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Big Brother After Dark - A Spastic Celebration. 9-16-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Showtime Saturday night, and in the early hours of Sunday where I live.

The final days of any Big Brother season usually involve tension, and drama.  This year is no different.

As you know by now, Dan won Part #1 of the Final HoH competition on Thursday night after the live show.  The HoH Part #2 competition was held tonight, and started about two hours or so before the beginning of the Showtime broadcast.  Only Danielle and Ian participated, of course, for the right to play Dan for the final HoH during Wednesday's live finale.

OK.  Let's get this over with.

1.  The show opens with live footage of the fish tank.  Not the FISH screen that we've all seen before--the actual fish tank in the HOH suite, shot as if we were standing there, gazing at it.  There were a few quiet moments of bubbles and swimming (three minutes to be exact), then the cameras shifted to the sliding door downstairs, leading to the backyard.  When the BB cameras focus on a closed door, you'd better be prepared for that door to open momentarily.

It does.  The door slides open and we see Dan walk in, wearing his red T-shirt and bandana.  He saunters out of the camera shot in the direction of the kitchen.  Then we see Danielle walk in, wearing black pants and a "Bama" T-shirt, and walk in the other direction. The door is still open, and we see Danielle goes to the Arcade and retrieves her water bottle, and goes back to the kitchen.

Meanwhile Ian comes in and is pacing and muttering.  Dan follows him and they walk quickly.  The house is silent.  Ian goes into the Boom Boom Room and makes a gesture, not smiling, and Dan grins.  I know at this point that Ian won the competition, from their body language.

Now we see the three of them gather downstairs, everybody still pacing and we can hear Danielle's shrill southern tones.

Danielle:  Dan!

Dan, in monotone:  What?

Danielle: If you seriously think Ian is taking you to the Final Two, you're crazy! 'Cause I know he's taking me!

Dan:  Why would you think that? Why would you think he's taking you?

Danielle:  Because he said it's not true....

Ian:  I don't have time for this shit..just knock it off.

Ian mutters something about them having $50,000 and Danielle gets louder.  She was supposed to act angry if Ian won, based on marching orders from Dan, but I think she's really heated.

Danielle:  Did you make a deal with him?

Ian:  NO!

Danielle:  Ian, I swear on my life!  If you take him to the Final Two, I will taint the jury!  I will not vote for you!  I will tell Shane and Ashley everything that has come out of your mouth!

(I don't know when she would have time to do this---during the commercial break of the Finale?  Because whoever leaves in third place will walk out on the live CBS show and go sit on the bleachers with the other Jury members.  There will be A LOT for her to process at that time, the live audience, meeting Julie Chen, the tears...and maybe Dr. Zachary during the commercial break.)

Ian:  I didn't say anything bad about Shane.

(And wouldn't it have to be pretty damn bad for Shane to VOTE FOR DAN?)

Danielle:  NO!  But I will make sure Shane doesn't vote for you if you take somebody like that!

Now we see a close up of Danielle.  She has dirt on her left shoulder, and across her T-shirt. Her hair is in a pony tail and she is wearing her contact lenses.  All acne has been covered by make up at this point.  She leaves the room, pony tail swinging.  Ian and Dan go into the Arcade, and Dan closes the door.  They begin to whisper.  (Always with the fucking whispering!)

It is hard to decipher what they are saying, but it is celebratory and Ian is pacing.  He is repeating what Danielle just said and asks Dan why he acted the way he did out there.

(Dan planned to say "We did it!" if Ian won and told Danielle about this ahead of time.  He said he wanted to make Ian feel comfortable enough to throw the final competition to him.)

Dan says he was excited that they did it, and goes over to hug Ian.  It is kind of like hugging an unwilling child, Ian endures the hug and breaks free as soon as he can.  Ian starts talking in detail about the competition, quickly whispering.  He had to scale up some sort of wall to get tiles with house guest names on them.  They were covered with soot and Ian had to clean them off to be able to read them.  Ian mumbles that he "has soot in his mouth", and goes to the WC.  Danielle is in the bathroom and Ian says "sorry, he's an asshole" to Danielle as he goes into the WC and shuts the door.  It's been 5 minutes since they came back into the house.

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2.  We hear Ian choking and coughing in the WC.  Dani sits and makes her faces in the mirror. You know, the one where she sucks her cheeks in.  Ian comes out and starts washing at the sink.  He has soot smudged on both side of his face.  Danielle is sitting on the bathroom lounge.

Ian starts talking to her about winning a Knock Out, or something like that, in low tones.  He says "I'm sorry....he's being rude."

Danielle, raising her voice:  But why?  You made a deal with him!  YOU LIED TO ME!  YOU'RE LYING TO ME RIGHT NOW!

Ian, scrubbing and rinsing:  I'm not lying to you right now.


Noe Danielle repeats her threats about turning Jury members against Ian.  She swears on her life.  Ian walks away.


We see Dan in the Arcade room, smiling and then putting his head down on the window.  We get a close up of his head from a few inches away  I think he is trying to hide his joy, or maybe he is praying.  Or strategizing.  Ian walks by the open door, and now Danielle does too, gesturing to Dan.  She's carrying out their plan.

3.  Now Ian and Dan go into Skid Row and Ian is angry about Danielle, saying her feelings are hurt.

Ian:  I think you just won $500,00 for that.

Dan:  She's being a baby.  It's a game.

Now Dan is laughing and they both pace for a moment.  The room looks bare with most of the clothes off the floor.  Now Ian tells Dan that Danielle accused them of having a Final Two.

Dan:  What was she saying about the deal for you to take her?

Ian denies it, saying that she has said she would take him, but he made her no promises as far as he is concerned.  Dan says she has obviously been fake to him when they play cards.

Ian:  Just behave yourself for the next couple of days, please?

Dan:  What do you mean?

Ian:  Behave, just behave.  Don't kill her, don't threaten her.  Please? Please?

Ian says the "chalk shit" is in his stomach.  It was like eraser dust and his throat is completely dry right now.  They had a ladder they had to climb to reach the tiles.

Dan:  Did you tell her we had a deal?

Ian tells Dan he told her Dan was being rude, and he was going to "wring his neck".  They discuss her threats about the Jury. Ian says he's not going to throw the competition.

Ian:  I need you to behave yourself...I can't fucking baby sit the two of you for the next four days.

4.  Danielle is sitting silently in the bathroom, thinking.  She is arching her eyebrows up and pursing her lips.  Dan lays quietly in the Skid Row bed, staring at the ceiling.

Now Danielle and Ian pass each other in the hall and Ian mutters something about Dan being rude when he was screaming outside.

Danielle:  What are you talking about Ian?  I'm not talking about Dan right now.  I'M MORE UPSET WITH YOU!  I mean...morally?  And you go and make a deal with the devil?  And when you said yeah yeah yeah you weren't agreeing to take me to the Final Two?

Ian:  I was saying there is no slam dunk here.  There is no easy decision.

Dani:  OK.  That's fine.  But if you cut me for that man, you won't get my vote, and you won't get Shane's vote!

Ian strips down to his underwear and prances around the bathroom on his toes, and gets into the shower stall.

5. Now Danielle visits Dan in the bedroom and Dan jumps up so he can leave at any moment if he hears Ian out there.   The two of them whisper and Danielle fills him in the "deal with the devil" conversation she just had with Ian.  Dan motions that the two of them can't be talking to each other and leaves the room.

After commercial break, we see Ian in the shower, and Dan lays outside on the bathroom couch, silent.  Danielle is in the bedroom, still.

Dan:  Why is she so pissed, because she thinks it's over?

Ian:  What?

Dan:  Because she knows it's over?

Ian mouths the words "I didn't say anything" to Dan and goes back to his showering.  Danielle goes into the storage room and gets a box of Froot Loops, pouring them into a bowl.  I can hear her crunch them as she walks around the house.

(They had a MAJOR ant incident earlier in the day, and Dan found them crawling around in the cereal and snack boxes.  He tossed out most of the food in the kitchen at that time and the counter tops sparkle now.)

She goes back to storage and comes back with a gallon of milk. She pours the milk and then sits down at the dining table to eat her fucking Froot Loops.

(I guess she doesn't have soot in her mouth like Ian does.  Maybe she should have tried a little harder to win, huh?  Maybe put herself out there a little more.)

Dan walks in and sees her eating and smiles at her, and goes back to the bathroom.  She is wearing her glasses now.  Slurping and smacking and swallowing the cereal.

6.  In the bathroom Dan is discussing putting the leftover fries in the oven to bake them.  Ian doesn't respond.

(Production got them lunch today from In 'N' Out Burger and they have leftover fries and also two left over burgers.  Those fries make some of the best cheese fries later...just sayin'.)

Danielle finishes her snack and tips the bowl up, drinking the milk.  Now she plays with a slinky and looks amused by it, holding it in both hands and staring closely at it as it moves.

Ian is still in the shower, assuming the position of leaning against the wall with both hands extended way above him.  Dan is called to the DR.  He does not speak to Danielle as he walks past her. Danielle is like a baby with the slinky, moving it around to make as much noise as possible.  (She has done this at the table many times, particularly with the Lego blocks.  Frank compared her to a five year old and asked her to please stop while he was trying to eat.)

After commercial Danielle is still playing with the slinky, staring at the memory wall.  The cameras give us a close up of her own picture.  I guess she is staring at herself again.  Ian is STILL in the shower with the water going.  (Maybe he has a cleaning ritual?  Isn't that an OCD thing?)

I fast forwarded the tape until Danielle quit going with the slinky, about 5 minutes.  Ian is STILL in the shower and is talking to himself.  Danielle scrubs her hands now at the sink and looks at how dirty they are, like she's going into surgery.

7.  Ian is finally out of the shower and is cleaning his face with gel at the sink.  I think that is Danielle's Clinique gel, in a green tube.  Danielle walks past him to the WC, not speaking.

Now Dan is out of the DR, and goes to the kitchen and gets the lunch leftovers from the fridge.  There are a lot of them in a Ziploc bag.  He gets out a cookie sheet and gets cracking on preparing his delicious treat.

Danielle is called to the DR.  Dan eats a few cold fries, and then goes down the hall to check in with Ian.  He has a mouth full of toothpaste but indicates to Dan that Danielle is still upset.  Dan says she will be in there a while.

Dan starts eating part of a leftover hamburger, cold.  (If you've ever eaten at In 'N' Out Burger, you will understand.  Five Guys is modeled after In 'N' Out, and is pretty good, but still does not compare.)  He puts the fries in the oven.  They are skinny fries.

Dan visits Ian in the bathroom and says Ian looks like he is wearing eyeliner.  Ian says that he can't get all of the soot out.  He starts talking about the competition and says that when he walked outside, the first thing he thought about was the game of Concentration.

Dan says it sounds pretty John Blaze, and Ian says it was pretty John Blaze.   There were tiles with "fake people" on them, like Baby Zingbot, Jessie Clause, and Teddy B.  Ian had a strategy for how to tackle it.  There was a ledge that you could stand on at each level.  Ian says it was a really cool challenge.

Dan asks again what Danielle said to him and they start whispering.  Dan says that he was just excited when he reacted to Ian winning out there.  Dan wanted to wait until they got inside, since "she was right there", but he says he was just too excited and he doesn't remember exactly what he did.

Ian motions to Dan, and then they both get up and do the Renegade handshake thing. Dan mutters that they should just "stay away from her".  Dan says that he is "going to try to win it...he's not going to throw it".

Ian:  Obviously, she's going to flip out...I want to win, because it will help me with the Jury.

Dan mentions Ashley's vote---saying at least Ian had a friendship with her---he never even talked to her.

Dan:  There's no way you'd take her...

Ian:  No!

The refrigerator door starts chirping, indicating the door is open.  Dan leaves to go take care of it.

8.  After commercial Ian is in the bedroom, putting on deodorant and muttering to himself.  Still wearing a yellow towel.  Dan peeks at the fries in the oven, still waiting for them.  Ian comes out to the kitchen in underwear and a T-shirt, pulling on his jeans in the dining room.  He has been storing his clothes on the couch in the living room for a few days now.

Dan wants to know what he's going to do with the money?  He's so excited.  The fries came out.  Dan wants to know if Ian wants his burger heated or cold?  Ian wants to make some adjustments first, and removes the onion and other veggie items before Dan puts it in the oven.

They look at the memory wall.

Dan:  Hopefully she knows what's comin'...

Ian:  After that display...yeah.

They both crunch a few fries.

Ian:  I mean, we both have some semblance of winning against each other.  But neither of us have a chance of winning against her.

Dan points to pictures of the memory wall, showing who would vote for them depending on "who cuts her".   Dan says that Joe was so "anti coach". 

Dan gets Ian's burger out of the oven and Ian thanks him.  Dan asked him if they should celebrate with a few Bud Light Limes but Ian says he doesn't want to celebrate at all in front of her.  Dan says that if "she says anything else to him and he wins the HoH, he's going to give a speech like you wouldn't believe".

I think  Ian said "she openly admitted she's gained weight here" and then says "that is just personal bullshit".  Dan gets his cold burger out of the fridge---he didn't want to heat it.  Ian goes over again every word that transpired between him and Danielle.  Ian says they should just ask her what she wants for dinner every night and pretend like nothing happened today.

Finally they sit down to eat.  Dan says "no morph, huh?"  Ian says that game is played out, and the unitard one is, too.  He thinks they should keep the unitard, but get rid of that prize game.  Ian is not happy about dealing with Danielle's pouting all week.

Ian is rocking and not touching his food.  Dan is digging in.  Ian says they should just plan to take each other, and he hopes they can both sleep easy.  Dan is drinking bottled water and Ian is drinking Diet Coke.

Ian, muttering:  I don't want to put up with her shit...not going to babysit anybody...


Ian:  If I win, can you imagine how pissed Boogie's going to be?

9. After commercial Ian is talking about wanting a Renegades T-Shirt with his "fucking name on it", and also a Quack Pack T-shirt.  He discusses the end of BB9, where Ryan and Adam shut Sheila out of the Finale.  He said she went pretty quietly, and they were stringing her along.  Ian says the competition was sick, but he has no problem with heights.

The tiles were like license plates.  OTEV had one, the cat burglar had a tile, etc.  He says they showed them an example  as a demonstration with Dan's name on it, but he couldn't grab anything to take home.  There were 39 tiles, but only 13 had house guest names on it.  If you dropped a tile you had to go down to the bottom and get it.

Danielle comes out of the DR, and walks past them.  They keep talking about the competition.  Dan is drinking a beer now, or some other dark liquid out of a glass bottle.  The label has been removed.   Ian went in the DR.

Dan goes back to the bathroom where Danielle is sobbing and holds her.  He whispers, "I'm not going to let you down."  He walks off and BB tells Danielle to put her microphone on. Sobbing, she says she's not going to do it---she's getting in the shower.

Dan goes back to the kitchen and starts cleaning up his mess.  He speaks aloud to us, softly.

Dan:  My best move is to throw the HoH to Ian and let him take me to the end.  Because if I win, I need to take Danielle...surprisingly I do have a wasn't this hard the first time around....what the heck do I do?

Dan puts his sneakers up on the table and stares at the wall..."what do I do?" he says softly.

10.  After commercial, Dan is still talking to himself and us.

Dan:  If I want to get to the end of this game and win it, I have to let him win Part #3.  That is absolute insanity--to throw the last competition.  But it is so insane, it just might work.

Dan plays  with the slinky and gets up, burping.  "Excuse me", he says, mindful of us watching.  He lays on the couch with the slinky, shifting it from hand to hand.


There are a lot of conspiracy theorists out there in Big Brother Land.  Some of them think that Production calling Danielle out for not wearing her microphone is their way of helping Ian out---letting him know that Dan and Danielle were speaking.  But I don't think so.  Just now, Dan was talking to himself---if he weren't wearing a microphone, we would have missed that.  They all talk to themselves, including Ian.  Especially Ian.

I think Production is very happy with the way things worked out.  They have been building story lines all season with all three of these house guests.  Dan with Ian or Danielle at the end would be a great story to tell.  And if Ian does win and evict Dan, that is a great story too, since that would happen live on Finale night.  They don't need to give Ian any more assistance.  They just need to get all of this tension and drama on tape so they can edit it for the millions of people who watch the show, but never go online to get updates or inside information.

There will be a great dramatic moment when Danielle joins the jury on Wednesday. I'm sure they will leave the chair next to Shane open for her.  That empty seat would also be interesting if Dan was in it, sitting next to Shane, right?  (Shane told Jeff Schroeder he never wanted to speak to Dan again.)  Ian walking out in third place would be good TV as well.  If Dan wins BB14, he may not come back, but Ian and Danielle are both franchise players at this point who have delivered.  They will be rewarded for that in the end.


Ian comes out of the DR and we have more sound issues while he messes with and moves his microphone.  He and Dan crow for a second about how he discussed the Renegades in the DR.

11.  Now we see Danielle out of the shower, applying her pimple cream.  We get a close up of the explosive action taking place on her skin.  (Tonight's stress isn't going to help that, Danielle.)

Ian is getting a glass of Diet Coke and announces that there are ants frozen in some of the ice cubes.  He says the "ants have found their way into their water line".

(More likely that they were on the ice cube trays when they were filled with water and got into the freezer without meaning to.)

Ian performs some rituals around getting his soda and sitting down to drink it.  And rock, of course.  And mumble to himself.  The cameras show us all three house guests, living in their own world right now.  Danielle walks through the living room on the way to the bedroom.

Ian:  Are you all right?

Danielle: Yep.  Don't really want to talk to you right now.

She walks off and Ian shrugs his shoulders and holds up his hands.  We see Danielle get in bed with her two HoH letters, crying before the envelopes are even open.  Ian is in the dining room mumbling that she is like a child, and he's not going to put up with it.

Danielle reads, and cries.

Ian tells Dan what she just said to him.  Dan, with his one track mind, asks Ian if "she's going to guilt you into taking her"?  Ian says no, she's not.  He's rocking and talking to himself, and rubbing his hands together.

(If you don't watch Ian on the live feeds, and only know him from the CBS show, then you aren't seeing the whole picture here.  How he really is and how he acts whenever he is awake.)

Dan sits down with him and messes with the Connect Four chips.  They are still whispering and it is hard to hear over the clinking chips, but they are talking about Danielle.  Dan thinks she is probably going through a list of regrets in her head.  Ian mentioned something that happened after OTEV.

Ian:  This isn't a fucking good person contest.  She got beat.  She got duped, and two days later she got beat.

Dan:  She got cocky before that, too. (pointing to the backyard).

Now Dan asks Ian again how Sheila reacted when she lost HOH Part #2 in BB9.  Ian says she was upset, but she was a 45 year old woman and didn't act like a baby about it.  Dan says back in the old days they didn't play the final HOH live, so they could evict the third person before the finale and didn't have to deal with the negativity for the duration.

He says they played the final HOH one or two days after Part #2 in BB10, on a Saturday.  Ian says that there is nothing she can say or do now to change anything.

Dan:  If she says she can get Shane to vote against you....he's going to vote for me?  No, she can't do anything.

Dan points to people on the wall and talks about Ian's "lock city" (Britney, I think.).  Ian says Jenn is Dan's "lock city" and that she hates Ian's guts.

Dan:  Your second biggest lock city is Joe...

Ian:  Yeah, Joe pretty much hates your guts.

Ian says the game was called "Climb Time".  Dan says that Ashley is Ian's third "lock city".

12.  We see Danielle in bed, sniffling and saying that she is so disappointed in herself.

Ian says that before he fell off the fishing hook, he winked at Danielle but that shouldn't mean to her that he is taking her to the end.

Ian:  This is why we have the final three we have to deal with her now...

Dan asks about how other seasons handled this.  Ian says that Adam knew last year, but he is a "39 year old guy" and knew how to handle it.

Back in the bedroom Danielle is crying and whining about the situation.  She should have left her make up on, because she will get a fair amount of TV time now, and so will her pimples.

Ian is telling Dan about the first live POVs that BB had, and how they were bullshit like untying three knots, or grabbing five balls when they fall out of the sky.  He compares that to the live POV maze they had that he won,and how great that competition was.  Ian asks if Jerry tried to "pull shit" during the end phase of BB10 and Dan says no, not really.  Ian is rocking and counts the votes that Danielle would get at the end.  He thinks he would lose 4 - 3.

Dan:  I would be pissed if I got skullfucked by a fucking Renegade at the end...

Ian:  No, not going to happen...

Ian says that "Jenn would never vote for me because I have a penis".  Dan jokes that they will have to measure at the end to see who Jenn will vote for.

Ian:  I have five inches!

Dan laughs.

13.  Now we see Danielle crying, saying "she is so tired of being hurt".  I don't know what happened to mess up her chin.  Did she try and squeeze a zit and make it worse?  Because that blemish is really a huge red area.

Now Ian is talking about the "fucking trip to Maui" that he let Jenn have, when he "could have given her the dog suit".  Dan says she would have "been so salty" if Ian did that, and estimates that trip to be worth $3,000 or $4,000.

After commercial, Dan is talking about the results of the competition.  He went outside to host the results of the competition, and apparently Danielle had a time in the seven minute range.  Dan says he was looking at Ian to get clues about his time, but Ian says he had no idea how long it took until Dan read his time.  He beat her by about 90 seconds, and says maybe she was trying to clean off the whole tile, instead of just a portion of it.  Once Ian saw that it wasn't a real house guest name, he just moved on.

Ian, still whispering:  That was so fucking John was the best challenge.

Dan:  I can't believe we pulled this shit off.

Ian:  A gentlemen wins Big Brother 14.

Ian names all of the winners, and says only 5 women have won, and 8 men have won.  Ian indicates that "Penises" won again.  Dan says he doesn't cosign that statement, but Ian says he is kidding.  Dan says he is going to bed at midnight.  He unwraps a mini Krackel bar as they snicker about all the money they will win.

Ian:  Just think, the idiot who wore a duck on their head came back in the Final Two.

Dan points out that often the people who win were in danger early in the game.  He mentions Jordan's clique getting eliminated first in BB11, and Ian says that Dan was in jeopardy at the beginning of BB10.  Ian is really hyped up.  He leaves his glass on the counter like he always does and leaves the room, after chanting "dude, dude, dude, dude" and doing a weird hip thrust with his arms cranking down.

14.  Ian went in the bathroom and knocked first.  I guess Danielle could have been in there, but it was probably more out of habit.  Dan wanders around the room and the Arcade room.  He goes into the bathroom where Ian is and they continue whispering.

Ian:  My friend said that I was smart and might have a shot at this. But he said that I'm kind of annoying and I should be careful not to get voted out first.

Dan:  You weren't....

Now Ian talks about when he had to congratulate Frank for winning HoH and hand him the key.  And when Britney left the house and said she would probably see him next week.  Dan wonders what Ian's family must be doing, and his brother Ryan.  Ian thinks Ryan is on the phone telling people about the money.

Ian is going to be smart with his earnings...but he is going to spend some of it.  He jeers about Mike Boogie now, and how he talked to him about college debt.

After the final commercial break, Ian is still whispering, and describing the competition.  He had to order the tiles according to when people were voted out, and Shane was up at the top, thirteen floors.  The last tile he got was JoJo, in the 4th spot.  He just dropped when he was finished---he didn't climb down.  They were wearing harnesses.

Dan wants to know what Danielle did so differently to be so much slower.  Ian doesn't think she will ever tell them (yes she will...they have days of empty time to fill).  Dan knows she knows the order of the evictions, so something else must have happened.

Ian:  She's a smart cookie.  I kind of feel sorry for her...but this is a game.

Dan:  Don't feel bad about $50,000...

Ian:  That's the thing..I never have to worry about school bills again.

Dan:  People have that debt hanging over them their whole life...until they are 40!

Ian is proud that it will be money that he has earned....not "daddy's fucking money".  Dan is glad that at least there was a reason for leaving Chelsea this summer.

15.  Dan wants to go to bed, but neither of them want to go in there and deal with Danielle.  They both peak down the hall and see that she is in the bedroom, and turn around and tiptoe back out.

Ian goes in the Arcade and faces the camera, doing his strange hip and hand movements at us.  It is some type of spastic celebration.

He finds Dan in the bathroom and they decide to go upstairs and play chess.

Ian,whispering:  I mean, I'm worried about my bear and my snake..she's in there with them..

They laugh at the Fierce Five Corn Flakes box in the loft, and start playing chess immediately. Danielle has turned off the bedroom light and is in bed, whimpering, with her eyes open.  Even upstairs and at the other end of the house, Ian and Dan both continue to whisper. (Damn them!)

Ian is whispering about what Mike Boogie said about getting to the end of the game, and what his brother said about BB being all about luck.  Dan removes Ian's chess pieces from the board as he nods and smiles.  He agrees that there is luck involved.

As the show ends, Ian moves his black knight chess piece, putting Dan in check.  Dan pauses for about two seconds before moving his white piece to take Ian's threatening black knight off the board.

Let that be a lesson to you, Ian Terry.

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  1. Great post and commentary, as usual! Thanks for taking the time to fill us up while we go about our weekend...

    I am happy things turned out the way they did (I am the one pulling for Ian AND Dan, I don't really care who wins, I guess Dan deserves it more but Ian would make a nice superfan, underdoggie story that would very much please the producers and the public). My only fear is that Dan will win the final HOH and will choose Danielle for Final 2, as he said he would feel compelled. This way, because of the strong anti-Dan feeling in the Jury, Danielle might actually win! FANCY THAT.



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