated that she doesn't think the DR will interfere with Frank leaving, based on what they've said to her.  She and Shane swear to each other that they will vote Frank out this week.

FYI the close up of Danielle below is when Joe was talking about Playboy calling her...

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