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Big Brother After Dark - Frank: Thanks, I Won't! 9-2-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Saturday night, and in the wee hours of Sunday where I live.

Ian is the HOH, and Frank and Jenn are on the block.  Earlier today, the OTEV POV competition was held, with Dan was the winner.  As you might imagine, there is some tension in the air.


1.  As the show opens, Shane, Danielle and Joe are sitting around the hot tub.  Shane says they have a lot of laundry to do "as a house", and then comments that it is Saturday night.  Shane wonders if any of them thought they would be in the final seven.  Joe didn't think that far ahead, and Shane said he stopped thinking about that after the second week.  He didn't expect the Coaches to be evicted so soon.

Joe thinks that Frank will look back on his biggest mistake of the game as not evicting Dan last week, but sending Britney home instead.  They all know that Frank is going to drive them crazy about their votes this week.  Shane thinks he will try to "sleep in the bed" with Danielle.  Danielle wonders if Frank will try to pull something off like Dan did this week.

Joe thinks they should all tell Frank they have his vote, just to shut him up.  They don't think that Dan will make such a "colossal mistake" as using the POV to save Frank.  Shane says one problem with Frank leaving is that he himself will be the next big target, so he hopes "some people" won't be targeting him.

Shane has his bangs defying gravity tonight, in a straight horizontal sweep to the right of his forehead.  They point out that if one of them is on the block against Frank, they won't get a vote.  Joe thinks that he will survive against Frank if he is the one nominated.

2.  Inside Frank and Dan are at the dining table.  Frank is telling Dan that Joe has been told by Ian that if Dan uses the POV, he will go up.  Dan comments that Joe hasn't come to talk to him, and Frank says "he's not the best game player".

Frank is playing with the Lego blocks---I'm guessing those types of blocks will appear in an upcoming competition.

Frank:  Just think, once Joe is gone all we have to worry about is Ian and Shane.

Dan "yeahs" all of this, moving around the kitchen and cleaning his cereal bowl.

(I saw Dan mention a Final Two deal with Ian this afternoon, after the POV.)

Frank mentions that after Dan uses the POV to save Jenn, Dan, Danielle and Jenn will vote to evict Joe, and he "should be alright".  Dan says "yeah", of course.  Frank says he asked "them" and the POV meeting will be held on Monday night as usual.  Dan was interested in that information.

3.  Outside at the hot tub, Dani, Shane and Joe agree to tell Frank whatever he want to hear this week, to make life easier.

During the OTEV challenge, Dan "saw a lot of Karas and Willies, but not many Boogies."  Dan went outside and commented that it was incredible that the whole backyard was cleared after only about three hours.  Dan tries the new hammock and sits in it like Ian does, sitting forward and swinging.

Shane:  What's up Ian?  How is it?

Dan:  It's okay.  A little too much work for me.

The new hammock is very quiet, as opposed to the old one.  Ian appears at the back door, holding up a small bag of gummy bears and shaking it.  He seems to think this a BFD, because he went inside and opened it in front of Frank, grabbing some and putting them in his mouth. He wasn't sure where to put the bag and moved back and forth with it, then he went outside with the bag.

Frank sits alone, playing with the blocks.  The cameras show us a quick close up of Mike Boogie's black and white face, then a close up of Frank's color photo on the memory wall.  A small tribute to Frank and Mike, I think.  I'm sure Frank is as entertaining for the crew as he is to the live feeders, so they might be a little sad about the situation.

Danielle is in the hammock so Ian has to turn around once and moves aimlessly around the backyard.  Danielle asks him to come over and then says quietly that "she just had to get away from Joe".  She told him that Joe is trying to convince her that Dan is upstairs "throwing her under the bus".  Ian assures her this is not the case, that her name didn't even come up, because it is understood that both Shane and Danielle will be safe this week after the deal Ian made with Shane at the end of the endurance comp.

Ian is is sitting on the edge of the hammock, rocking it for her.  This hammock is much larger than the old one, and has channelled padding across the entire swing.

Ian:  If Dan pulls Jenn down, big fucking deal.  But if he pulls Frank down...he won't do that because there is no benefit to him for keeping Frank.  Frank has to go--he's too dangerous.

Dani:  Is he talking crap about me?

Ian:  Who, Frank?  No, he's only been up to see me once.  And Dan has told me that he's not using it.

(Actually, Dan and Ian agreed that he will use it to save Jenn, saying that he owed her one.  That will resolve his debt to Jenn, and Ian is going to act as if he is angry at Dan for using the POV, to cover their Final Two alliance.)

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4.  Back inside, Frank has taken apart his Lego structure and is starting over from scratch, making something new.  Jenn is siting at the table eating a slop burger.  She wishes that they could just get this over with this week, and Frank agrees he hates "fucking waiting around".

Jenn: This is really good---if it had more taco seasoning it would just be crazy.

They don't think any other seasons were this creative with slop.

Jenn:   Dan's been kind of sarcastic to me.  I said something to him and he said something like...and I was like, I don't like you either, so...

Jenn thinks her competitive side came out today and Frank agrees it was a tough loss. Jenn was waiting for the "JoJo question" and Frank says it was fun.

(With OTEV, each player offers up the item they brought up the hill.  I heard Dan and Ian talking about this yesterday, and Ian complimented Dan on a few zingers he made as he presented to OTEV.  Dan said he had time to think up the zingers, so it was no big deal.  I think they had to find ears of corn with the house guest's name on it.   I also heard Frank say that when he held up the corn cob with Jodi's name on it, he said "this corn is nobody's mama!".)

Dan lays down with Danielle on the hammock and he says this hammock is much more comfortable.  He asks Danielle what her family would be doing on a Saturday night.   She says her brother Colton, who is 21, may be out with his girlfriend if they are still together.  She discusses how her godparents were her legal guardians while her parents were deployed in the military.  She has a sister who is really her godsister.  Her name is Kristie and she is 34.  Her godbrother is Brad and he is 36.

Jenn says there is beer and wine for them.  Tonight is Dan's birthday so he wants to drink and is trying to persuade Shane to drink with him.  Shane mourns the loss of the 8 beers that Jessie poured out---if he had those tonight "it would be clutch".

Dan only wants two beers, but they negotiate that Dan will drink three of the four beers, and Shane will have one and have a glass of wine with Danielle.  Dan thinks Ian may drink a few of his HOH beers, too, they are Bud Lights.

Danielle used to watch her godsister at cheerleader practice, and "they put me in pageants since I was three years old.

Dan:  Did you have big hair?

Danielle:  Oh yeah.  Up to here.

Dan is going inside to get a jacket, then they are "going to start drinking'.

5.  Shane is playing pool with Joe and saying he is making some "shitty ass shots".   After the commercial break Jenn is laying in the hammock with Danielle and they are whispering about the game.  Jenn is really down tonight-it's all getting to her.

Jenn: Frank asked me if you are ready to roll with us and I said yeah.

Dani:  Yeah, sure I am, you curly haired fuck.  Oh, I shouldn't have said that.  That is the meanest thing I've said in this game.

Jenn said that Frank told her Dan would use the POV to save her.

Jenn:  I told him, Frank don't lie to me, and he said you wouldn't know if I was..

Jenn thinks that Dan and Danielle have been the best pair in the house, except for the Funeral comments that Dan made to her.  Jenn has some concerns about Frank---when Frank was upstairs with Ian she grabbed Dan's hand and told him, "I made a big move this week--I hope it works out for me this week".

Jenn is tired of Joe making faces at her.

Danielle:  I'm just tired of Joe staring at my tits.  That's why I was looking like that, and he was making those faces.

Jenn:  Oh, he's that guy.  Creepy.  Saying he can look all he wants..

(It did appear that Daniele was trying to create a lot of cleavage while Joe was watching.  She had a zippered sweat jacket on that she could have pulled around her, but I think she loved the attention.)

Jenn hopes Dan doesn't blindside her.  Danielle doesn't see that happening.  She thinks Dan will think it is only fair to help Jenn out this week.  Jenn says that Dan said all of that nice stuff about her on the live show--she hopes it is sincere.  Dani thinks it was---all of Dan's friends and family were watching.

Jenn says she came very close to winning today.  Very close.  She is just worried that Dan will save Frank and she will be out, but Danielle says there is "no way" Dan would do that, "no way in hell".  Jenn says "Frank is feeling it".

Jenn, laughing:  Frank said to me that we need to get those votes and I said, yes, we will get those votes!

She is laughing like she is making fun of Frank, and repeats what she told Frank about Danielle rolling with them.  Dani says she is going to tell him he has her vote so he'll leave her alone.  Dani has wine waiting for her on the patio but is too comfortable to get up and go over there.  Jenn asks if Dan "wants to get Frank out", and Danielle tells her that she is not the only person---there are four people who want him out.

Jenn:  Hands down.  I'm in.  I'm super fucking in. I want to show I'm down.

Danielle gets called to the DR so they both get up.

6.  On the patio Ian is explaining the Pickachu cards, and is comparing them to Pokemon.  To his credit, Dan is trying to act interested in this discussion.  Frank is out there too, with his ugly Tom's slippers resting on the table.  Frank knows some of the stages and gets in a little on the conversation.

Ian is going to get a beer, since people are drinking.  Shane wants to wait until he goes in the DR before he starts drinking, but Jenn encourages him to drink will help his DR session!

(I'm sure Production wants to give her a raise for that...Shane is not the most bubbly and talkative house guest.)

Dan is happy he finally won something.  Dan is 29 today, and wants the Coors Khaki can.  Ian continues to babble on about the Pokemon point values and "energy levels".  He may as well be speaking German right now, but he is excited about it.  Frank and Dan seem interested, but Shane is silent during all of this. I guess he doesn't speak German, either.

Ian's parents would take him and his brother to Toys'R'Us on Saturday mornings at 10:00, and they would play Pokemon with other kids until noon. Frank is surprised at this, but Ian says there are tables set up inside where kids from all over, and a few adults, would play.

Frank: Adults get to go? I might go do that.

Ian:  I remember playing a guy who was about 30 when I was 10 years old.

They all laugh.  Ian got to meet kids from other school districts to trade cards and it was fun.  Danielle came back from the DR and everyone toasts Dan's birthday.  Dan finally opens his beer and starts drinking.  Frank's dad drinks Coors Light and Shane's does, too.  Frank loves the Coors Khakis, but also enjoys Michelob Light.

Ian continues to discuss some Pokemon trade and how cool it was to negotiate and determine the values of some of the cards.  The schools actually had to ban the Pokemon cards from school, because the 4th graders were going up to the 1st graders and making trades with them that were unfair.

Ian:  The 1st grader would like, sell a card worth $75 for 80 cents so they banned them at school.

OK.  Now maybe I think he is talking about Yo-Gi-Oh, or whatever it's called.  He just said that as a kid that was like a first experience getting ripped off, by making a bad trade.  They came over the intercom at school to say they were banned and everyone laughs at this.  So I'm not sure exactly what he's talking about, but you get the picture.  Some sort of dorky kid collectible that made someone a gazillion dollars.

(Why didn't I invent those damn Silly Bands?)

Ian hasn't bought a pack of cards since 2001 or so.  He used to wake up on Saturday and have a bowl of Captain Crunch.  Danielle gets excited and says she loves Captain Crunch!  Ian mentions eating Oreo-O's and Shane had Trix.

Frank:  Trix are for kids.

(ha ha ha)

Dan has three boxes of Apple Jacks sent to his house 4 times a year for $8 each time.  He bought it through Amazon and says it was weird at first, but it is a good deal and he likes the cereal.  Danielle likes Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Honeycomb, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Pebbles, and she goes on and on with her list of sugary breakfast cereals that she loves.

Somehow Ian starts talking about Pokemon again, saying that he talked nonstop about Pokemon as a child with his brother, and "it was his life".  His mom was so happy when Survivor started and he started talking about that.  Dan wonders if his parents stayed at Toys R Us or did they leave on Saturday morning.  Sometimes they would leave, but they stayed there too.  They would go to Wendy's or McDonald's for lunch afterwards.  Dan wanted to know if Ian talked about Pokemon while they were at Wendy's.

Ian:  Yeah, we'd talk about the trades.

Dan makes a joke about Ian saying "I got fucked on that trade!".  His parents were so sick of the discussion, because that was all they talked about.  They were like, "I hate this shit". Ian and his brother would buy a deck of cards with 60 of them.  You could sit and play immediately, but it wasn't a great deck.  His brother specialized in collecting a particular kind of card.

Shane keeps breaking in to remind everyone to drink up, and refill your glass.

Frank: Dan, can you please stop asking him Pokemon questions?

Danielle: Yes, please, I'm DYING!

(ha ha ha me too Danielle)

7.  Danielle says her wine is good but she's only had one glass.  She has a buzzed sound already. Shane says the more he drinks, the more he will talk.  (He is getting more talkative and smiley, so that might help his DR session.)  Someone jokes that they will hold Danielle's hair if she has to throw up.

Shane mentions that there was a garbage can in the DR for Britney when she got so drunk last week.  (A medic had to monitor her in there, she was so messed up.)

Oh now they have Danielle chug a glass of red wine.  (Why chug?  Are they in a hurry?)

Ian is STILL talking about this shit---now it is Pichachu or whatever the fuck that is.  Danielle is laughing out loud across the table at Shane and it is like two different worlds at the same table.  Now she throws something across the table at Shane and they go back and forth. Beer bottle caps, I think.

Ian is describing how he and his brother always shared their cards, and never fought over them.  Frank left and may be in the DR.  Joe is snacking on granola and Danielle says she'll have some since that's all they have, Jessie took all of the foods.

Dan:  I can't believe that frickin' meathead was in this house!

They talk about how big Jessie was and how much he showed off.  Danielle said he posed his leg for her and Shane asked if she looked at his crotch.

Shane:  I wonder if he can wipe his own ass.

(ha ha ha keep drinking Shane)

Danielle:  I can't imaging sleeping with him---after when you're cuddling he could roll over and crush you!

8.  Now they are all crunching on snacks and they are talking about various people they saw "at Convention" and who they thought would come in the house.

Shane, around a mouth full of snacks:  You wouldn't be here, Joe!

We see Jenn laying alone next to the hot tub, quietly.

Ian compares the stitching on his BB bag to the way that Dan's looked for BB10.  Then he discussed filming his opening intro.  He had to wear a lab coat and make some statements about winning the money.

Dan: Shane had to wear daisy dukes, a plaid shirt and work boots and said, this New Englander came to play!

They all laugh.  (I think that is true.)  Ian also had to dance around and then say, "no key..I wonder why".  Dan wonders if they all got a shot driving off to the show and they say yes. Frank had a shot of him running towards his car and throwing his bag into the back of the truck and it was "tight".

As Ian got into the car he said "Big Brother 14, here I come!" and they told him not to use the number--they don't do that anymore.  Danielle came outside with Ian's huge Family Size bag of Spicy Doritos and the crunching is loud.  Frank gets a handful and works on that.

9. Now Ian asks Joe how he "can do THAT in the Have Not room".  He says it was voted in the Top Ten of worst places in Boner Magazine.  Frank claims to have not done it, and Shane does too. Ian is saying that he's up in the HOH room and Dan asks if he takes off his microphone. 

Ian: No!  I want the people at Joker's to hear me!

(Poor Mrs. Terry...)

Ian has been on a website called "Thanks I will" and actually said that on the live shows several times this season.  He made some comments on that website anonymously about getting on the show this year and no one believed him.

Shane:  And there's Joe, he's like, there's three other people in here, but I don't care!  I'm not waiting until I'm alone!

Dan went over to get his second beer, joking that the first one was horrible.  Shane started giving him crap for having that damn funeral so Shane could be made fun of crying by Julie Chen. Shane says he was teary-eyed.  He is eating Doritos now, so you know he's catching a little buzz...

10.  Ian said he cried the whole time when Mike left.  He compares Mike Boogie to Bill Nye the Science Guy--both childhood heros, so it was hard to see Mike go.  Renny's name came up and Dan said he's heard that Renny "went hard on Britney on Twitter".

Ian knew about it and says he and Renny likes a lot of the same bars he does in New Orleans.

They were talking about football teams and Shane said he might have to move to a place where the football doesn't suck.

Dan: Like Alabama?

Shane:  More like Michigan....or South Carolina...

Dan:  South Carolina!  That is where Brittany Miles lives!

Shane:  Oh my do you remember that?

Dan:  You told me, and then you said, that's not her real name, and I thought, that is exactly her real name.

Ian shouts out the name and the cameras to go the bathroom, where Jenn is taking a shower.  Frank asked her if she and Danielle talked about Dan using the POV and she says they just had girl talk.

11.  Dan asked Ian if he wanted to trade beds tonight.  Somehow this turned into Danielle telling everyone that Shane needs to make the first move---he's the man.

Shane:  I don't make moves in this house!

They all say whhoooo.  Now they are play-arguing and Danielle starts saying, "do you want me to put you on blast?"

Shane:  Yes, let's put me on blast. Go ahead.  I want to hear it.

They go back and forth until she relents.

Danielle, addressing the group:  Shane and I have not done anything, kissing or anything since Day 27.

Dan accused her of grabbing Shane's ass but she denies her whole hand touched it.  Dan says he wants to get something going between them.

Ian comes out and says there is piss all over the toilet seat!  He is angry and drunken yelling at everyone to stop doing that!

Frank says he caught Danielle coming down from the HOH room early one morning when Shane was HOH and she was busted.  Dan jokes about a "rub and tug".  Dan wants to trade beds and keeps saying it has nothing to do with Danielle. Shane says neither of them have touched him during the night while they sleep, so they are both okay to him.  They are all kind of loud and it is hard to follow.  There are multiple conversations but none of them are about Pokemon.

12. Ian tells Frank his one regret about sending Ashley home was that he wanted to make HOH and have her spend the night with him up there, but now he thinks that she may have been more into Frank.

Frank:  Oh, I don't know about that.  She may have said yes to you...

Shane:  Dude, she spent the night with Willie!

They asked Frank what happened when he slept with Wil.  Frank laughs and says no, of course nothing.  Ian says he really misses Wil and loves his zest for life.  Out of Ian's 10 best friends, three of them are gay and they are funny and cool and Wil reminds him of them.

After the commercial Danielle is still mad about Shane choosing to sleep next to Dan instead of her.  Joe said they should wait until everyone goes to bed and then just get up and move.

Danielle:  Why would  I want to sleep with someone who wants to sleep with another man!

Ian: obviously a homosexual.

Now Dan wants Danielle to tell them something about herself that they don't know.   He asks her if she's ever done any exotic dancing and she denies it.  Never, she said.

Shane wanted to know if she's had her salad tossed.  After a lot of discussion she admits yes, once, but she didn't want it.

Danielle:  I didn't even know it was happening..

Shane:  How can you not know that?

Frank, eating a handful of M & M's:  It happened in the shower.

Dani:  Thank you.  See, he knows the story.

Frank:  I was there!

They all laugh and Danielle acts shocked.

Frank:  I always think the shower is a good place to be a little adventerous...

Dan:  Less at risk..

Frank:  Well, like I would never sick on a woman's toes, but in the bathtub I might think that was alright..

Danielle:  You have a foot fetish.

Frank:  No, I hate feet, but I do like nice foot.

Danielle:  You told me you had a foot fetish.

Dan wants to know how many women Frank has been with that are over 40.  Frank holds up one finger.  They want to know what he difference is and Frank says older women are more giving.   He tries to find the right words to say it, but he says they are with a younger guy, so they think they have to try a little harder.

Dan really thinks older women will like Frank because they find him "jovial and interesting".  Frank wants to "get the younger bodies while he go to!".  The average age of girls at Pelican Larry's that Frank goes to are around 23 or 24.

Dan wants to remove the term NOLA from their vocabulary and they all protest.  Now Shane says I just need to know where I am going to sleep.

A few minutes ago, Ian went into the bedroom to see if Jenn is okay.  She told him she's just not up to being around people drinking and having fun.  He says he understands and he hopes she comes out later.

Now Ian is ready to rule on the bed situation, but veers off into a discussion about their various roles in casting.

Ian:  Frank and Shane are supposed to be the good looking guys...

Frank:  Poor Dan!

Ian:  No, he's a returner!  And Joe's the good looking older gentleman, and I'm the nebbish dork.  Kara and Danielle are the really hot girls...

Frank:  What about Ashley?

Ian: I think she was the cute, hippie girl.  And JoJo was the Jersey girl..

Now they tease Frank again about Janelle.  They told him today that Janelle always told everyone that Frank had the hots for her, and always hit on her.  Danielle said she heard Janelle says this many times.

Frank:  THAT'S BULLSHIT!  I don't like older women....I could go hard on her right now, but I won't! I'm just gonna say she's not the Janelle from Season Six!

Dan hides under his jacket.  Frank said one time to her if she wasn't married, would she consider him, but that's it.

Frank:  She's the one always wantin' to work out with me!  If anything, she's the one flirting with me!

Joe tries to say Frank wanted to grab Janelle's tits and Danielle tells him to stop lying about this.

Frank, yelling in a friendly manner:  I'M OFFENDED!  I'M HEATED RIGHT NOW!  I'M A NICE GUY AND I DON'T DO THAT SORT OF SHIT!!

Shane:  Her husband is going to be coming after you!


They all imitate how Janelle would ask Frank to run with him, and to finish the chess game.

Frank:  I'm not the one who asked her to play chess!  I'M OFFENDED!  I DON'T SLEEP WITH LOOSE WOMEN!...I'm just kidding!  I'm just kidding!

Shane cracks up.  Now they still argue about where Shane will sleep.  Joe tells her to just give in and let love in.  Shane tells her she has hate in her heart and Danielle denies it.

Frank goes on an on about Janelle "having a Frank Cookie Party night" for him, and why would she do that if she was offended.  Danielle starts to say something but stops herself and Frank begs her to say it, just say it now and put the shame on Janelle.

Danielle:  Should I say it?

Frank:  Yes, go ahead and tell us the whole story.

Danielle:  She would just go on and on about how you weren't her type but you were into her.


(This is so funny. Maybe they will have Janelle back for a segment to discuss this on Thursday, since Frank is probably leaving.)

Joe: She says she had to tame you down, that you were too touchy feely.

Frank:  TOUCHY FEELY?  I NEVER TOUCHED HER ONCE!  NOT ONCE!  You're making that up, aren't you?  Maybe I hugged her the very first night when everybody hugged everybody, and I held her hand on eviction night just so I could look in her eyes when she went out 8 to 1.  DUNZO!

Ian:  She always said you were "chasing the vag".


Now they discuss the POV when Ian won the dog costume.  He would have taken the POV but not the trip.  Dan came outside and Frank filled him in on what he missed.


Joe:  I think she said you were a pervert, too.

Frank:  Oh you're trying to get me heated!

After the commercial Frank is still yelling : I'M SO HEATED RIGHT NOW! I WANT TO GO HARD ON HER RIGHT NOW BUT I WON'T.

Now they talk about how JoJo was always trying to be an exhibitionist.  Ian said she talked about sex all of the time in the Have Not room.

Ian:  I just can't hear graphic stories about sex when I'm in here..I just can't take it.

Shane says she jumped on his bed one time and he was scared.  Now Jenn finally comes outside and Frank greets her by yelling about Janelle--did Jenn ever hear Janelle telling stories about Frank hitting on her?

Jenn:  No, she never even talked to me until she wanted me to vote for her.  She didn't speak to me.

Frank:  She said I offended her with the way I treated her.

Jenn:  I have to say...I didn't see it.

Frank:  Thank you...

Joe:  But Frank touched her a lot..


Jenn starts laughing and Frank accuses them of lying to him about all of this.

Danielle:  I'm not lying, Frank.

Now Dan grills Ian about peeping on the girls in the shower.  Ian says there are probably thousands of kids who looked at Kara in the shower and jacked off...


Joe is just cracking up.  Frank wants to know if Janelle really used the word "pervert" and Danielle nods and just grins, but won't provide any more details.  At the same time Jenn is talking to Ian about the way he behaved when he first came in, and how he's changed.

Now the topic of Frank being the "Tickle Monster" came up.


Joe: I did feel a little violated.


Danielle won't admit it, because she doesn't want to fuel the fire.

Shane:  She probably already hates you ---you sent her home.


They all laugh.

Frank:  She's a terrible game player.  She was a sloppy player and a sloppy person!

Danielle: I didn't wnat to go there...

Dan points out that they still don't have the bed situation figured out.  Ian drunkenly proclaims that Shane and Danielle will share a bed, even if they have to do it upstairs.

Frank hopes they "won't show this stuff on TV", and Dan assures him they won't--they won't defame him.  Now they tell Frank that Janelle said he smelled.


Ian:  But if she wasn't married, would you do her?

Frank:  No. Not anymore...

They all laugh.

Frank:  She's too fucking fake in the way she acts, and the way she looks.  ZING!

Some one asks Jenn about Janelle.

Jenn:  She's very pretty, but not my type.


(ha ha ha ha)

12.  Now Danielle is trying to teach Joe to do the Dougie and it is funny.  Joe is a pretty good sport.  Ian announces that if Shane doesn't like Danielle, "his friend Elliot will be hounding him after this to meet her".

Now Dan wants Jenn to get up and dance, too.  She took her flip flops off and Danielle starts doing Soulja Boy, but super fast.

Jenn:  No, Joe can't do that.

Now they start the Dougie again.  Danielle wants to teach Joe how to pop it.  Jenn rubs his back to warm up.  Danielle demonstrates---Jenn started to demonstrate too but decided her skirt is too short for that.  Joe gives it a try and it is horrible.

Danielle does a slo-mo demonstration, with Jenn explaining each element, but Joe still can't get it.  As the show ends they talk about getting the Hula Hoop out, and Frank says he won't be able to sleep--he's so heated about Janelle.


  1. Does everyone have Big Brother on 3 hours late tonight?

  2. No, only in areas where it is pre-empted by something else.


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