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Big Brother After Dark - If Everyone Whispers, No One Does 9-6-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Wednesday night, and in the wee hours of Thursday where I live.

Ian is in his last 24 hours of being the HOH, and Frank and Joe are on the block.  I definitely think Frank will get the boot on Thursday, and will get to meet Julie Chen up close and personal. It is possible that Julie has extra security on hand for this important meeting.  As a fan I will miss Frank in the house, but I expect him to be invited back to play, maybe as early as next summer.  (Frank for America's Choice!)

I don't think the house guests suspect yet that Thursday will bring another Double Eviction, but I will be looking for clues as I watch this show.  They think there will be a Fast Forward this weekend, and when I say "they" I mean Ian and Frank, the current Big Brother experts in the house, but they do not expect another Double Eviction episode.

That is one of moments I love, when Julie Chen drops a bomb on them, live on CBS.  (Get that Bleep button ready, CBS..)  As far as I know there are no NFL pre-emptions tonight, and the Democratic convention will have to wait until the show is over. 

About tonight, I think the odds certainly point to Jenn leaving the house right after Frank does, but she has been showing up in the competitions, so if she can win the POV, who knows?  I think there is definitely a risk of Ian going tonight, if Danielle or Shane win HOH.

Trust that your friend and fellow SuperFan the FeedWatcher will be covering the action during and after the live show to keep us all informed.  The summer and the Big Brother season are winding down and this is one of the big moments left in the game...

I have gone through my own ups and downs with the players this year, and with some of  Production's decisions, of course.  But I am very pleased that the house guests are there to compete this year.  Other than Joe, they are really going for it in the competitions, and now that Dan has stopped throwing competitions it will be more exciting.


1.  As the show opens there are two duos in two rooms, whispering.  Dan and Danielle are whispering in the bedroom.  (Does anybody in the house doubt that they are still working together, even after Dan's "funeral?")  Shane and Joe are whispering in the Arcade Room.  Shane recited all of the evictions in order, quickly, proving that he has been doing his homework.  He also recited all of the BB13 evictions in order.  Maybe he thinks there will be extra credit points or something.

Dan and Danielle sit and whisper about everything and everybody.  It is very annoying and very difficult to cover.  I think they are mocking things Joe has said about his desired final four with them and Shane.  (That won't be so funny if a miracle happens and Joe wins HOH on Thursday.)

Finally the cameras change to the backyard, where Frank and Joe discuss how nicely they will be able to sleep if evicted.  They know they will have to stay in a hotel.  Frank "jokes" about "rubbing one out three times" and "charging booze to the room".

The cameras move back and forth from Dan and Danielle whispering --and sometimes arguing if Danielle disagrees with Dan, and Joe and Frank in the backyard. Danielle likes to argue about how much she cried after Dan's "funeral".

Joe's goal used to be to stay under 200 pounds, but now he wants to stay below 190.  He thinks it is possible and weighs about 185 now.

Joe:  I ain't got too many people to impress...

Frank has weighed as much as 225 a few times this year.  It's easy to keep his weight down if he works out 5 days a week and eats right, but that's hard to do in real life sometimes.

2.  Joe went in the bedroom and broke up the whispering between Dan and Danielle by asking if they wanted to play badminton later on and Dan said "sure", and mentioned Ian "rolling his ankle" last time.  After Joe left they went right back into their whisperfest.  Danielle keeps saying that Dan "broke her heart that night".

(Either get over it Danielle, or send his ass home!)

Dan points out that driving that wedge between them was the best thing for both of them in the game.  He seems to be making a case for Ian going home--implying that Ian may be working with Jenn based on a comment they overheard him saying to her.  (He told her "nice team effort" after the POV.)  If Ian goes home, you can be sure Dan wants Danielle or Shane to do the dirty work.

3.  After the commercial break, Frank is talking to Jenn in Storage about the vote.  Frank says he really thinks Dan is trustworthy.  Jenn says she is worried about Danielle's vote--it might be female intuition, but she's not sure what Danielle will do.  Frank doesn't want Jenn to be upset and he gives her a hug.

On Skid Row Ian is playing with his YoYo and talking to Shane, with Dan and Danielle right there.  Shane wants to study later for the HOH comp, and they may suspect that there is a double eviction, but they are calling it a fast forward.

Ian thinks the three of them (Dan, Danielle and Shane) should all have the same nomination plan, just in case.  Joe comes in and is looking for Frank and Jenn.  They have a stupid conversation about how "weird it is" that Joe can't find them.  Obviously they just wanted Joe to leave.

Ian, to Dan:  Do you know what happened to Dick last year?  Janelle knew, but she didn't want to say, and I don't blame her.

Dan:  I don't know. It had to be something serious for him to leave the game.

Ian:  His twitter said some things are more important than the game, and this is one of them.

Joe comes back again and stops the conversation.  They go over to the "candy box" to get some sweets.  I'm surprised by how into sweets Shane is---he is always up for a piece of candy.  In the hallway Frank is looking for his socks and asks Dan if he's sure he didn't take them.  Dan says he didn't.  I think Frank is starting to pack his things---he has done that so many times before.

When Danielle and Ian are alone, she pulls him over and starts whispering about Frank.  It sounds like the same old shit from last night, about how Frank thinks he deserves it more, and that he has tried for three years to get on the show.    Ian is talking about Jenn and says "god forbid she gets it".

Then Frank comes in and finds them whispering, and says he wants to talk to them, but he'll let them talk, and leaves the room.  Danielle is worried that if she has to talk to him, "she'll snap".  Ian thinks the comp will be "America Says", or 10 questions about what happened on what day.  Dan comes back in the room and takes the YoYo from Ian and leaves the room.

4.  Ian has his weird sock monkey in there and Danielle doesn't want it anywhere near her.  She says that if she knew how to start the grill, she would set it on fire.  She really objects to the button eyes and other features.  Ian says he gave it to Dan---I think he got it from Jessie Claus but Dan said he liked it.

Now Ian and Danielle trash the room---they both hate all of the sneakers and Danielle thinks the furniture is so cheap.

Danielle:  I don't understand the lockers...

Ian: It's supposed to be like a gym.

Danielle:  Oh.

Danielle points out where everybody sleeps, and says Joe "snores and farts all night".  Then guess who walks in...Joe.  Ian goes through the beds and says who slept in them the first night, etc. Joe says he is nervous about the vote and they both tell him to calm down...don't be paranoid.

Danielle:  No way in hell...(Frank will stay...)

***continue reading after the jump***

5.  After Frank sees Ian leave the bedroom Frank makes a beeline for Skid Row to talk to Danielle. Hey lays down on Danielle's bed and wants to know if she has any concerns about keeping him, or anything else she might want to discuss.  She says she doesn't have anything..  Frank says he loves Jenn to death, and the fact that Danielle loves her too bonds them as friend and game players.  He says that Danielle is a fighter, and he respects that.

Danielle:  But you didn't think I was a fighter until the Pirate Ship.

Frank:  No, but I knew you were sharp based on things you said.

Now they discuss weight, and how much weight Dan has lost.  Danielle wishes she could drop weight like Dan did.  Britney ate candy and sweet coffee drinks all the time and she was so tiny, too.  She says Frank can eat all he wants but he disagrees.

Frank:  When Janelle was in here baking all those cookies...

Danielle:  Yeah..she was the worst!  And she would make everybody eat it.

Frank explains to her about how your body stores glycogen, and he mispronounces the word twice.  Danielle quickly corrected him twice, too, but she listened to him.  He said that if she cut her carbs for a few days and worked out, she could lose weight fast for a big event or something.

Danielle:  But girl's bodies are so different...I was anorexic....

She proceeded to tell him that when she was 20, she got addicted to losing weight, and it had to do with an ex-boyfriend.  Of course.  Then she starts telling him that once women get cellulite, the only way to get rid of it is through liposuction.

Frank says he's glad she's not anorexic now, and he didn't know that about the cellulite.

6.  We saw Joe outside playing Cornhole for a minute, then we go back to the bedroom where Frank and Danielle are having a nice chat, despite how she might describe it later.  He says that he could never compete with someone like Shane, because "he's a model".  Danielle says that Frank and Ashley got a lot more action than she and Shane have had.

Frank says he plays to the cameras sometimes, and then he describes how he gets up and talks to SuperPass in the morning about his game.

Frank: It's kind of theraputic...and when I watch the live feeds I like to know what the players are thinkin'...I did that upstairs too, when I was HOH.

Danielle never thought about doing that.  Frank tells her how Mike would get up early every morning and with his coffee, would talk to the cameras instead of "just sittin' there".

7.  Now the cameras change to Jenn and Dan whispering in the bathroom.  I can't hear everything, but I think Dan is making it sound like Frank was campaigning against her.

Jenn:  I'm just bummed....I fell hard for that guy, and I thought the four of us...

**commercial break***

When we come back they are still whispering, and Jenn is describing "how arrogant Frank is being".

Jenn:  I've been giving him all of the freaking pieces to the puzzle and he doesn't get it!

Dan whispers that they need to "drive a wedge between those two" and I can only assume he means Shane and Danielle.  He is obviously pushing for Jenn to go after Shane.

(This Dan is a piece of work.  He's making it look easy.)

8.  Now we go back to Frank and Danielle.  She says that she is glad Janelle and Mike are both home with their babies, and that the babies are almost the same age.  They wrap up the conversation and Frank gives her a hug.  They say that time is all messed up for them.

Frank:  Even that carrot suit seems like a year ago, and it's only been one week!

Now Frank leaves her and goes into the Arcade, where Dan is waiting.  And Dan is whispering of course, but I can't even hear the sounds.  I can just see Frank nodding.

OK, sure enough BB can't hear, either, and asks him to exchange his microphone with one in the storage room.  He takes his time getting up though.

(The live feeds have been plagued with sound problems this year.  Someone needs that reflected in their performance review.)

Now Frank meets with Jenn in the bathrom and updates her about his nice conversation with Danielle.  Of course, they are whispering.   Frank is really excited about the discussion and feels good about things.  Jenn approves of what Frank is telling her, and says that Danielle is a "sweet, sensitive delicate flower" and he needs to speak to her like that.  Frank says that Danielle agrees that Ian needs to get out first, and then Dan.

9. The cameras shift to Joe and Shane, playing Cornhole, seemingly oblivious to the constant drama inside the house.  No one's looking for them for game talk, that much is clear.  Dan is out there, too, throwing a ball around by himself, apparently.  Shane curses as he announces the score.

Shane:  SHIT!  Fourteen to four.

Now Shane is outside and wants to play pool, but Dan says he is going to play Ian.  He is watching the Cornhole game and now throwing the little ball around with Dan.  They still have that mini basketball hoop out there.

Now Dan goes in the bedroom to whisper with Danielle about what he whispered with Jenn.  He tells her that Jenn is worried about Danielle's bond with Shane.  Dan tells her that he told Jenn to go after Shane.  Danielle becomes agitated and asks Dan if "that is what he is going to do".  Dan tells her that he just told her that to calm her down, and that Jenn is paranoid.

Danielle is angry about this and wants to go in there and blow up, but Dan tells her to relax and let him handle it.

10.  After the commercial break Shane is now in bed with Danielle, and they are whispering, of course.  She tells him that she spoke with Dan and the whole funeral thing came up, so she snapped at him.  Shane tells her that Joe is super paranoid about seeing people talk to each other and Shane tried to calm him down.  He reports that Frank "is out there trying to talk to Ian".

Danielle says she feels sad.  She brings up Dan and says she can't even get into the things Frank came in there and said to her.   She just hates him.

Shane:  You don't hate him.  Hate is a strong word.

Danielle:  I hate the way he plays the game.

Now Frank comes in the room and is looking at his memerobilia.  He held up some things he had and said that Dan told him that BB would go through their things and they won't be able to take everything home that they think they can.  Frank has a big POV that he hopes to take, but he is pretty sure that BB will let him take Ted.

Frank leaves and Ian comes in, drinking a 16.9 oz PET bottle Diet Coke, but holding it by the neck which is strange.  Shane is whispering about things he said to Joe to make him paranoid, and they are laughing.  Dan comes in and they fill him in and Dan says he should just go to sleep.

Shane tells Dan that Danielle "got bombarded".  By Frank, I guess. I guess talking is being "bombarded".  Then Shane and Dani are alone again, and he whispers to her to be careful what she tells Jenn.  He suspects that she is feeding information to Frank, and says "Jenn is a lot smarter than they all think".

Daniellle:  Sometimes I just feel alone.

Shane:  You got me.  And I"m always in a good mood.

Danielle: Please.

11.  Shane whispers to Danielle that Ian will expect them to nominate Joe and Jenn.  Shane doesn't trust Joe, but implies that they can both beat them in the Q & A competitions, and they probably can't beat Ian.  Dani says she doesn't know if she can get her same job back.  She says that "patients will probably see her on the show".

Shane:  Maybe you'll get more popular.  Patients will say I want Nurse Murphree.

Dani:  They don't call me that.

Now she says "she doesn't want to leave the house" because she "doesn't want to leave them".  She thinks the guys "all have each other", but she just can't call them like her girlfriends to ask them to talk or get together.

Shane:  You can call any of us...especially Frank!

She hit him in mock anger.  Or real anger.  Who the hell knows.

12. Outside at the pool table Ian and Dan were having a good conversation.  And not whispering, which is good.  Ian discussed Drew Daniel from BB5, and mentions that he got Scott Long and Jase to do some of his dirty work, and then later used Diane in the same way. His alliances just worked out that he wasn't the target.

Ian is so tired of hearing everyone say that he wouldn't even be in the game right now if Mike Boogie hadn't saved him in that Coach's comp.  No one really knows what is going to happen so you can't be sure he would have gone home.  He says that if Mike hadn't saved him, he wouldn't have put that duck on his head for the nomination ceremony, and then they wouldn't have the name Quack Pack.  Ian feels badly that Britney didn't get enough credit for coming up with that name.

Dan:  Actually, I'm the one who came up with it.  I never claimed to come up with good alliance names.

Ian wanted to know if BB played the "Renegade Song" (?) as a wake up call in BB10 and Dan said yes, in Week #7, and he and Memphis just went crazy.   I think there was some kind of "Duck Tales" song played one morning recently, and Ian knows it was for the Quack Pack.  Ian also said that when they played the song Smooth Criminal, he knew who that was for.

(Him?  Does he think that was for him?)

Big Brother didn't want them discussing the music and Ian argued with them, saying how can that possibly be related to Production.

13. Ian met a guy from the UK at Mardi Gras and they discussed the differences between BB here and BB over there.  The UK guy couldn't believe that the house guests voted each other out, rather than the show's viewers.  Dan says that is why their game is a popularity contest and they come out of the house with sudden fame like Kim Kardashian.

Ian said that they tried having the UK house guests nominate each other, and the less popular ones would gang up on the stars of the show out of jealousy so they had to change the rules.

After the game Joe sat out at a hot tub and talked to Dan and Danielle.  He knows a guy who hires chefs in casinos, so he's going to look him up when he gets home.  He discussed how he fell off the treadmill and bent his thumb back.  He is still healing and it might be years before he can feel his thumb again in a normal way.

Dan asked if he had insurance and Dan said no.  The hospital bills were very high. 

***I need to cut this off about 15 minutes early.  I'm sure there was more whispering, and lying.***

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