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Big Brother After Dark - A Friend Indeed.... 9-9-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Saturday, and in the wee hours of Sunday where I live.

Ian is the HOH, and Jenn and Shane are on the block.  But that situation is only temporary, because Shane won the POV this afternoon.  I think it may have been one of those "ropes" challenges, where you have to untangle and carry a heavy rope.  Danielle has blisters all over her hands, and a large abrasion on the back of her left shoulder.


1. As the show opens, Dan, Danielle and Shane are in the kitchen.  Dan is making what I think is a quesadilla and they are chatting about BB10.  Specifically, about when Jerry won HoH.  Dan said that the house guests had some sort of ballots, but something went wrong with them and they had to do it again.  Dan said he voted for Jessie to win HoH the first time, but "for whatever reason" he changed his vote the second time and Jerry won.  BB didn't like this topic, and switched the cameras away to the back yard.

Ian is in the backyard, swinging on the hammock. This expensive new hammock was nice and quiet when they first got it, but now it is indeed squeaking and kind of groaning as it goes up and down, up and down.  I don't think any hammock, cheap or expensive, is built to undergo the stress that Ian puts on it with his constant, vigorous swinging.  Maybe they should have just bought him a rocking chair.

Now the cameras go back to the kitchen, where they are discussing Britney. Danielle told Shane that Britney was making plans to cut him out of the game.  Shane says he confronted her about it, but she always denied it.  Dan say he came into the game with little respect for Britney, but has more respect for her now. They all agree her social game was good.

(Then why have most of the evicted house guests said Britney was the most annoying person in the house, or certainly the messiest? They all told Jeff that...)

Dan and Danielle both say Britney was on BB14 because her BB12 DR sessions were so funny. Dan says she ripped on everyone and that is why she won fan favorite.  Shane didn't know that, and they talk about the cash that Britney took home.

Dan:  She said in her DRs that she hoped they all didn't get STDs through the air from another house guest.

Shane is scandalized by this!  He can't believe it!  Britney could say something like that on TV?

(Pretty ironic, considering what Janelle said about the medication she found in Britney's make up bag.)

Danielle adds that Britney always said that in BB12  she didn't have to do anything...she just hung out in the backyard and depended on Lane to protect her.  Jenn came in and based on a question from Danielle said that everyone else in her band is either vegan or vegetarian.

2.  Danielle eats her quesadilla (or whatever it is) by picking it up with her hands. She and Dan are alone in the kitchen and they are whispering a little.  Dan says this season was a lot harder than Bb10, and they discusss the reset.

Now Dan puts his own food on the plate and it is indeed a crispy quesadilla.  It looks like he made a few of them, and cut them all into quarters.  It looks like there is chicken or something in there.  Now Jenn is back and Dan says during the POV he got lost and was copying Jenn's puzzle---she had a whole row finished and he kept lookng at it. 

Now we go back out to Ian and the hammock, and the sound is TERRIBLE.  Production must be losing their shit, because Ian is talking to himself but you can't even begin to hear it.  The hammock sounds like something living in the Amityville Horror house. 

Dan brings salsa to the table with a big platter of quesadilla quarters and Danielle joins him.  I guess she is going to eat again.  Dan offered some to Shane but he went outside instead to do some laundry.    Dan is telling them that one of Chelsea's best friends is getting married the Saturday after the finale, so they are going to do that.  (Instead of going to Vegas, I guess.)

In the backyard Ian asks Shane if the "special treat is tonight".  Shane says no, and they think it will be tomorrow afternoon.  I guess in addition to the POV he may have won some sort of prize.

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3.  Jenn comes outside to the hot tub with a fresh protein shake and she and Ian chat about the POV today.  Ian thinks it was the hardest challenge of the whole summer.  They keep mentioning "falling" so maybe it wasn't the ropes challenge after all.  Ian keeps swinging, and it is hard to hear conversations anywhere.  BB gave them some instructions about the shades, and no one understood it.

Jenn, to BB:  Do you mean that you want the windows down?  Because that is usually the deal.

I guess the cameras shook their head no.

Jenn:  OK. I'll do whatever you want me to do, sweet green camera.  Whatever you want, OK gangster?

Shane is folding the pillow cases on the pool table.

Now we see Dan and Danielle mumbling at the dining table, about votes and such.  Dnaielle starts whispering about what Jenn said to her about Dan.  There is an open bag of chips in front of her and she is dipping them in salsa.  Danielle wants to know if she would trade the POV for $15K?  For $10K?  Maybe there were cash prizes.

Shane comes in and they change the topic to the memory wall.  Dan asks him where Jenn is and he says she's at the hot tub.

Dan:  Do you think she's going to do something crazy and start making up crap?

Shane doesn't think so.  He says that whatever she says just doesn't matter---whoever goes up in his place it just doesn't matter.

4.  After commercial they are discussing the reset and how scary it was for Danielle to compete against the Coaches.  They discuss the Pirate Ship and Shane says he stayed up the longest of all of the guys, except for Ian.

Dan:  And Ian's like half a guy..he's so small.

Danielle:  He weighs less than I do!

(No shit.)

Now Danielle goes over her win again, and how she stayed on the longest and how much pain Britney was in.    Danielle was afraid to move after Britney dropped---she didn't want to be disqualified.  Dan says after BB10 was over, he wanted to sit in the hotel room and just watch BB10 YouTube videos, one after another.  His girlfriend at the time wanted to go out, but he just wanted to watch BB10 stuff.

He saw a segment of The Soup where they made fun of Jessie, and says it is amazing to see the footage after it has been edited, with music added, etc.  Dan says there will be a lot of attention for about a week, then things will die down.

Dan thinks that Mike and Frank's DR sessions the week that they got Janelle evicted instead of Frank were just obnoxious.  Danielle argues that from the minute she won HoH, she told the DR that her target was Janelle.

Danielle:  What, were they sayin' they got me to do their dirty work?  Even if it was my idea?

Dan:  Well, yeah.  I was outside, kind of sleeping, and Mike was saying things about " slash Mike Boogie".

Dan says that is why it is bad to really gloat about things "in there" because it can come back and bite you.  Shane mentions that the DR wanted Boogie to go in and "do everything over again" and the cameras change quickly to Jenn at the hot tub.

5.  Ian came in and ate part of a quesadilla, saying it was good.  Ground turkey, cheese and onion, with a little kick.  Dan discusses Kara, and how much anxiety she had about the cameras and the whole experience.  Danielle says that they targeted Kara for eviction because "she got a bear" in the HOH comp.

Ian says that he knew he had to turn on Mike and Frank during that Pirate Ship HoH, because both of them went inside and only Jenn stayed outside to watch him.  He knew that Frank was Mike's "golden goose" and he was expendable to them.

They discuss the "Swamp" HOH where Mike went for the money instead of HoH.  Ian was watching everyone who went for the Safety Prize, and after Britney won that everyone else was so far behind he knew Shane would win, and "then they had the jury votes" after that.  I think he means that the Quack Pack would dominate the Jury, and if they stay together, they might.

Now Danielle points out that Ashley could have gone up against anyone and no one would vote her out.  Ian says that Frank started playing personal after Boogie left and needed to gain allies.  He says that Frank should have targeted Joe, in order to keep everyone happy.  Ian says that he and Britney "humored Frank" about working with him, just to keep him calm and happy.

Now they laugh about how Frank and Jenn took all of the bad POV prizes to keep Dan from winning he POV, and then used it to save him anyway.

Ian: How much is Frank kicking himself about that?  He's going to be the most bitter juror.

Dan starts whispering, and tried to hide his face from the cameras, to whisper the following.  The cameras give us a close up of Dan's face, though, and it was easy to see what he said.

Dan:  Frank said Boogie gave him his phone number, so he could drop off weed at the Jury House for them..

(What a great friend!  A friend with weed is a friend indeed.)

The cameras move quickly to Jenn sleeping at the hot tub, but when we return Danielle is going on and on about how she can't smoke pot because of her "asthma" and can they all imagine how she would be high on weed.  She might be high and have an asthma attack and just start giggling! 

The guys keep talking over her, ignoring her.  Shane and Ian think pot is healthier than cigarettes, because there is less tar.  Now Danielle drones on and on about her asthma attack, and how she uses an inhaler, etc.  Dan thinks that the asthma inhalers are fake, and are actually placebos.  Danielle starts arguing about it, but then says that 90% of what you do is mind over matter.  And you can control pain by thinking about something else.

6.  Shane comes out of the DR with one bottle of white wine and two beers.  Dan says that is just embarrassing and now they talk about stockpiling it for later.  Danielle starts talking about how JoJo talked about her all of the time, and how she heard it one time when she was putting on make up.

(They were both on the block together.)

They count 8 beers in the house right now, including Ian's HoH beers, and Dan says "they" didn't want them to have as many as 12 beers laying around.

Dan:  A rainy day....

Ian went upstairs to get some Pepsi.  They want to hold a "Pepsi Challenge" to see if they can tell Diet Coke from Diet Pepsi. Danielle gets out shot glasses but Ian says he wants a cup with ice.  Shane is at the sink doing dishes.

(Oh my God. Ashley and Frank might be getting high together RIGHT NOW on some good California bud, courtesy of Mike Boogie.  I'll bet Joe would get in on that, too, and then start up some Mad Love Cooking in the Jury House.)

Dan and Danielle start preparing the taste test.

Ian:  I'm going to go up to the HoH to lotion up my hands.

(Damn that kid is so weird.)

7.  After commercial Shane is up in the HoH with Ian.  Ian said he looked over at Shane during the POV and saw how far ahead he was.  Danielle calls for Shane to come back down--the taste test is ready for them.

Dan has them put on bandanas and says there will be one point for each beverage guessed correctly.  And there will be a few "mystery beverages" at the end, but "they won't be disgusting".

Shane sits down with a blindfold on, but Ian can't sit still.  Danielle tells him to sit down and  she starts putting the bandana on.

Shane:  I don't even drink diet soda---what I'm I doing here?

Ian wants his green water bottle so he can "clear his palate".  He starts drinking already from it.  Now we see Dan and Danielle pouring red juice in shot glasses, and then Dan adds tobasco sauce to it.

Dan welcomes them to the very First Down the Hatch Challenge, and introduces Shane and Ian.  Danielle serves the drinks, and first says they need to guess Diet Coke of Diet Pepsi.  Dan says do not shout out the answer.  Instead, the Diet Pepsi should go in his left hand, and the Diet Coke in the right.

Shane is sipping the soda and says "tastes like Tobasco sauce to him!"  Dan says that he wouldn't do that.  Dan has them indicate which soda tasted better, then says they are going to "go on to the mystery shots".  Dan tells them nothing is mixed together, and it is all okay to drink.

Ian downs his shot.  Shane asks for a puke bucket but keeps it down.  The next shot comes over.  Ian says it better not be milk.  Danielle says it isn't.

Ian and Shane both retch and Ian says it is putrid.  He only sipped it but did not drink it.  We hear Shane retching and he says it is "straight up Tobasco" and asks Ian if he threw up.  It turns out that they both got the Pepsi and Coke wrong and Ian can't believe it.  Ian is embarrassed that he prefers Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke.

No points for either.  The second shot was sweet tea leftover from Joe, and the third was red Gatorade mixed with Tobasco.  They both guessed the tea, so they tied with one point.  Ian doesn't plan to switch to Diet Pepsi, but may drink both.  Danielle says Pepsi products are so much better than Coke, and mentions how she loves Mountain Dew.

(Adam Carolla calls Mountain Dew the Nector of the Tards.)

8. They want to have another round, but with Dan and Danielle playing.  They want to have three drinks, and Shane is stressed about it.  He asked Ian if they should use an egg and Ian said no.  Meanwhile Dan and Danielle are in the Arcade, whispering about what will happen this week with the POV.  Danielle is going to tell Ian to just put her up, but Dan wants to know what she will get out of that deal.

Danielle says that she just wants to be sure Dan is safe.

Now the second round has three mystery drinks: honey mixed with water, red and orange GatorAde, and Sprite with pickle juice.  Dan won by a quarter point, missing only the Sprite.  The decide to do another round, with drinks made by Dan and Danielle.

Shane and Ian go to the Arcade to whisper and wait.  They hear the blender going and both object to that---Ian wanted only liquids.  We see Dan and Danielle really giggling of the gross concoction they just made.  It is brown and lumpy and Danielle gags when she smells it.

(This is kind of a fun game---I can't remember any other seasons doing this, so it's kind of cool.)

Danielle puts honey on top of the shot so that there is a pleasant smell before they drink it.  They are very devious about all of this.  Meanwhile Shane and Ian say it is taking way too long, and they are worried.  They say they are so glad to have "had that ball pit out there and finally got to play it when the stakes are so high".

Finally the next round of drinks is ready and they call Shane and Ian out to the kitchen.  They have three more drinks to drink but Dan swears there are no solids in there, and that two of them are "straight up" and not mixed with anything.  They drank the first two, but then Ian started gagging on the third and tore off his blindfold, retching.  Shane asks if that was fish food?  Or oregano?  The first was lemonade, and they both got it right.  The second was cranberry juice and they both got it correct.  The third was seaweed, Diet Coke, water and honey.  Shane objects because there were more then two ingredients.  Dan says they had to add that to cover the smell.

(Obviously the first two drinks were intended to be pleasant, then BAM!  The house guests should all take note of that strategy by Dan.)

Shane:  You're welcome Showtime!

(ha ha ha)

And now Danielle announces all the credit for that nasty drink should go to Dan. (Uh huh.)  Now we see Jenn sitting alone at the hot tub, wrapped in a towel.

Dan put Diet Pepsi in Ian's water bottle and he freaked out when he discovered it.  He said that was a wasted Diet Pepsi and poured it down the sink.

9.  Now they rehash the taste test competition and they seem somewhat self-satisfied that they provided some Showtime entertainment.  Danielle laughs and laughs about Ian gagging.  She says maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to piss Ian off right now, but she and Dan are the only ones who could go on the block and they both did it.

Danielle:  Ian puking in the funny.

I guess Ian left "his pop tarts in the toaster" and Danielle cracks up about that too.  The cameras show us Ian rocking wildly in the hammock back and forth and the hammock groans each time.

(I kind of think BB is exploiting Ian like they did the Cowboy in BB5---they both probably shouldn't be on camera 24-7  given their various issues.  Two ends of the spectrum, but the same type of issue.)

Danielle and Dan clean up the kitchen in silence. 

10.  In the backyard Shane plays Cornhole by himself.  Danielle and Dan sit outside and chat.  It took Dan a month or so to get Chelsea to give him her engagement ring back to be sized.  Of course Daielle has so much experience as a gemologist that she has a lot to say about the value of rings and other jewelry items. 

Ian continues to swing and Dan asks him if "like, 10 years into his career he will buy the best hammock ever."  Ian thinks that with his chemical engineering background, he will probably need to live near the Gulf (of Mexico).  Dan can see him in a hammock with his own son one day and Ian says his friends always say he will be a good father.

Dan points out that diamonds are just pressed carbon, and the cost is such a rip off.  He wonders if they can create diamonds using just the elements, and Ian says no, because it takes so long.  There is no quick fix.  Danielle mentioned Cubic Zirconia but Dan says he means a real diamond.

After commercial Ian is going off on a tangent about equations involving D-squared, etc.  Dan wonders why they can't see many stars from their backyard---is is smog or the floodlights?  Ian says it is the floodlights and gave a long explanation why.

Dan:  Have you ever tried to drop some science on a girl?

Ian says yes and Dan pushes him for an example.  Ian says that the girl was into science herself, but the topic was inorganic bonding.  Ian says he explained that to Ashley on their "slop date".  Ian said that question comes up frequently, and he explained it to her.  Dan had asked if he told her that was over her head and Ian ignored that comment.

Dan asks how much water people are made of?  Ian says somewhere between 70 and 90 percent.  Ian doesn't like biology---it is too boring and is just memorization.  Danielle disagrees and says she loved biology.  Ian said that with physics and chemistry, he can learn the general concepts and do all of the problems.  Where with biology there aren't any problems to solve.  With chemistry he can just think of a solution while he's in the shower or something.

Dan taught biology in an all boys school and Ian is familiar with the textbook---it had zebras on it.  Dan said Danielle would fail his class he taught.  Ian likes inorganic materials like metal---that is "his bag" and he doesn't venture too much outside of it.

11.  After the show Ian is going home to Pittsburgh for a while, rather than New Orleans.  If Ian wins Dan wants to know if he will "make it rain in Pittsburgh at the local bar".  They are making fun of him, but Ian thinks carefully and says no, he would not do that.  If he did win the big money he might consider taking a limo out on the town for one crazy night, maybe to the casino, and spend about $500.

Dan says that Mike won $150,000 in one night in Vegas.  He didn't want Dan to mention it in the house, but it was reported on TMZ.   Dan wondered why Mike was here this year.  Ian said that Mike told him he was offended that he and Will weren't even considered to be part of the Duos twist last year. 

Ian:  He said a one in four chance at $100K was a good bet.

Dan wonders if Ian know how much he offended Mike with some of his comments.  Ian says he is aware of it--on about Day 30 Ian told Mike he thought that Production called Will first, and then Mike after that when Will turned it down.  Ian says he then said that Enzo was probably the next person they would call, since he thinks they wanted a 35+ age guy for a coach.

Everyone said Enzo?  They don't understand that.  Now they start talking about Keesha from Dan's season.  Shane doesn't know what she looks like, and Dan says he would like her. Ian describes her as looking like a "slightly older version of Dani Donato".

Shane:  BB8 Dani Donato?

Ian:  Yes.

After commercial Danielle wants to know how Ian would describe each one of them to his classmates. Ian says Jodi was older and nebbish.  Kara was a nice girl but was a victim of circumstance.  Willie was a nice guy and was about to be a grandpa.  JoJo was kind of loud.  Shane adds that she was horny and Ian agrees.  He says Janelle was motherly, and played a sloppy game.  Wil had a sparkling personality and was very funny.  Mike was a good guy but he was kind of pushy.  He was "very Hollywood".  Ashley was a nice girl, but "loosy goosy".  Danielle says what about a hippie?  Ian agrees that yes, she was a hippie.  Britney was very nice, very funny, good sarcasm and a nice lady.  Frank was aggressive, a good competitor, but a lot of bragadoccio.  He was always telling everyone how he was going to spend the prize money.  Joe was loud as hell and obnoxious at first but had a good heart.  Jenn was the rocker girl and was very blunt and was keeping it real.

For the last three, Ian says he's going to go in alphabetical order (since he's been going in his expected order of eviction).

Dan played the game once, nice guy, pretty straightforward and honest. Danielle is a sweet girl who was very nice all of the time---never had a problem with her.  Shane was a nice guy who never complained, was athletic and good with sports.

(Dan straightforward and honest?  Oh boy does he have some surprises waiting for him....)


  1. LOL at "drop some science." Hahaha. Thanks for your updates!

  2. Placebo, whatever happened to them...Great Updates Thanks.


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