Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Britney Wants to Sell her Fugly Dress #BB14

Well, this is no shocker for me.  Britney's purple dress she wore Finale night was incredibly ugly.  I was truly shocked that someone would choose to wear this on national TV.  I could picture Tonya Harding wearing this for the Ice Capades, but that is about it.

She has a number of items listed for sale, including her Big Brother bag and various costumes that she wore on the show.  She is even selling a pink water bottle that she drank from on the show, and the bids are currently over $200 for that.  Here is the link for your bidding or entertainment pleasure.

Let's see, who is Britney's biggest fan, with money in their pocket to burn?  (I*a*n)


  1. Her bag is up to $860 with 4 days of bidding I'm not really sure how many people you can impress by owning Britney's duffle bag. You could get some Prada or Versace for that shizz.

  2. That dress was so ugly! I was just like 'what the hell?' when I saw it.

  3. We've certainly seen questionable clothing choices on Big Brother contestants before. But what made this dress particularly offensive is the way Britney was constantly portraying herself as so worldly and at "boutiques in New York City".

    She "can't remember the designer", and it "may be one-of-a-kind". Bitch please. The only way it would meet those descriptions is if she bought it at Nancy Kerrigan's garage sale.

  4. The night before Brit was evicted, she told Danielle that she was going to wear the dress she wore when she got engaged.

    Of course Danielle told her she loved that dress.

    I honestly expected to find Brit wearing a beautiful dress.

    Boy, was I wrong.

  5. That was a different ugly dress, Denise. And you know I hit that one, too.

    1. D'oh, you're right.

      She looks like she's going to a rodeo.


  6. That dress looked like something a 12 year old would wear to her ice skating show.


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