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Big Brother After Dark - Like Taking Candy From a House Guest 9-7-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 10:00 pm BBT on Thursday, and in the wee hours of Friday where I live.

Whew.  Tonight was a live show, and the 2nd Double Eviction of the season.  Frank was evicted in a hurtful blindside that he didn't see coming.  Dan won HOH and nominated Ian and Joe for eviction---Joe knew it was coming, and even sat in the red chair before nominations.  Dan wanted Ian to leave last night.

The POV was about as intense as it gets, live on CBS.  Ian won.  It was a puzzle that favored his skills, but anybody could have won it.  I think the difference is that Ian had to win it.  He saved himself with the POV and Dan nominated Danielle in his place.  There was a lot of last minute maneuvering before Dan did this, and Julie Chen had a hard time getting all of them to gather in the living room for the POV ceremony.

Julie Chen:   House guests!  Don't make me come in there!

(ha ha ha)

I think Dan put up Danielle knowing that Jenn would not vote her out.  Shane may not have been so lucky.  Joe was evicted, and as luck would have it, his bags were already packed.

Last night after the live show but before the Showtime show started, another HOH competition was held, and Ian won.


1.  The show opens with Dan and Danielle whispering.  Of course.  Danielle really wanted to win.  She really did.  I think she and Dan are discussing Ian's chances of staying in the game at this point.  She and Dan both expect Jenn to go up on the block.  Dan says it doesn't matter who else goes up, since they have the votes to evict.

Dan:  All that really matters is the POV.  And then he (Ian) can't play for HOH next week.  So he just has one shot to save himself (the next POV) to make it to final four.  If I go, I go...

Danielle:  Oh Dan, you're not going.

Dan:  When we wanted Ian out, Shane didn't want any part of need to find out about that Danielle...what is going on with that....

(I guess Shane objected during the live show commercial breaks about nominating Ian.  He may regret that...)

Dan leaves, and Shane comes in and starts discussing the competition with Danielle.  I think cards were involved, since Danielle mentions "folding", but then she indicates that they had to aim a ball or something and her ball teetered on the edge.  She thinks she would have won, if not for that.

There are long periods of silence.  Shane asks Danielle if she is just thinking...or what.  Danielle blurts out her question:  "Do you have a final two deal with Ian?"  Shane says no, they've never discussed that..has she?  Danielle says no.  She does not ask why Shane reacted the way he did during the live show regarding not wanting to evict Ian.  Shane leaves the room.

Now Jenn comes in and sits with Danielle.  Danielle is teary, whining that she almost won.  Danielle is apparently oblivious to the fact that Jenn will certainly be nominated.  Jenn brings this up and sasy the nominations don't really matter---it is the POV that matters this week.

Jenn, obviously in the dark:  Ian doesn't have anyone now..

Danielle:  I think he might have a final two deal with Shane.  I know he had one with Joe.

In the kitchen area, BB rebukes Ian by name for talking about Production. Danielle tells Jenn that they are in trouble.  Jenn tells her that Ian told Frank that Dan and Jenn were working together because of the POVs they used on each other.

2.  Please Production tell them to STOP WHISPERING!  I can't take it.  I just can't.

The cameras go the the dining room, where Shane is discussing Frank.

Shane:  What, do you think he's one of the top 15 players of all time?

Ian::  In the challenges?   Yeah, he was a BEAST.

Ian adds up all of his wins.  Dan is lost in thought and says Julie mispronounced Kara's name.  Shane is shuffling cards, and Jenn is fixing herself a protein shake.  They discuss how close the competition was with Jenn, Dan and Danielle.

Jenn:  I'm a songwriter..I hear words.  I listen to words.

Someone has taken nail polish and turned a coffee cup into the Rummy Cup for the winner of the card games.  It looks like a very amateur paint job.  Now we see Ian go into Skid Row and walk around, holding up four fingers to the camera and pacing, talking to himself.  He put his HOH key in his pocket, and wrapped Snakie around his neck.

He murmurs about Final Four losers, and is talking to himself, and chewing on his fingernails.  Sniffing loudly occasionally and looking at himself up close in the glass.  There is a colorful sombrero on the floor of the bedroom.  But then again, there are a lot of things on the floor of the bedroom.

Dan comes in to whisper with him about who he will put up.  It does not appear that Ian suspects Dan wanted to evict him.  They are still talking like they have a Final Two deal, and I think Ian would let us know through some sort of hand motions if he distrusted Dan.

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3.  They are playing cards now.  The camera shows us a close up of Dan's cereal bowl, before he drinks the milk.  Dan and Ian go into the bedroom and Dan wants to talk about Doomsday---if Jenn wins the POV.  We have a commercial break in the middle of it, but then I hear Dan tell Ian that "Danielle is the only one in here who can beat Ian in the mental comps".   Dan is obviously setting the stage for Danielle to go next.

Ian would rather go against Shane in the final four or three.  They don't think Danielle will vote against Shane at anytime. It doesn't sound like Ian is even considering nominating Dan tomorrow.

Ian:  Never in my life did I think I would win this many competitions...against Shane!

Ian has never felt as good in his life as he did win he won that live POV.  He thinks he should just tell Jenn straight up front.  That she is the target.  The competition tonight was exactly like the competition that old Jerry won in BB10.  I think he put Dan on the block that week, too.  You had to roll an object toward a numbered slot, representing the number of days that corresponded to the question.

Now Dan is trying to point out that it needs to be Jenn and Shane.  If it is Dan and Jenn, he might not have the votes. Dan says he knows that at some point it is going to be Dani and Shane against the two of them.    Dan says he is better off fighting with him by his side, then fighting alongside Jenn.  His point is that he would be the biggest target for Dani and Shane.

Ian wants an honest answer now---if he put Dani up against Jenn, would Dan vote Jenn out?  Dan says yes he will.  Now Ian says that on the live show he was PISSED when Dan put up Ian against Joe instead of Jenn.

Ian walks around the room and the cameras changed to the dining room, where Jenn is talking to Shane.  Jenn tried to calm Frank down this week, to tell him to tone it down, but he just couldn't do it.  Jenn says that Frank is going to see a lot of things on the show and in the DR that are going to upset him.

Shane kind of giggles and asks her if she was guilty. Jenn said no, he won't see it from her, but he's going to see it.  (Shane should know that...) Shane is nibbling a green apple.  Jenn says if you hear some stuff from two different people, you need to be sure to listen.

4.  Ian came in and they looked at the memory wall.  They are still locked inside the house, waiting for the backyard to be cleared.  Shane is hoping for some booze, too.  He has a lot of nervous energy tonight and is playing constantly with the mini-basketball.  He is twirling it with one hand and throwing it around, like he's trying to do Harlem Globetrotters tricks.    He is moving around the kitchen with the blue and white ball now, absently keeping it in motion at all times.

Ian talks about the calculations behind "bath circles"  (is that right?) and it is long and involved.  Numbers, letters, and other stuff.  Jenn and Shane listen and then say, "ok".  He's the HoH now, you know?  Everything he says will be fascinating this week.  Until Monday, at least.

Jenn: Oh god.I have the biggest motherfuckin' headache on the planet earth!

She went into storage to get some aspirin.  Now we see Dan in the bedroom, staring off into space.  Now Ian whispering with Shane at the bathroom mirror, they are both kind of crowing about how great tonight was.   Ian goes in the WC and Shane stands at the mirror, playing with his hair and trying to "pop a zit".  Jenn walks in and Shane jokes that she "should not judge him--he's just trying to get ready for his DR".

Jenn says she doesn't--he's probably smart to get ready for that.  Ian comes out of the WC and washes his hands like he's going into surgery.  Shane washes, too.   After commercial we see Dan laying in bed, listening to what I think is Shane and Ian talking.  The sound goes away and Dan stares straight up, playing with his right eyebrow.

5.  They are expecting Dan to get his HOH basket soon.  After the last double eviction Ian got his in the storage room and then Frank got the key to the HOH room for the week.  Anytime now that basket should be there.  Dan wants to see pictures of Chelsea, and he can hardly wait.

Shane is tossing the ball up and down, up and down, beatboxing a little as he walks around.  He tells Ian it is this third HOH, but only the second time with the room.  Ian opens up a bottle of Diet Coke.  Jenn went to the DR earlier, and Danielle is in there now. Jenn needs to get in the storage room to get some Lactaid for her protein shake--it's all she has.   Shane tells he he hopes he isn't nominated against her or Danielle.

Ian says this week the nomination is completely arbitrary---all HOH means is you get immunity.  They both agree. Jenn just wants them to sit for a minute and take in that there are only five of them left.  She's not trying to count down from there, she just wants to point out that they beat out so many people to be there.

Jenn tells them that two weeks ago Frank told Jenn she would only get to seventh or sixth at the best situation.  Shane and Ian are incensed by this and say how dare he say that to her.

Jenn:  Well, I did it Frank, so suck it!

Ian says they never thought Frank's picture would be black and white.  Jenn says Janelle kind of let her down. She expected her to fight harder.  Shane says once the reset happened her game went to crap.

6.  They know Dan is going into Storage any minute to get his basket. They rehash the questions but I'm not sure if they are from the CBS show or the HoH that just happened.  Ian and his roommates don't have a TV, so they have to go out to a bar to watch the show.  His friends always seem to get their schoolwork done and have time to go out. Ian is always up until 3:00 or so trying to get everything done.

Shane jokes that it's been nice knowing them.  Now they discuss how shocked they were when Julie dropped the Double Eviction on them tonight.  Ian says it has never happened twice before in any BB season.

Jenn:  Oh barf!  Barf!

Dan says the stress that puts on you with only two weeks to get over the first one  is incredible.  Ian says he almost yelled "shit" as he rocks at the dining table.  They look at the pattern their own pictures make on the memory wall, in color.  Ian thinks it is amazing, in a way.

Shane remembers the bonus question had to do with Jodi, and he says "suck it Jodi!".  Jenn was so nervous about going over that she didn't put down a high enough number.  Her head was spinning.  Ian points out that they outlasted Frank!  And Dan adds that Britney was a lot tougher than he expected her to be.  Dan says Boogie and Janelle too, two of the best players ever.  Dan says Janelle made it to the final three twice and never won---can they imagine that?

After commercial they are discussing Willie.  Shane says he should have waited until after noms to get kicked out, to save JoJo, but he just couldn't.  Jenn says he was just going to pop off and that was that.  Shane is glad that from now on all of them play in all POVs, so they each have a chance.  Shane said he spent a long time tonight on the shark puzzle going in the wrong direction, and had to go back.  Shane jokes that Dan will need a box of tissues when he sees his stuff. 

7.  They sit with anticipation.  I think Ian and Shane still have to record DR.  Dan thinks the house seems so empty now.  (It is.)  They discussed how Joe went out with class and handled it well.  Ian says he is "Chicken George 2.0" and explains to Shane and Jenn that CG was 4 or 5 years older than Joe, and much much slower mentally than Joe.

Mike and Will planned to just drag him as far as they could take him in the game.  Ian says he did win an HOH during the fast forward, and he got a John Cougar Mellencamp CD but never listened to it because he was only HoH for one day.  Mike and Will talked CG into nominating Howie.  At the door when Howie was eliminated he and Mike got into it and Mike threw a hat at him (or vice versa) and told Howie to "get to steppin'!"

Jenn laughs--I don't think she knew that story.  Ian says he was tired of Frank telling him that Mike gave him money and saved him.  Now they talk about Jodi today.  Dan points out that they have talked about Jodi constantly, and they only mention people like Kara about every other day.  Jodi had a big impact for someone who wasn't there very long.

(If you don't know, the tie breaker for the HoH was how many minutes Jodi was in the BB house.  It was down to Dan, Danielle and Jenn and Dan won.)

Ian says when Mike picked him for his team Ian said "that's what's up".  Shane says that Britney didn't know his name, but called him yellow shirt when she picked him.  Ian says Britney wanted an all male team.  She told him she would have wanted Shane, Frank and Ian--all guys in their 20's.  Ian thought Joe looked like a "cool older guy", but "way out of shape".

Ian: I actually shook his hand outside before we came in the house.

Shane:  And did you get a bad feeling from him?

Ian:  No. I got a very good feeling.

Now Jenn says that she was thinking Frank would say something really bad tonight when Julie read the vote.  Ian comments that Frank didn't speak to anybody.  Shane thinks he just might have been really mad.  Ian says for a 42 year old man, Joe is in excellent shape.  The camera shows Joe's black and white picture.

Jenn:  Jodi was not in good shape.

Ian says if he had been her and gotten the call from BB in April, he would have tried to get in better shape to be on the show.

Jenn:  There is no way she was a last minute addition. No way...

(Like Jenn, who was cast off Facebook two weeks before the show started due to her affiliation with Sharon Osborne.)

Shane shouts out to Kara, and Jenn adds that they "miss her bikini choices".  Ian jokes that Kara is watching this all from home with Mike Boogie.  They laugh and discuss Mike's crush on her.  Jenn says Kara lives right by the BB house, and Shane says that thanks to Ian, the whole internet knows where Mike lives.  Shane wishes they had more time to get to know her.

Shane jokes about Jenn telling Julie Chen she looks great tonight on live TV.  Jenn laughs and says she's got to get her comments in where she can.

8.  Danielle is back from the DR and tells Dan that Chelsea will want to see his reaction to reading her letter.  Dan had said he would "go hide with the letter".

Dan gets the message to check the storage room.  He goes in there alone and sees his pictures of Chelsea and a nice-sized basket of food and presents.  There is a letter, too, but he doesn't open it.  He stacked up his framed pictures and put them on the dining table face down.  He told them to wait, because he was going to do "a reveal".  He brought out his basket and some stacked clothing.

Everyone gathers around to see except Ian, who is in the DR.

Now he shows them a wedding picture.  Jenn says  "oh my god she is gorgeous!  Wow Dan..."   Shane says Chelsea has "amazing teeth and a bubble personality". There is a picture of Dan with his family, and Danielle says that his sister Kelly is beautiful.  Jenn sees now how skinny Dan is today, compared to his normal size.

Dan opens his letter.  It's from Chelsea.  It starts "Hi my love" and Dan has to stop a few times to hold back the tears.  Being apart from Dan this short time has made her so happy they will spend the rest of their lives together.  She mentions that both of their families have been helping her through his and this almost makes Dan bawl.  Jenn says he can take some privacy, but he pushes on.

He explains now that his Mom and sister "had a tough time with him getting married, not because of Chelsea or anything, but because they kind of felt that Dan was leaving them".  Dan says his mom and dad got divorced.  I guess he has been the father figure for them.  Dan got two pair of swim trunks and Dan laughs that Chelsea probably hates his dirty shorts.  They all laugh.  He also got his Renegade headband, and some socks.  He got Cheez-its, V8 Juice, Bud Light Lime, and two kinds of cereal.

Dan sits and stares at his pictures.  One of them is from his honeymoon and his wife is not wearing a bra in the dress--it is a long slip dress and is far from revealing, but Dan is staring at it.  Jenn laughs when Dan mentions he "appreciates that picture".   Dan looks much heavier in his wedding picture, and Jenn says she likes the longer hair and he should keep it.  There is a wedding picture of he and Chelsea sitting at the head table and laughing.

Shane says Dan has his hair parted in the middle in one picture, and that he "looks like Chachi in that one".   Danielle has mentioned how pretty Kelly his sister is twice, but did not comment on Chelsea that I heard.  Dan discusses his wife's daily prayers and devotion and the cameras give us a close up of Danielle  listening.

Dan went to St. Lucia for his honeymoon.  They had a private villa with a plunge pool and an outdoor shower.  Jenn has been to St. Lucia too and knows how private that is.  They both indicate they had a big time in those resorts.  Dan was on the honeymoon for 12 days.  They spent the first part in that private villa, and then went to a bigger resort that was all you can eat or drink.  The crowd was much different, so he wanted to leave and go back to the private villas.  But Chelsea calmed him down and told him to give it a try so they did.  But he says that he would rather have paid a little more to stay in the nicer place the entire time.

Shane wants to open the Cheez-its and they pass the box.  Shane and Danielle crunch and crunch.  Dan also got Vito Coca water and Shane says that it is great for hangovers.  Jenn agrees.  Shane is wearing his bright white K-swiss sneakers that Britney made fun of with Jeff Schroeder. 

9.  After commercial Dan is opening up a package of turkey jerky and encouraging Shane and Dani to eat some.  They try to say no, but they give in eventually.  I think Shane likes that Dan's snacks are not too healthy, but not too bad.

Shane continues to play with the little ball.  Dan got Sour Patch Kids (!) and opens the box and starts passing it.  Danielle inspected a box of cereal she had never heard of ---the one with the Sugar Bear on it wearing a blue sweater.  Shane goes to get a bowl and a spoon for Danielle, along with gallon of milk.

Dan is looking at his pictures, and is chanting "no bra....!"  Danielle starts to complain and Shane says hey, he's married and he's a guy.  That's what guys do.  Now Shane is up on his feet again, twirling that ball.  He wants to go back and watch all of the Coach's seasons of BB.  Daniele bought them on iTunes for about $12 for the entire season. She points out that Dan and Memphis wore the bandanas the entire season--he got one just like it in his HoH basket and has put it on.  Dan got a lot of Almond Joys and Danielle says she doesn't like coconut, and that eating one tastes like sunscreen.  Shane doesn't like coconut, either.

Shane rips into a big piece of turkey jerky.  Dan says it is kind of weird to get a glimpse of home from here.  Danielle wants to read Dan's letter if he doesn't mind.   Dan keeps chanting "no bra no bra" and Danielle says Chelsea is going to get mad and Dan says, no she won't.  Dan says he is "totally outchicked by her and he loves it".

(meaning that she is better looking than he is)

10.  Now they tell Shane he had to be bleeped during the live show and Shane is upset.  He doesn't even remember.  He doesn't say what he said, but he has said "Fudgepacker' a lot lately as an expression.  I'm not sure that is what happened tonight, but something did and they did not want to elaborate.

Dan says he says it a lot.  Danielle is eating Honeycombs cereal from her perch on the couch.  She tells Dan she hasn't had that cereal for years.  Shane walks around and dribbles the little ball from side to side and tries to twirl it on one finger.

Dan is marching around and opening and closing the plastic bags inside the Cheez-its and other foods.  The sound is deafening against his microphone.  Now Dan wants to talk about Chelsea's tits in that dress again.  He said at home she would wear a cardigan over it, but on their honeymoon she wore it without a sweater.  Apparently it was a big deal for her not to wear a bra and now Dan has let everybody know it.

He hopes that Shane and Danielle both find what he has, that happiness with someone that you just can't live without.  Shane has been in love before, but now he misses his bulldog Dozier so much maybe that is his true love.  Shane is a ball of nerves and gets into the Sour Patch Kids.  He wanted someone to play Rummy with him but didn't get any takers.

11.  Now Danielle brags about how she worked for a photographer for a year when she was 16.  Dan immediately asked if she posed nude but she says no.  They push and push when you sit for pictures, so you have to be on guard.  She's done some other pictures when she was older, but not back then.

Now Horny Dan starts talking about his honey moon and the resort situation.  He loved the private villa---I think it is Tikay Village in Saint Lucia.   The plunge pool was heated and was an infinity pool that overlooked the bay.  He implies he had sex in the pool.  It was about half the size of the pool in the BB backyard, just for two.  Dan had the time of his life on that trip.

Danielle says she has 4,000 Facebook friends, but she will delete people if she has to so she can be friends with them.  Dan advises them to set up private Facebook accounts for family and friends.   Chelsea's little brother got drunk at the wedding reception and broke the "two chalices" in the picture.  He drank a few bottles of champagne---I think he had to sneak it from behind the bar because he was only 16 or 17 at the time.  Dan tried to avoid him as they left because he was so wasted, but he ran up and hugged Dan and told him not to hurt his sister.

We get a close up of the wedding picture and it is beautiful.  He is glad Chelsea and Kelly are becoming like sisters.  They both have only brothers.  Dan's dad does "computer stuff" and his mom works at a travel agency.  His mom did a co-op program in high school at the travel agency and has been working there ever since.  (!)

Shane notices the coffered ceilings in the pictures and says that it nice and hard to build.  Dan re-reads his letter and Danielle muses about a possible Pandora's box.  Dan says that Chelsea said in the letter that she is glad he is pursuing his dreams by being on the show again.   He says that it is so giving.. to want someone else to have that after only one month of marriage.

12.  They think the POV this weekend may be the Morph-o-matic, where they morph the faces together from the memory wall.  Now Danielle says that David Hassellhoff came in the house from Pandora's Box, but that is incorrect.  Jordan won a Luxury Comp so she got to watch TV with The Hoff.  Tori Spelling is the one who came in through Pandora's Box.

Dan didn't get too drunk at his wedding.  He only had about two drinks at the reception.  But at the hotel he had rose petals all over the bed, and two bottles of rose champagne on ice for them.

(Dan has said on the live feeds that his wife was a virgin when they got married.)

Ian comes out of the DR and wants to come see all of Dan's stuff after he goes to the bathroom.  It's been a long night and there are only about 10 minutes left of the show.

Danielle and Dan are alone in the living room, and Danielle starts whispering at Dan about Ian.  The cameras don't let us read her lips, but show us instead the Sugar Bear on the cereal box up close.

Then we go to the bathroom where Ian is washing up.  Jenn is laying down in the bathroom lounge and tells Ian she's just had a hard day.  She doesn't want to miss going up to the HOH so she's going to stay there.

Now Ian gets some Sour Patch Kids and looks at all of Dan's stuff.  He reads Dan's letter and says he "wishes he had a nice girl to write him letters like that".  Shane continues to twirl the ball constantly, even holding it in front of his face at times.   They try to figure out what day it is.  Shane gets about 4 seconds of uninterrupted ball-twirling, like a pro.

Danielle brings up Pandora's Box again.  Ian thinks it may be time for a celebrity visit, but it is likely to be something negative for him so he might not open it.

Danielle:  That would be a lot of camera time for you, Ian....

(Danielle thinks it will be negative for him, too, so she wants him to open it to give her the prize.)

Now they open up the gummy worms.  They are on a snack attack.

13.  Now Ian goes into the DR to get permission to open his HoH room.  Jenn has appeared in the room so as not to miss anything.  Now Ian comes out and says that famous phrase, "who wants to see my HoH room?"

They all file upstairs, the five of them.  Shane jokes that they have to wait for everyone.  Now Ian sees a Duck of some sort, and a picture of his buddy Bryan.  His CD is Matt and Kim.    He got brown sugar pop tarts and tons of snacks.  The picture of Bryan was taken when they were at a sushi bar two nights before he was "kidnapped".   He got  a yellow Pittsburgh T-shirt.  Shane yells that Jessie can't take these snacks away!

The letter is from grandma and grandpa.   It is a good grandparent type of letter. They say they never watched BB before but they are watching him now.  They don't say they are fans, though.

(They are probably mortified!  He has streaked twice and cursed and lied!)

 It is a very polite letter. He got Kit Kats, Cosmic Brownies, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.  A few Guiness bottles, too.  As the show ends Ian is taking stock of his Pop Tart flavors--he says it is Pop Tart City over there.

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