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Big Brother After Dark - 'Tis the Season for Mr. Pectacular 9-1-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday night, and in the wee hours of Saturday where I live.

Ian is the HOH, and nominated Frank Eudy and Jenn Arroyo earlier in the evening.  Today Pandora's Box happened again,with Ian getting presents and prizes, while the rest of the house got the punishment of Jessie Godderz coming in the house for an appearance--- the 5th season in a row.  We are in the last few weeks of the season, and with the POV still to play, and a double eviction coming up again on Thursday, anything can happen.

This is also the time of the year when the live feeds and BBAD get a little slower.  There are fewer and fewer people left to watch, and they usually start napping frequently, like children.


1.  The show opens with Frank and Shane talking in the living room.  There are a lot of construction noises in the backyard, and Frank likes to listen to them and tries to imagine what is happening out there.  Shane wonders if some portions of the sets are pre-made, and then transported to the backyard.

Frank, a longtime BB fan, tells him of course that is the case.  And that some of the competitions have been used numerous times, like the OTEV set.  OTEV is a good bet for Saturday's POV, actually, and that is good news for Frank.

***If you don't know, the OTEV POV competition is one of the fiercest, most phyiscal competitions in BB.  OTEV is "veto" spelled backwards, and features some sort of oracle-type voice with a coordinating theme.  One year there was an Indiana Jones type theme, and another year OTEV was a big singing clam.  OTEV always talks in a big deep voice, and is on top of a large hill.  At the bottom of the hill is usually a lot of dirty clutter, with some objects with the BB14 houseguest's names on them, hidden among the junk.

It is kind of like musical chairs.  Everyone will go to the top of the hill, and listen to OTEV give a clue about which houseguest he's talking about.  Maybe something like, "She never showered in the BB house" and they all rush down the hill to find the "Jodi" object.  Then they have to get back up the hill and take their place in one of the "chairs".  There is one less "chair" every round, so the last person back up there with the correct object is eliminated.  There are often fights to grab the object, with the strongest person winning.  (Frank)  And there is also the matter of getting back up that hill.  The hill is often slippery and quite steep.  This would likely be a challenge for someone like Ian, or maybe even Dan.  It gets harder and harder for them to get up there.  But not for someone like Frank.  Maybe Shane, too, but to me Frank has the edge because he knows what to expect.  If I were Frank I wouldn't tell Shane too much about OTEV...***

We learn that Danielle is in the living room, too, when BB announces that house guests are not allowed to sleep in the living room.  She was laying on the couch, sleeping in her heavy makeup.  We also see Ian laying in the dark in the HOH room, sleeping.

A few minutes later, we see Jenn sleeping in the Boom Boom Room, with Frank beside her.  Like a baby, Frank went down for a nap in just minutes.

2.  Jenn is actually sleeping with sunglasses on.  Danielle gets up from her nap on the couch and without any supervision, goes on a snack attack in the kitchen.  She opens up the goldfish bag and crunches them, then opens up a green bag of snacks that I know know is fried banana slices.  Or something like that. She looks at the bag and makes a cup of tea.

She speaks aloud to us, saying that "they have no food, no food in the house, because Jessie was here today and took it all".  She opens up a loaf of bread and starts eating a piece of it, just plain.  Just plain carbs.

Frank got up and walked through the house.

Frank:  What'cha eatin'?

Dani:  Bread.  I just found out that 13 pieces of those banana is ten grams of saturated fat.

Frank mumbled something.

Dani:  I just went in there and asked the Wizard about it...

The cameras change to Jenn sleeping, and Frank getting back in bed with her.  I think he wanted to know if there was any booze yet.  And there is none.

Danielle sits on the couch and sips her tea.  She has sequins on the front of her peach camisole.  She sits alone for some time.  I had to fast forward through the shots of people sleeping, literally sleeping, and Danielle sitting on the couch.

She spoke to us, saying she's sorry no one's up, but "they had to get up at 9:30 this morning for Pandora's Box, and Jessie took all of their food and left them with some organic crap that has more fat than the food they already had."

Frank came back in the living room and the storage room is still locked.  Danielle thinks it will remain locked until after the "POV tonight", but Frank thinks maybe they are restocking it.  Frank goes back to bed.

I feel it is important to note that Frank has had a conversation with Shane, gone to bed 3 times, and gotten up twice in the last 36 minutes.  That is a lot of action, for not actually doing anything.

Danielle is making use of her time by drilling herself on events in the house.  I can see her mouthing the house guest's names, and events, counting on her fingers sometimes.  They are locked down inside and that is when they all get stir crazy.

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OK.  Finally there is life when Frank and Danielle go in the storage room and find it has been stocked by "Jessie Claus".  Danielle is bitching that they will have NOTHING to snack on!  She says we   all this hummus, and all of this salsa, and no chips!  She says "this is such crap" at least three times.  She did find some chocolate bars hidden in  a drawer, and just ate a Snickers.

There is an army of little honey bears---like 12 of them, on the shelf with cereal.    Now Jenn and Joe come in, and Danielle fills them in on Jessie Claus.

Jenn is happy that she sees Muscle Milk for her, and she got her Lactaid back.  Joe sees ahi tuna, steak, chicken and some ground turkey.  Danielle is complaining like they will starve and Joe says it will be alright.

Danielle is a Carb Queen and just wants snacks. She looks at all of the natural toiletries--I've never seen the inside of that cabinet like this before.  It contains toothpaste, floss, deodorant,  lotion and other stuff.  There is a green laminated message on the inside for them to take what they needed as they needed it, and Big Brother would continue to replenish it.  I heard Janelle say months ago that the house was "green" this year, so maybe the contents of this cabinet haven't changed since Jessie's visit.

They thought there would be a competition tonight, so Joe says that is why they all took a two hour nap.  They thought the game would be played at midnight or something so now their sleep is all messed up.  Joe told Dan and Shane that there was no comp, and that they now have lots of fruit and vegetables.

4.  The dining table is covered with Ian's large Lego blocks.  Danielle decides to build something and asks Joe for direction.  Joe tells her to build "herself a nice little castle, like where Rapunzel lives".  There is a bag of fancy truffles on the table but Danielle turns her nose up at them and says she "can't stand dark chocolate".

(OMG.  I heard Frank tell Danielle today that she has the palate of a 5 year old child, only liking chicken fingers and mac and cheese.)

Danielle says everybody needs to get up, or they are going to be "up at 8:00 am and be pissed".  I think they thought it would be a Fast Forward and their assumption was that someone wold be evicted this weekend.

Frank tries to coerce her trying one of the truffles.  He wants her to try one and says he will go tell on her if she doesn't, making up a big claim against her.  Frank inspects the Lego sculpture they made and the robot Dan made.  Danielle is critical of Dan's robot and now Frank teases her isn't it enough that he is awake with her?   Why isn't he enough for her?

Frank would love another one of Ian's Diet Mountain Dews and Danielle would kill for one, too.  Joe is going to make turkey burgers and Frank says he's in on that.  Joe mentions making guacamole and Frank says lets just slice one and put it on top, so we have some for later in the week.

(ha ha ha)

Now Ian is coming downstairs and Joe gives him the details about Jessie stocking the pantry. Ian really thought that they would have a comp tonight,too, but says they are probably having one at the crack of dawn.

Now Frank comes in with booze! A bottle of red wine and four beers.  Frank goes in the Boom Boom Room and wakes Jenn up.

Jenn: Shit, I can't eat!  I can't drink!  I'm on the block with you!

Frank tries to soothe her, saying that she can't get negative, and that one of them can win the POV.  Frank says if Dan wins it he can take her off.  He says Dan owes her one from last week, but Jenn thinks Danielle is due for a win over Dan. 

Jenn:  I'm tired of crankiness.  I'm sorry.

Frank leans down and gives her a big smack on the cheek and leaves the room so she can sleep.

5.  Joe told Dani that he loves that shirt on her.  She looked down and said, why, because of my boobs?  Joe said, "well, there's that, but that is a beautiful color on you".

A few minutes later she repeats this exchange in front of Shane and Frank.

Joe:  Well, they're there and god blessed you, and I can't help that.

They all just kind of laugh and there is no tension at all.  Danielle says she is glad they are up because all of the cameras were following her around for Showtime and she was going crazy.  Finally Danielle breaks down and says she'll have a turkey burger, too.

They complain about getting so much hummus and salsa, but with no chips.  Shane says they make organic chips...  Joe explains to them that organic food has no hormones, or fertilizer.  Frank explains that cattle can't digest corn so they are injecting with hormones.

Danielle wants to split a "Swiss Roll" with him from is HOH basket so he goes and gets one package.  Dan comes in and says he's not drinking tonight, so Frank is going to drink his beers. Frank keeps singing Ratt's Round and Round so the cameras switch to Ian meticulously making the bed in the HOH Room.

6.  Joe wonders how much Jessie needs to eat daily to stay that big.  Frank says he probably eats 300 grams of protein each day.  Shane doesn't think you can get that way naturally, and accuses him of being on steroids.  Frank says that Jessie doesn't have "backne", he doesn't have a high voice, and really seems like he might be natural.

Joe says he had make up all over his entire body.  Danielle said he had on sparkle powder, and then some sort of bronzer.

Shane:  Really?

Dani:  Yeah, ya'll didn't see that?  He had something on his stomach, too.

Shane reads the ingredients and calories on the packages.  They see that the 1st ingredient of the truffles they've been eating is vegetable oil and that is hard to believe.  They say they are delicious, though.  Joe is waiting for a bottle opener from the DR.

Dan says he had a dream during his nap that Britney went on Dancing with the Stars and "fell off the stage with Jennifer Hudson".  He says they showed black and white footage of her on Big Brother on DWTS. 

Ian says that he took a nap and "watched TV".  Frank says you watched Danielle in the living room, didn't you?  Ian says yes, I watched Danielle all by herself in the living room, and you walked through a few times.

Ian talks about an episode of Master Chef he saw where the judges say if someone uses white truffle oil, that is a sign that the chef doesn't know what they are doing.  Ian rocks and rocks in his dining chair. 

7.  Ian talks about Mark Cuban, and his show called The Benefactor where he "basically gave $1M to the person he liked the most".  One week he couldn't decide which of two people to eliminate, so he got them to play Jenga, and whoever lost would go home.  He said that would show who could handle pressure.

Dan likes to watch Shark Tank and Frank does, too.  Dan can't believe that they took all of the parmesan cheese.

Joe:  I didn't like Jessie much before, but I like him even less now!

Dan says something about him and Joe concludes Jessie is a Tool Box...a real tool. 

Dan:  You should see his HOH room.

Joe:  Why, what's in there?

Dan:  Pictures of him!

Frank is wearing Mike Boogie's Brady T-shirt tonight.  Joe's wine opener arrives and he and Frank waste no time getting started with the booze.  Joe wrestles the cork open and pours himself a big glass of red wine.  Frank pops the top on a can of beer and Joe says the burgers are done.  I think Joe doesn't eat if he's going to drink.

Shane has been quietly building a large Lego structure that is kind of amazing.  He was beat boxing, too and it sounded really good.  When we come back from commercial he is telling Joe that he makes $26,000 selling beer and wine.  Joe can't understand that because the wine reps in Chicago make $100,000 easy.

Shane:  People in Vermont just don't drink much.

Joe says one restaurant he worked in sold 100 bottles of wine per night, at least.  Joe is one of the those guys that probably hated math class, but can do business math very easily. He started talking about the dollar amount of each wine order, and the number of orders per year, to show Shane how much a good rep can make off each account.

8.  Ian is eating a turkey burger but they have to have them on whole wheat toast since Jessie took all of their buns.  Frank discusses the documentary he saw about South Park (he discussed this in July, too) and how they can turn around an episode in 6 days, so the subjects are often topical.

Someone made a simplistic Lego piece with four spires, and a toy car lodged in the middle.  Ian says he has a Family Size bag of Doritos and Frank says that's "HUUUUUGE".  Ian invites him to come up and have some, anytime.

Joe has drained a few glasses of wine.  Hes drinking it out of a little flute glass because he wants to feel like hes having a treat.  Dan crunches into his turkey burger on toast.  They discussed the breakfast buffet at the hotel in sequester. 

Frank: All three years...I looked forward to that buffet!  I would get an omelet..a little salmon while I'm waitin' on the omelet.

Ian like the rosemary chicken and potatos o'brian, and the fruit too.  Ian repeats this again.

Joe:  Can you imagine the first Bar Day we have together when I'm out of here...

Jenn:  I'm gonna go hang out with some chicks! I mean, I love you guys, but god bless...

They all laugh.  Frank says that in "Convention One" he noticed the same waiters in the hotel all three years. They all discussed the huge guy at Convention and they all seem to have seen the same people.  They have named this one guy "Bryan" and think he would have been hard to beat in some comps.

Frank mentioned "the guy with the slicked back hair" and Frank yells you're a "douche!  And you know who you are!"  Frank says his name is probably Michael but we'd have to call him "Mi--Shell". 

Frank tells everyone he's drinking a "Coors Khaki" and gives a shout out to Jungle Juice Dan", who taught him that name.  Shane says that beer is a bestseller. 

After commercial they are talking about TV shows.   Frank doesn't have a show that he watches now like Lost where he can't wait to see the next episode. He heard a lot of good things about The Wire but he watched the pilot episode and he just couldn't get into it.  He's not really into cop dramas.

Danielle came back from the DR and put her turkey burger in the microwave, until it was smoking and the ketcuhp is too. The camera closes in on Jenn spooning bread and butter pickles in a bowl and eating them with her protein shake. 

Dan watches Ian come down the stairs and asks him why he only takes one step at a time. Ian says it just feels safer.  Frank says that by the end of his first HOH week he had to walk sideways because it was hurting his feet. They know the spiral staircase is a space saver, but Jenn just doesn't "get it".

Frank: I want to go out with just Dan and Jessie one night!  I'll bet I can get him to go out with you and bury the hatchet.

Dan: We kind of already did.  When my book came out he tweeted something about it, like a show of support.

Frank:  Don't blow up my spot because we both got hot!

They discuss ketchup.  Danielle loves it, but Frank never uses it.  Frank would like a nicotine patch right now.


  1. I could not stand how Danielle was trying so hard to put her boobs on display for the guys. I could even tell she was squeezing her arms together so she'd have more clevage.

    Oh and constantly checking herself out in the mirrors and making her stupid faces...And lying down on the bench and almost spreading her legs while Joe was directly in front of her.

    1. I noticed that too. She is "over the top" man crazy.

    2. I think she is constantly seeking attention, and this is the only surefire way for her to get it.

  2. What is the brand of the truffles that they were going crazy over?!

  3. I don't know--it was in a white "bag" made of cardboard.

    I think the bag had brown trim in it. Ian got it from "Santa".


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