Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dan and Frank Put Their Heads Together #BB14

in the storage room.  If Dan wins the POV, Frank would love for Dan to pull him off the block, but he thinks the better option might be to save Jenn, because he does "owe her one" for last week so that wouldn't seem suspicious.

Frank:  He'd almost have to put Joe up, then....

Dan wants to know if Ian would put him up if Frank wins and save himself.  Frank's not sure about that.  Dan says that "the good thing is that Shane is not competing".

What does that mean?  Did they already pick players?  They must have.  That's not good for Ian, is it?  I think Shane is the only legitimate hope of beating Frank, if indeed the competition is the OTEV one.

 Dan says if it's OTEV, the game is sure to end up with Frank, Dan, and maybe Joe still in at the end.  (I think Danielle can KICK Joe's ass in the OTEV competition.  Literally.)  Frank may try to throw the competition to Dan so their plan can play out.  They don't want anyone to suspect that they are working together like this.

Jenn has been sitting alone, deep it thought as you can see.  Dan went upstairs to the HOH to get Ian's Rice Chex but there was no significant conversation.

Shane tells them that he tried out to be a bachelor on the Bachelorette show.  It was the season with Ali, whom he says lives quite near his house.  He says that he "heard" that Roberto (whom Ali chose, and recently broke up with, right?) is rumored to be the next Bachelor.

BB doesn't like the topic of this discussion, and turns the cameras to this riveting display.
 I think Ratt's Round and Round was one of the wake up songs and Frank can't stop singing it.  He couldn't stop singing in on Thursday, so this won't help.

Oh, and Shane trying out for the Bachelorette show certainly won't ease those gay rumors, will it?

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