Friday, September 14, 2012

Dan Wins HOH Part 1 #BB14

Dani dropped when they dunked into the water.  She had discussed that with Dan earlier.  So now Danielle and Ian will battle it out for the 2nd HOH competition, probably held in the next day or so.

Ian came out and gave Dan a handshake  The feeds are super choppy and keep freezing and rewinding.  I suspect this occurs when too many people start taping the feeds.

Now they are back in the house and it feels so empty in there.  I'm guessing they will get a booze delivery soon.  Maybe even a Final Three dinner?  Last year Big Brother brought in what looked like a room service steak dinner and they did that thing where they stare at the memory wall and discuss each house guest.

You know, like when the Survivors walk through all of the torches and reminisce.


  1. At least it's not Danielle. Rooting for Ian AND Dan at this point.

    Danielle must be the most hated HG (by the public at least) in the history of BB.

  2. I don't even know who to root for. Part of me wants Ian to win HOH and have him evict Dan because it would be awesome and also then he would have gotten out both former winners from this season. However, Dan has played such an incredible game, he really deserves to win. No one else has played to the extent that he has.

    Also, when did the myth of the "mist" start? I missed the first reference to it I think.

  3. I think Britney made that up, saying that Dan sprays his mist on them and they were powerless to stop it.


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