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Big Brother After Dark - Trouble in Jenn City 9-8-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Showtime Friday night, and in the wee hours of Saturday where I live.

Ian has been HoH since Thursday night (after the live show) and today nominated Jenn and Shane for eviction.  The POV will be held on Saturday and as usual, the stakes are high.

Pandora's Box made yet another appearance today.  Ian saw a screen with his family on it, and a message said he would hear from someone who loved him.  Ian got punked by Pandora when he saw a message from Rachel Reilly.  Meanwhile, downstairs all of the house guests saw Skype recordings from their families and were all choked up about it.


1.  As the show opens Shane and Danielle are playing cards.  One of Ian's dinosaur toys is on the table.  We can see Ian sitting and rocking on the HoH bed, listening to his Matt and Kim CD and jamming out a little.  He is also watching the Spy Screen.  Danielle beats Shane in cards and he leaves the room.  She then goes on a snack attack, grazing on various items in storage and in the kitchen.

Shane came back and is snacking on a peach.  I can tell it wasn't ripe enough by the way he is eating it.  He is having to saw at it to cut off a slice, and with a ripe juicy peach you would not be able to do that without making a big mess.  Also it would be so delicious that you wouldn't take so long to finish it.

Shane and Dani played another game of cards and he accused her cheating.  I think he is joking but invites Danielle to Google the rules of Rummy when she gets home and she will see that he is right.  He chases her around the house and makes her squeal and then everything is quiet again.

Shane is building a house with the cards and doing a great job.  He is working on the fourth level and his hands are steady as he puts the cards in place.  We see Ian from time to time sitting cross legged on his bed, listing to his tunes.

Dani went to bed and Shane sits at the counter, staring at nothing.  This is what happens, people, when you vote out people like Frank and Joe.  People who actually had activities and made conversation.

2.  Now Ian comes downstairs. Shane tells him that the construction people outside are "going to town" out there.

Ian:  Oh, I don't like to hear that.  We'll be hanging upside down...going down a zip line backwards...who knows.

Ian won't nap while Showtime is on, but he goes back upstairs to "chill to his music".  He didn't invite Shane to join him.  Just sayin'.

Danielle is not sleeping, but has her eyes wide open.  After the commercial break we see Ian getting some Diet Coke and then talking with Dan in Storage.  Dan wants to do the Renegade shake with Ian but wants to be careful that no one sees it.  (I think Dani is the only one who would recognize it, though.  Jenn and Shane would be oblivious, I think.)

Ian is looking for ground turkey and is cursing because he can't find it.  It's "fucking weird" he says.

(They can't blame the turkey shortage on Joe this time.)

Dan comes in and thanks Ian for waking him up.  He didn't realize that it was time to get up, he was so tired.

Dan:  My uncle said he knew had developed a Big Brother problem when he spent an hour watching me and Memphis sleep for an hour on Showtime.

Ian can relate to that---it really winds down near the end of the season.  (Don't I know it.)  Shane watches Ian put together a turkey sandwich.  Dan is eating cereal and says he is exhausted.  Ian points out that they "did frickin' three challenges yesterday" and whatever is outside had better be simple.

Ian:  Maybe now that Joe is gone people will clean the cutting board after putting raw meats on it.  Nothing against Joe, however...

3.  Ian talks about Seinfeld episodes with Dan and quotes some lines.  Shane looks a little lost.  Maybe he's not a Seinfeld fan. They talk about watching all of the CBS shows, and Ian gives the CBS website a plug, saying that fans can log on and see profiles of their favorite house guests with all of their likes and dislikes.

Ever the opportunist, Dan mentions his wife's website for the charity she works for.  I didn't catch the name, and I think he said the website was in progress.  Ian sits down with his sandwich and a fresh glass of Diet Coke.  He only uses one or two ice cubes, which I find mildly disturbing.  He mentioned once that he feels ripped off by getting too much ice in his glass at a restaurant, but I don't get why he doesn't want to use ice at home.

The picture of Dan's wife without a bra was on the dining table, but Dan has moved it to the kitchen counter so he can look at it while he moves about the kitchen.  He picks it up frequently to look at it.  (Big Brother uses the same frames over and over for each HoH, and the back has masking tape on it to hold the picture inside, due to wear and tear I'm sure).

Dan and Ian started talking about paint ball or Pokemon, and maybe paint ball AND Pokemon.  I don't know.  Shane gives a shout out to Sarah Underwood and Candace Bailey at the G4 network.

Shane: If you're in LA for the finale..come on out, we'd love to see you!

Shane points out that Ian is taking forever to eat his sandwich because he is talking about Pokemon.  Shane says he is so knowledgeable and passionate, it is cool to see.  Dan wonders if Ian will teach his kids to play, but Ian doesn't think that Pokemon will be around then.  It did teach him about competing and strategic skills.

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4.  They look at the memory wall and all of the black and white faces.  Dan isn't sure if he could pick Jodi out of a crowd now, it's been so long.

Shane:  I didn't recognize her at media day. She came up and said "hi Shane" and I was like, "hi Lawanda..."

Ian and Dan react to that.  NO WAY they say.

Shane:  Well she had on glasses and a hat.

(The day after Jodi left she had to come back in to take pictures by the pool with the other house guests.)

Now Ian discusses how badly he felt for getting Frank nominated---he had made a comment to someone that sounded like Team Boogie would backstab them.  Mike thought he took a deal up on the Pirate Ship, but Ian says his arms and legs were convulsing and he needed to get down.  The deal was good for him because he actually couldn't go any farther with it.  He was happy because he was safe and got to play for HoH the next week.

5. After the commercial Danielle joins them and Dan wants to drill them on information by week.  Danielle gets really snotty about it, saying she could do this all day. They want her to name all of the girls in order, by length of hair.  She does it, then Shane says she forgot Kara.  She started again and Shane says "last time you said JoJo was third".  Danielle corrects herself and argues about it.

Ian:  Kara is so cute.  How could we let her go?

Shane: I know...we were forced into alliances.  If I could have chosen, I probably would have picked Kara, Danielle, you (Ian), and Frank.  And probably Joe and Wil.  That's kind of a stacked team.

Ian had a team of five that he was thinking about back then, and in Survivor and BB a team of five is a pretty good team.  Jenn woke up from their noise and Shane apologizes.  As she walks through to the bathroom Shane welcomes her to Showtime and she waves to us.

After she leaves they mumble about how they can't let her win the POV.  Then Shane points out how much weight he has lost on slop.  He and Ian have both been on slop the same number of days, but Ian's were consecutive.

Jenn comes in and makes a protein shake and asks if they have been talking about Jodi.  They admit they have been.  There is silence, and Jenn asks if they can enlighten her about the conversation.  Ian tells her that Shane didn't recognize her at Picture Day because of her hat.

Jenn:  I thought I heard someone talking about a swing vote.

Ian:  A swing vote?

Jenn: Yep.  That's what I heard.

Ian, thinking:  Well we were talking about Kara, and wondering why we sent her home...

Jenn:  Yeah, no shit.

Ian: And Shane said I was the swing vote, but I wasn't the swing vote!

Jenn:  No shit.   We had to vote with our teams!  And that made it harder to play back then.  But also you immediately had people to roll with, and that's good.

Ian:  You could say Boogie did the best job picking teams....we were all here up until Day 60.

Jenn:  Yes we were.

6.  Shane got called to the DR and Dani says "have fun".  Apparently there are a lot of topics to discuss in there tonight.  Dan and Ian go upstairs to play chess.  Dan immediately starts engaging Ian on the topic of Pokemon cards again.  He says you can buy unopened packs of cards on Ebay for $5,000 to $10,000.

(Always sucking up, that Dan.)

We see a brief shot of Dani washing her face in the bathroom and talking to Jenn about things that other house guests left behind.  She thinks that if people left something on purpose, you are allowed to take it.  Dan put a white mask on her face and Jenn is telling her that she didn't want to upset her.  Dani fans her face so she won't cry---she was "crying in the DR about families".

Now back to the chess board.  Ian stands up to make moves, the board is so large.  He just took one of Dan's pieces, and he makes a loud sniffing sound occasionally.  They were talking about Janelle's chess game, and Ian started talking about a guy named "Hawn" (?) and the cameras changed.

Dani and Jenn are laying in the bathroom.  Dani is glad to see Jenn smile.  She wishes Jenn would come and find her when she is angry.

Dani:  I feel like you were angry at me in the kitchen.

Jenn:  No...I was just mad that Dan pulled it off again.


Dani:  I heard you say you didn't want to hear it.

Jenn:  I was talking to Dan....

Danielle is glad for not being nominated, but tells Jenn that she shouldn't worry.  Everyone went their separate ways after nominations.  Ian went upstairs, Jenn didn't want to talk, and Dan went in his room and packed everything.

Jenn:  He packed everything?  Why?

Dani:  Well, his stuff was in there all over the floor.  And he just packed it up.

Jenn:  Oh..

(Jenn may be the only one who is on to Dan Gheesling and his game.)

Dani, quietly:  Jenn, I might be sweet, but I'm not stupid.

Jenn:  OK.  That's all I needed to hear.

Dani:  It's okay.  You'll see.

Jenn:  I've played out certain scenarios in my this could play out...

Jenn won't elaborate, but says things work out in a good way in her head.  While they discuss Dan we see a quick shot of Dan laying face down by the chess board. No sign of Ian.

Jenn:  I would kill for a piece of that beef jerky.

Dani: I feel so bad eatin' in front of you.

Shane comes in and Dani says they are just having girl talk.  Shane says he's had too much sugar tonight and moves some towels out of the way so he can sit with them.  Shane asks if that is okay and Danielle starts in with him.  The arguing and the bickering.  Danielle threatens to "explode on him".  Shane says he's going to "go Jenn City on her" and they all laugh.

Danielle:  He ate two huge bowls of Froot Loops.  And he hates them!

Now she is yelling that they only got one box of Froot Loops for the next 6 days, and he ate two bowls.

Shane:  I'm going to eat the rest of the Froot Loops, then I'm going to eat the rest of Dan's Sugar Smacks so you can't eat that either.

Now Shane asks Danielle to spell the word "caribou" and she gets angry and starts yelling.  He won't let it go and keeps asking her to spell it.  Then Shane starts calling out to Dan, asking if he'd like to have some Froot Loops. He says Danielle sounds like Willie talking about Froot Loops.  Shane left and Jenn asked her twice if she and Shane "stage these fights in the house".

Danielle denies it.  Jenn says the duality of the situation is strange to her---Danielle acts like she enjoys the attention of the relationship, and also the fights.  Danielle claims to actually like Shane, and says he gets on her nerves.  Jenn says there are a only a few days left.  Danielle wants to know how Jenn would have handled it.

Jenn:  I wouldn't be in this situation. I would have steered it into the friend zone a long time ago.

Dani:  Well, you're a lot older and wiser than me.

Jenn agrees, and says that she has lived this situation, and Danielle needs to learn now, that this kind of relationship can be really bad for you. They both agree that every day needs to be sweet like Dan and Chelsea.  Jenn says you can't force it, it's either there or it's not.  Danielle vows to stay calm and not yell.  She wonders if she should go and apologize to Shane and Jenn said she wouldn't, but its up to Danielle.

(Jenn is so over all of this crap.  And she is questioning everything, which is smart.)

7.  Now Jenn says she told Dan that she thought it would be him going on the block, and "she doesn't know what the fuck he said to this kid...".

Danielle:  What did he say?

Jenn:  He just said that I had to trust him.

Now up at the chess board Dan is saying that Jessie Godderz is a pretty good chess player. When he was a kid he got tired of having his dad and his brother beat him all of the time so he learned to play better.

Back downstairs Jenn is talking and Danielle just sits there.

Jenn:  You don't have anything to say about this?  Nothing?

Dani: I'm just sittin' here, wearing a face mask.  You probably know more than me about it.

Jenn:  How the fuck do I know more than you do about it?  I mean, I have my suspicions about what is going on, but I can't prove it....

Jenn is laying on the little couch, but has put a towel over her legs so she doesn't flash everybody in her leopard skirt.

8.  After commercial Danielle and Jenn are discussing Frank.  Jenn is amused by the number of ways that Frank was able to use the word "bubba" in a sentence and they laugh about him saying "listen up, bubba".  Danielle says that Frank got really angry with her when she called him a redhead outside in the backyard.

Jenn:  Yeah, he didn't like being called a redhead.

Danielle:  But he is a redhead!  I've thought that ever since I met him!

Jenn:  I think he drew the line at the Carrot Top comment...

Now upstairs in the HOH Ian, Dan and Shane are talking about the nominations.  Ian doesn't want to think about what will happen if Jenn wins the POV.  Dan says they shouldn't even talk about it.  Ian fed the fish and comments that one fish is the "Jenn Fish" who just sits at the bottom of the tank and doesn't do anything.

Now Dan wants to talk about who Ian thought was the hottest girl.  Of course Kara's name comes up.  Ian says that Mike Boogie was kind of hitting on her and he overheard it.  Mike and Kara knew someone in common and were both freaking out about that.  Ian said he would pick Britney over Kara because he didn't get to know Kara very much, and Britney has more of a personality.

Shane:  When Kara was on the block she said she would do anything to stay in the game....wish I would have taken her up on that...(joking).

Dan:  A few days into it she just said, I don't want to hide anything from you...I was Playmate of the Year in 2006.  My jaw just dropped like Ian's did...I don't like to stereotype anybody, but I would have never guessed she would be one of those girls.

Shane:  No, me neither.

Dan:  Usually, they like to put at least 4 people in the house that may connect in that way..

Ian:  I don't think I was supposed to connect with anybody..

Dan:  What about Ashley?

Ian:  Nah...she was canoodling with Frank the whole time, and I didn't know.  She probably deserved to get evicted.

They discuss JoJo and how Joe said she liked to "put from the rough".  They all laugh.  Shane says how much trouble it would be if he hung out with Kara the whole time at the finale.

Ian:  Yeah, Mike Boogie would...

Shane:  No, what about Danielle?

They agree Danielle would go nuts, and Shane says he would never do that to her.  Shane swears to them that he has nothing going on with Danielle, and they only kissed those two times in front of everybody.  Ian and Dan know that, and don't even push him on it.  It is apparently as obvious to them as it is to us.

Their BB bags have their full initials on them.  They don't think Jenn has a middle name.  Joe's initials are JRA,and his middle name is something unusual like Redford or Redmond.  Ian can't remember exactly.

9.  Dan wants to get back to talking about the girls.  He wants to know if JoJo was bisexual.

Shane thinks JoJo likes men primarily, but that she wasn't adverse to being with women.  Shane says that JoJo hit on Jenn, but points out that Jenn is who told him that. Shane mentions the dirty sounds she made in the Have Not room and Ian was there, too.  She was always moaning and making sounds like she was getting off and it was awkward.  Shane says she wanted to make out with him but he told her he doesn't kiss girls who smoke.

Shane:  A lot of things happened in that Have Not room....

Ian:  Like Joe rubbing one out in there...

Shane mentions the time Joe just took his pants off in there and stood there naked, admiring his weight loss totally nude.  He forgot where he was and Shane can't believe Ian hadn't heard about that story.  Ashley walked outside of the shower for a few seconds and forgot where she was.  They discuss her profession---Shane thinks she must be an actress but Ian doesn't think so.  He points out that she lives in West Hollywood and that is so expensive.  Ian thinks she is really a spray tanner but Shane says that she only has 5 clients.

Ian said they had nothing to talk about, and that the conversation would always come back to the same 2 or 3 things.  She would come out to the hammock and sit too close to him and the "radiant heat" bothered him.  So he would move and she would ask him why he always left when she came out to the hammock. He thinks she started pursuing Frank then.

After commercial Ian recounts that same tired conversation that they show on the CBS show to summarize when he told Britney that Team Boogie was turning on them. You know, where he says "yeah, yeah Shane!" in an extremely odd way.    He had called her in the storage room to tell her and then he dropped the bomb on her and she freaked out.  That is really what started the Quack Pack.

10.  They said that if Ashley were still in the game, winning the POV against her was like taking candy from a baby.  Ian is very full of himself as he describes that the cameras were on him as he poured a bottle of water on his head when Ashley made a stupid move in the POV candy challenge.

Now back in the bathroom Danielle has removed her white face mask and we can see the beginnings of a very large blemish over her right eyebrow.  Maybe that blemish will calm down, and maybe it won't.  They are discussing Danielle's video from her god sister Kristy.  Jenn says it looked like she had something to tell her, but couldn't.  (I'll bet!)  Jenn said she probably wanted to say "don't trust Ashley!"

Jenn said that it seemed like they had to "throw those videos together.." and the cameras go back to the HoH, where Shane is talking about Willie.  Shane thinks he knew a lot about the BB game, but he just stayed up in the HoH the whole time and got more and more paranoid.  Dan asked about the House meeting and Shane said that is when everything changed.

After that, Janelle's team couldn't handle Willie's paranoia and left them.  Dan wanted to know about the House meeting----where were people sitting, what was Joe doing.  Dan was interested because he thinks he was there when Willie first started talking about the House meeting.  Dan says that Frank would be out there shooting the breeze and joking around.  Dan tells them that after the first eviction, Frank told Dan that he heard Dan threw him under the bus the night before.  Dan told him yes, because he couldn't just let Kara go home without a fight.  Wilie was sitting there and said he was tired of "all of the Coach's stuff" and then told Frank that they needed to have a meeting.

Now Ian describes what Frank said when he nominated Britney, telling her to pop a squat.  That made Britney cry and Ian so mad.  He talks about how he went up to the HoH and started yelling at Frank and Frank told him to "get the fuck out".  Then he stormed back upstairs and got his three beers, announcing that "day drinking is off".

Dan and Shane are laughing their asses off.  Ian remembers word for word what was said by whom, and he goes over his entire series of arguments with Frank, ending on their disagreement on the meaning of the word, "several".


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