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Big Brother After Dark - Hook, Line and Stinker 9-14-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 10:00 pm BBT on Showtime Thursday night, and in the wee hours of Friday where I live.

Earlier this evening, we all saw the last CBS Thursday night show of the season, and it was a doozy.  The show featured a live POV ceremony where Danielle used her POV to save Dan, and nominate Shane.  Dan then stood right there and evicted Shane in a brutal blindside that nobody saw coming.

Ian was not expecting for the POV to be used, so he was shocked about that.  Shane left VERY angry and upset, and almost started crying right in front of Julie Chen.  He was sniffing back tears and was in a sort of shock.  Shane really needed the money and may have counted his chickens a bit early.  He never even watched BB10, so he doesn't really know what he was up against.

Danielle was also "upset" with Dan, but seemed to get over it fairly quickly, if you ask me.  Dan said he wanted to take his team to the end, and would get there however he could.

After the live show, the feeds were down for about 45 minutes or so, and then came back in the midst of an endurance contest where Dan went on to win Part #1 of the final HOH.  I believe it was called Hook, Line and Sinker.  The Final Three were sitting on large fishooks and there was some pretty awesome rain and lightening going on.  The fish hooks would swing around and slam into a "dock" and you could hear  them all react to the blow.  Then they would swing over and dip into the water once or twice.  When they dipped in the water you could see the red and white sinkers.  It was a visual feast.  I love the rainstorm Production generated---kudos to them.

Ian dropped when he was submerged in the water on his hook and later said "seaweed" grabbed his leg.  He went into the house to get changed and grab a Guinness beer he had been hoarding, and missed Dan and Danielle making a deal for her to drop.  She told Ian that she "slipped" when her fish hook dropped in the water, but that is not the truth.

The Showtime show began about 30 minutes after the competition ended.


1.  The show opens and we see Danielle wearing her pajamas, with wet hair going on a snack attack.  She moves around the kitchen, crunching and dipping snacks.  Ian comes up to her in the kitchen and tells her that he doesn't think they will be allowed access to the backyard.  He says he asked the DR if they will get "recreational backyard time" before the second HOH contest starts and they said probably not.

Ian:  I don't know why...they have all can't be that elaborate..

Danielle:  I guarantee you it's on Saturday.

Now Ian gets called to the DR and Danielle goes back to the bathroom, where Dan has just gotten out of the shower and is wearing an orange towel.  Even though he heard Ian called to the DR, Dan is smart enough to whisper now.  I rewound twice to ensure I get the following correct:

Dan:  No matter what he tells you, I do not have a Final Two deal with him.

Danielle turns around and goes to the arcade room, where she lays there, sniffling and staring up at the ceiling.  I guess she is upset about Shane leaving, but who the hell knows.  Tears roll down her cheeks.  Dan walks by to whisper with Danielle and whispers that they need to find a way for Ian to throw Part #2 of the competition to her...she needs to think about that.

At this point, Dan is bossing her around.  Their alliance is not a democracy, and never has been.  He is the Coach and Father.  Father Dan, that is.

Ian comes in the bathroom and says that "he could have told Dan" that they won't be in the back yard tonight.  He strangely starts describing the special wall in the BB7 living room with special items from all of the BB seasons, like Shannon's toothbrush (BB2), Howie's Jedi sword (BB6) and describes copies of each winner's keys displayed in a frame.  Why is Ian saying all of this?

Ian: I'm sure my duck will be on that next wall.  I'm sure of it.

(Ian's ego takes no breaks in this game.)

2.  Ian is putting two frozen pizzas in the oven--one pepperoni and one cheese, and it is taking forever for the oven to preheat. Dan is trying his best to act like nothing is wrong, that everything is normal for him.  He asks Ian his thoughts about the endurance---it included different elements, right?

Ian:  Well, I knew we would be sitting....we already had a standing one, and a's a little played out, but the dunking thing was new.

He goes through the similar competitions from each season.  Ian knows it all, of course.

(Well, not everything.  Not the most important things.)

While Dan and Ian talk about competitions, they whisper in between sentences to each other, supposedly about Danielle and how they can remove her.  They wonder if Part #2 will be another endurance.  Ian doesn't think so, but points up and mentions a "conspiracy".

(Implying I guess that Production might try to favor Danielle in the next competition.)

Ian goes into the WC, and Dan stops by the Arcade and whispers to Danielle that he doesn't want to be alone with Ian.  She doesn't answer, and is crying quietly.

Dan:  What's wrong?

She doesn't respond, and Dan walks off.  (That's the best Dan could do?)  Now Danielle is sobbing quietly and of course she is upset about Shane.  Of course.  She listens to Ian and Dan talking in the kitchen and tries to stop crying.

3.  The huge zit on Danielle's forehead is gone, but she has two smaller ones near her chin.   Also something is up with her chin itself, but I'm not sure how to describe it.

In the kitchen Ian is describing how the audience will be set up for the Finale, and where people will be seated, and how they will walk out.

Dan:  Is there room for everybody?

Ian:  Dude, you were there!

Ian continues to describe the front yard in excruciating detail and Dan appears to be absorbed in this conversation.    Ian even describes the color of the chairs, and if they match the large flower pot outside the house.

(The entire set is in a soundstage, of course, and there is no front yard.)

Dan asks if that is what they are building in the front yard and Ian says yes, they are putting together the stage for the finale.  Ian leaves the room and Dan sits, exhausted from the effort.  He reads the back of the DiGiorno Rising Crust pizza box and mentions the high altitude warnings on the package.  Dan has never noticed that before, and engages Ian in scientific conversation about this warning.

Dan:  Is that something new?

Ian starts going on and on just like Dan thought he would.  Ian walks off and Dan goes in the Arcade to check on Danielle.  One of her hands hurts and they make small talk about the injuries.  Dan hears Ian in the kitchen and goes back out there.  I can hear some pounding from the construction, I think.

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4.  After commercial break Ian takes the pizzas out of the oven and starts slicing them.  Dan ate a few Cheez-Its and warns Ian that there are ants in "some of the boxes".  Dan gets out plates and we see Ian laboring to slice the pies.  They are thick crust so he has to press down hard with the slicer.

Danielle is still laying in the arcade. We hear Ian go in to ask if she is okay, and if she wants pizza.  She stands up and they share a big hug by the arcade ball game.  Danielle goes into the kitchen and Ian lets her take the first slice of the cheese pizza.  Ian burnt his thumb on it, he says.

Danielle gets two pieces and goes to the dining table and gets started.  No waiting for the others to be seated for Danielle.  She just digs right in.

(I don't think anyone under 30 knows about that little etiquette rule anymore.)

Ian pours some Diet Coke and sits down to eat with Danielle, mentioning Frank wearing the Spiritard for some reason.  (Probably thinking about the All Stars wall again.)

Ian tells her that in BB10, Production gave them a photo album to look through with pictures of each evictee in order.  Danielle wants to know what they did last year.

Ian:  I don't know.  I didn't watch any kind of special episode last year because I was so busy, I couldn't be bothered.

(Oh please.  Since when?)

The cameras give us a close up of Shane's black and white picture and they hear the hammers building outside.  Ian tells her they are building the risers outside.  Danielle has pulled it together now and does not seem teary at all.  There are pizza eating sounds, crunching and squishing and swallowing.  Ian starts rocking in his chair.

(The fact that Ian doesn't mention what happened with Shane at all right now is strange, isn't it? He must think Danielle was working with Dan on that.)

They stare at the memory wall.  OK, now here we go.  Danielle starts crying.  She has a large abrasion on her chin.

Danielle:  It's not that he's gone..I'm crying because of the way he left..I never lied to anybody in this game...well, except Frank.

Ian:  Fuck Frank.  How did you lie to him?

Dani:  I told him I wouldn't vote him out.

Dani is worried that Shane will hate her, but Ian says the shock on their faces should have told that story to Shane.  Ian says he "didn't like that card out there, and didn't like the the name of the competition".

Danielle says she is having a moral dilemma now with what happened.  Ian wants to get up and get her a tissue and she says she is trying to stop crying, but she can't.  Ian tells her to just get it all out, that it is an appropriate human emotion.  Ian distracts her by showing her the burn blister on his thumb from the stove, and they discuss the fish in the HOH room.

Danielle wonders if they are on Showtime, and if everybody saw the HOH comp. Ian said yes as we ironically go to commercial.

5.  When we return Danielle is getting into bed, and under the covers.  She is bawling and having trouble breathing, snorting a little and making a dog whining type of sound.   I would imagine her family would have a hard time seeing this, so I'm sure this will be on the CBS show.  Poor Danielle crying for Shane.

Right on cue, Danielle cries out from under the gray sheet:  "Shane! I promise you I would never have used it if I knew that was going to happen!"

Now we return to Ian in the kitchen, pouring himself more Diet Coke and gets one more ice cube, smelling the ice first and throwing it in the sink.

(What's the point of only one ice cube anyway?)

Ian paces in the kitchen, talking to himself and making the odd, unattractive wrist motions.  He is wearing dock shoes and the inside part of the heel of the shoe is worn way down, but the other side is barely used.  Ian sits down and has a conversation with an imaginary person, using hand motions and rocking.

Dan must be in the DR---there is no way he would leave them unattended so long.

6. Oh wow.  Ian is doing something strange with his mouth that I haven't seen before.  He is chopping his teeth together in the rhythm of a little song, and whistles it too. His teeth look very stained and all that soda isn't helping that. He jumps up and goes to the Arcade and looks inside the ball claw machine.

Danielle's head is on the pillow, but she still sniffles.  I get the feeling Dr. Zachary is on call tonight.

Ian is walking around, saying that it sucks to be the only one in there, alone.  No one has touched the pepperoni pie, but there are two slices of the cheese pizza left for Dan.  Ian is snapping and popping and walking around.  He gets his stuffed bear and Snakie out of his bag and takes them to the bedroom, hugging the bear as he goes. 

Ian is getting Shane's stuff together and Danielle points out a cabinet to check.  Ian looks and it is full of Shane's flip flops and other shoes.  He gathers them takes them to the storage room to put them where Production can get them.  He says aloud, "these are Shaner's".

After commercial Ian is still alone, and is reading his HOH letters at the dining table and rocking, of course.

7.  Danielle gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom to wash her face, taking a detour to curl up in a ball and cry on the bathroom lounge for a few minutes.  Ian can't sit still, and is making his strange noises and snapping and moving all about the house.  He asks himself "what happened here?"  He walks around the Boom Boom Room staring at things.

In the bathroom Dani finishes washing her face and is sniffling a little.  She dries her face and applies cream to the problem areas.  Which, by now, is most of her face.  She gets called in the DR (ha ha they hate her) and says "please not now...not now".

So now she puts on powder and makeup, to get ready for the cameras.  No eye makeup, but the skin looks better.  She walks past Dan, who is sitting at the kitchen counter gnawing on a piece of pepperoni pizza with a dazed look on his face.  They don't speak, but Dan gets up to get a drink and just pours tap water over ice cubes.

Ian is walking around and says he is cleaning up items for Shane.  I think he found some of JoJo's things, too.  Dan is staring wide-eyed while he eats, straight ahead, and is very pale.  He asks if they are on Showtime and Ian says he thinks they are.  Dan starts another slice of pizza.

8.  After commercial Ian is talking to Dan, who continues to eat pizza.  Ian is pontificating about what will be shown on Sunday's show.  Ian says the card said "Welcome to Hook Like and Sinker" and keeps repeating "that is not cool doggie" and "he's not bringing that shit inside", not "after what just happened."

Dan takes three huge bites of pizza and is calm.  Ian rocks.  They don't talk about what Ian just said, but they talk about the competition.  They say the wall that BB built was taller than the real wall outside.  Ian goes to the bathroom and does some extremely odd steps in there, like Billy Elliott.   I've been watching Ian all summer, but damn he keeps pulling weird moves out of his back pocket.

Now he sits  down at the table and keeps mumbling about "Hook, Line and Sinker".  Dan brought back plastic trays of candy from storage and gave one to Ian.  Dan says Shane said they were good.  Ian struggles to open one, and starts eating, smacking noisily and rocking.  Up close I can see it is a container of sour gummy worms.  He ate a few and closed the container, slapping the top of it to indicate he did not enjoy it.

Danielle comes out of the DR and Ian is walking around looking for Dan, calling out his name.  Then he finds them and gets called himself to the DR.  Danielle goes back to the bath room to begin the face washing routine again.  She and Dan sit and whisper in the corner about what Dan said to Ian in his attempt to get Ian to throw Part #2 of the HOH competition to Danielle.  It has something to do with Richard Hatch, and how he didn't want to win the final immunity challenge, because he had a Final Two deal with both of the other two contestants.

Dan is trying to work out a story they will both stick to, about what they agreed to up on the fish hooks.  Danielle says that cutting Shane was more selfish for Dan, and now she feels like she is playing for third, and that Dan has had a deal with Ian this entire time.  She is starting to cry now as she tells him this, saying that she thinks he has something up his sleeve to throw her under the bus to either get to Final Two or to win it.

Dan tells her that his goal is to get the two of them to the end, and then "it's over".  Danielle thinks Shane would have thrown the challenge, but Dan says he didn't trust Shane.  Danielle says that is the only thing she really believes, rather than all of his other lives.  Keeping Ian was better for Dan that it was for her.

Dan:  I understand how you feel.  But I am trying to get us closer to the end, by any means necessary.

Danielle lets that sink in.  Dan says that Shane was pissed, and wouldn't even shake his hand as he left the house.  They are whispering like crazy, even though Ian is in the DR.  Danielle is bitching and complaining, and Dan reminds her they are 5 days away from a half million dollars.

Danielle:  And now I have this added stress of having to beat the little fuck who shouldn't be here!

The two of them whisper, Dan giving instructions and excuses, Danielle protesting and pushing back.  After commercial he is telling her that "all he asks of her is one more competition, then he'll do the rest".  Danielle is sniffling and tells him that Ian told her that Dan is playing really dirty, he didn't play like this in his season, and Colton should beat his ass.

Dan wants to know what else that "little rat" said and seems so delighted to hear what Ian said.  He is smiling at Danielle and telling her she'll be back at it when he needs her to be.  Dan asks her, smiling, how much she hates him right now.  She says she's never really hated him. 

9.  Danielle doesn't know what is real and what is fake anymore.  She says the things that Dan said about the book he is going to write about what a coach learns from his student sounded so fake, but Dan tells her it is real.  Right then they hear the DR door open and Dan jumps up and runs to the Arcade and lays face down.

Then Ian is down the hall in the bathroom with Danielle and Dan is called to the DR.  Ian and Danielle whisper, even though Dan is in the DR.  They discuss how ugly tonight was, and how horrible that was for Shane.

Ian:  He'd never win, not over my dead body...

Danielle:  You mean, you'll take me?  To the Final Two?

Ian: No, that he will never win in the end .  With the jury.  It was disgusting, what he did.

Now Ian says Britney warned them about Dan, saying he'd serve them a sandwich, but it's a shit sandwich.  Now Danielle starts to lay the groundwork to get Ian to throw the next competition to her.  She swears she will be out to get Dan and she swears vengeance.  The conversation changes as soon as Dan comes back in the bathroom.

They chat about the special DRs they will have tomorrow, and Danielle is sure that "it will be tomorrow" and BB tells them to stop talking about that.  They were all told that they will need to get up early tomorrow.  After Dan goes to bed Ian and Danielle whisper about how great the breakfast will be in the morning.  They think BB will have the special breakfast for them to celebrate Final Three.

Ian:  Awkward, party of three!

10.  Now they discuss how Shane left, still whispering.  Danielle thought Shane might punch Dan.  Ian isn't even sure if he got to say good-bye to him, he was in such shock and it was a blur.  Danielle swears that she "will cut him" and she "wants to get him so bad now".  Danielle knows that sitting on that wooden disk hurt the guy's balls really bad.

Ian is very disappointed with his performance in the challenge.  He says the "fucking seaweed" got him and he got "shit up his nose, too".  The pool of water they were dipped in was very deep, Danielle says.  And they kept getting dipped multiple times, and then slammed into the wall.

Danielle wants to "give an epic speech" and Ian grins about how much Danielle wants to hurt Dan in the game.  She vows out loud to Shane that she will get revenge for him, and they say that Shane must really hate Dan now.

Ian:  There go our Quack Pack T-shirts, huh?

Danielle says it worked the way it was supposed to work, but then things got ugly.  She says she told the DR today that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", proving that she doesn't understand that phrase any more than the phrase "getting backdoored".

Now she says that Shane was so "afraid he would go out like Jeff, and he did".  Ian says Shane got a huge cheer when he left, then he mentions another burst of applause near the end of his interview.

(When Shane called Dan a dirty player.)

Danielle:  Maybe they hate me...

Ian:  No, they hate Dan.  America likes you.  They like the Quack Pack.

We see a camera shot of Dan laying with his Bible, looking around wide eyed.

Now Ian says that the audience gasped when Dan voted Shane out.  Danielle wants to know what the audience did when she used the POV on Dan and Ian doesn't say, but repeats what the audience did when Dan voted.

Ian:  Then someone in the audience cussed, because we could hear Julie and then she was bleeped.

The cameras change to Dan reading his HOH letter now, with the Bible by his side.  Danielle is trying to wash her face again and puts a towel over herself as the water heats up for splashing.  She uses green gel in a tube from Clinique to wash her face, scrubbing hard on her eyes.

(Is there any of Janelle's Mary Kay left?  Or did Britney take that?)

Once again she rubs white cream from the tube of pimple cream on her face.  The tube is crimped at the end, and is almost empty.  (Oh if the Dr called her again it would be so funny now.)  She uses the blow dryer to dry a wet spot on her shirt and it is very loud with the microphone right there.

11.  Now we see Ian sitting in front of the memory wall at the dining table, a jangle of nerves.  His HOH letter is lying open across the table, and he is rocking and making noises and his eyes are darting here and there, and his lips are moving.  I think he might be singing to himself, which does seem like the sanest option.   He walks through the house again like he's on his way to something, and ends up going into Skid Row, where he straightens out the covers and walks out, snapping and whistling.

After commercial we see Danielle whispering with Dan in the bedroom, updating him on her conversation with Ian.  Dan is pushing back on her, saying that Ian will be suspicious if she goes to bed early in the same room with Dan.

Danielle:  No he won't.  He thinks I hate you.

She keeps whispering and then Dan starts when he hears Ian in the bathroom and rolls over quickly, pretending to sleep.  They whisper for a minute, and then Danielle leaves to go to the Have Not room, where a Skid Row comforter is on the floor.

(That room seems so one has slept in there for weeks but there are still clothing and blankets all over the floor.  Slobs, all of  them.)

Danielle takes the comforter and gets into bed.  She wants to know one thing from Dan, did Joe and Jenn really tell Dan to get rid of Shane.  Dan tells her yes, and says is that really why you did it?  He says no, he didn't trust them, and grins at her.  He also reminds her that Jenn didn't like Shane with Danielle and wanted them to break up.

Danielle:  I told Ian that you did to me what he did to Britney, and I'll serve your head up on a platter...

Now Ian is back in the bedroom, getting ready for bed and the conversation stopped.  Danielle and Ian make stupid small talk while he disrobes and folds his T-shirt, pacing.  He gets into bed wearing just his green underwear, taking a drink from his green water bottle.  He asked them if he can turn off the light.  Only Danielle answers, because Dan is pretending to sleep.

Ian gets in bed, but then jumps up out of bed to turn off the light in the hallway.  Now back into bed and they sleep, seemingly.  A quiet moment after a crazy night.  There is a slight hum in the walls, not unlike the sound of a window air conditioning unit.  Dan moves now across the room.  I can't remember hearing the bedrooms so quiet like this.  The whole situation is so odd, isn't it?  Them in there, and us out here, watching them?

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