Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dan and Ian Convene in the HOH #BB14

The feeds have gone to TRIVIA now, but about an hour ago Dan visited Ian in the HOH.  They briefly discussed the vote tonight.  Dan reports that Jenn is expecting Ian to vote to keep her tonight if the vote is a tie.  Ian scoffs at that as an impossibility.  He doesn't want to reward her game by taking her to the Final Four.  Ian is expecting it to be 2-0 to evict Jenn and Dan agrees.   Ian says why would either of them risk angering Danielle on her way to the Jury?  

I think Dan was hoping Ian would vote Danielle out---I suspect that is the purpose of this visit, to see if there is any chance of that. 

Ian is expecting some sort of Big Brother Quack Pack celebration after that.  He congratulates himself for putting together such a wide array of players together for a winning alliance.  (Even though the remaining Team Britney and Team Dan players were kind of throwing Ian a bone when they started the Quack Pack.)

Ian and Dan drilled about the color jerseys everyone wore in the competitions, and also the numbers on their jerseys during one competition.  Ian recited these facts just like his ABC's.  They both fell asleep shortly afterwards.

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