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Big Brother After Dark - **cough cough** Psycho Roommate ***cough cough*** 9-19-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Showtime on Tuesday night, and in the wee hours of Wednesday where I live.

This is the final episode of Big Brother After Dark for the BB14 season.  The season finale will air tomorrow night on CBS, where one of the Final Three will win $500,000, as voted by the Jury.

Final Three = Danielle + Dan + Ian

Jury = Ashley + Britney + Frank + Joe + Jenn + Shane + _______ (one of the Final Three)


1. The show opens with a shot of the dining table, where Dan and Danielle are immersed in a game of Rummy.  I don't understand the rules of this game, but apparently if another player wins, the other players are penalized based on the point value of their cards.  The BB house guests use small candies as currency, and the candies move around into different bowls based on the circumstances.

Danielle and Dan are joking and teasing while they play. They appear to all be in good moods.  Ian sits nearby.  They are all drinking Bud Light Lime in longneck bottles.  I heard Ian say earlier today that they had nine beers in the fridge (!).   He drank one in the hammock earlier today, so they have at least eight beers to drink, and maybe even a few more if there was another delivery this evening.

Dan says he can't believe that they are on TV right now.  Ian agrees...who would watch this?  Dan hopes that the three of them are not responsible for having BBAD cancelled after this year.  Even though he suspects there is no audience, Dan gives us all a plug for his website.  ABC, that is Dan, just like Glengarry Glen Ross. (Always be Closing.)

Sometimes when the house guests drink, there is a definite goal to get drunk.  That feeling is not there tonight--I think there are too many worries about tomorrow, and the threat and opportunity of having to address the Jury and millions of home viewers on the live show.  Lots of pressure.  A lot at stake.

Dan wins the Rummy game and left Danielle with a handful of cards.  Dan as usual is flaunting the BB rules by singing or rapping frequently.  Tonight he is "singing" about a "crotch party" and this is apparently a reference to some movie.  (Stepbrothers?)  Danielle discusses the movies that were available during Sequester and Ian is kicking himself for not watching them.  He mentions that Office Space was one of the movies, and he wishes he had watched it.  Dan asks him what he did in sequester to pass the time and Ian doesn't know how he got through it.

(I heard Mike Boogie say that Ian only brought "a book" with him to sequester.  He couldn't believe it either.)

They plan their drinking for the evening.  The guys are ready for another round, but Dan says they should save the Bud Light Limes for Danielle, since that is the only beer that she will drink.  Ian jokes about her high-end taste, but Danielle has made no secret of her hatred for beer all summer.  I'm sure if she could be trusted to handle her consumption, BB might have given them a bottle of wine.  But Production doesn't have the time to baby sit the house guests who overdose on booze tonight.

2. Dan is continually reprimanded by BB for his "singing".  At one point the cameras switch to a new view--a zen sand garden that I think may be upstairs in the loft near the chess board.  There is food and the Corn Flakes box with the Fierce Five on it nearby.  And there is sand slopped over the side of the little box, and probably spilling on the floor.  So much for zen.

Dan wonders if they should start singing the David Letterman theme song, since that is a CBS show and it should be okay. Ian recalls that Dan used to sing the theme song for The Price is Right during BB10 and Dan is amazed that he remembers this.  (Me too.)  Dan starts humming it now and BB doesn't like it.  Ian and Dan start singing a song that Mike Boogie apparently made up about Cups and Plates ("A cup for you, a cup for me, cups and plates and plates for you...") and BB doesn't like that either.

Ian: But it's an original song!

Dan starts humming the Price is Right theme again and BB says "HEY!  I SAID TO STOP THAT!!!"

(ha ha ha)

They have a coffee cup that is covered with nail polish and labeled as the Rummy Cup.  There are hashmarks on the side that indicate the winning statistics.  Dan uses blue to put a slash through four hashes.  He's winning.

Ian wants to know if they are allowed to watch TV tomorrow night.

Dan:  You're not going to be watching TV tomorrow night...

Ian:  But after, like at 4:00 am in the hotel...

Dan:  You're going to be in a hotel with security, but yeah you can watch...

Dan catches himself and his error, looking nervously around and saying whoever wins will have to be in the hotel with security, and maybe all three of them, "if they have to do press".

Ian:  Does the winner have to do press?

BB:  You are NOT allowed to talk about Production!

Dan continues to do damage control by saying that it depends on who the public likes---maybe all of the press will just be for Danielle and Shane.  Danielle looks at him and purses her lips.  Ian wants her to discuss exactly what she heard about the cast popularity when she left the house to hobnob with the Fierce Five.

Ian:  Now that it's just us....can you tell us?

Danielle:'s just what I already told you..

Ian:  About Frank?  About him being disliked?

She nods.  Dan wants to know why Frank was disliked.

Danielle:  They didn't say that.  They just said that they like all of us.  They've been watchin'...they like the QP.

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3.  Dan keeps bringing this up, wanting Danielle to have full disclosure.  Ian is ready for another beer and pops open a Bud Light can.  Dan has another winning Rummy hand, but Danielle argues that she thinks she has enough points to win.  They count, and she doesn't.  You can tell that Ian is getting buzzed by his demeanor and conversation.

Ian, imitating Wil:  Rumors!  Lies!  Allegations!  Final eleven deals!

They all laugh about that and Ian says the Final 11 deal comment was the funniest ever.  He says if you look at the top of the bathroom door someone wrote or scratched "LIES!" at the top and they all snicker.  Ian says one TV show that really "got played out" was Roseanne.  Dan and Danielle are busy playing cards and don't answer.

Ian:  That was really fun today.  Do you think we'll get to keep those snuggies?

Dan says no.  Ian says they have the CBS logo on them--they should get to keep them.  Dan says he can buy one in the CBS gift shop or online.  They had to do some sort of press this morning that they got all dressed up for.  I guess they all wore snuggies.  I'm sure we will learn more later.

Ian is getting loud and I can tell Dan is irritated.  Ian wanders over to the memory wall and talks about how much it would suck if "he" was still here. I think he was referring to Willie Hantz.  When Dan just won another hand of cards, he took at look at the cards Danielle was holding and said she was "sandbagging", but then changed this to "saline bagging".

Danielle acts irritated at this, and says they are silicone, so if he wants to be accurate, he should say "silicone bagging".  He won't say this of course, and says he wasn't talking about that, but that she "just put herself on blast".    He keeps on with this line of teasing, and points out to the Showtime viewers that Danielle's bowl of candy is a negative score, but his is positive, so the spread is really huge.

Dan shuffles the deck and cuts the cards.  He tells Danielle to "milk her beer".

Danielle:  Don't you mean nurse it?

Dan:  No pun intended.

Now they discuss saline vs. silicone.  Dan is being very glib and chatty, interrupting her words to correct and tease her, and to make comments to us.  I think he feels free to be himself now, instead of talking down to everybody.  He points out that by this time tomorrow, they will be "finishing up press".

4.  Now we see Ian alone in the backyard, swinging on his hammock and mumbling.  He's talking and whispering to himself, even though no one is out there but him.  He's drinking his beer.  Swinging under the influence.  SUI.

Ian:  You assumed....

Now back to the card game, where it looks like Dan is winning again.  Dan mentions something about Ian winning a POV via Pandora's Box.

Danielle:  I don't know, but I'm tired of him walkin' around the house with that cup.  Mini Frank is what I'm callin' him now..

Dan lays down another winning hand and says this is what he calls Mini Frank.  He is cocky about his Rummy-playing skills, but Danielle says this is better then him being so salty.  Dan says that she invaded his space when he was trying to rest, and that is why he was salty with her.

He shuffles the cards and Danielle tells him to stop "looking at the shuffle" and he lets her cut the cards.  She is still only half-a-beer down and is wasting precious alcohol, in my opinion.  Dan sings about "Showtime in the city..." and the cameras change to a view of Ian in the backyard, swinging and chewing his fingernails.  He has finished his can of beer and is swinging empty-handed.

5. Oh now Ian is making some truly horrible sounds with his mouth.  It sounds like he is singing and quacking at the same time, but in a very wet manner, if that makes sense.  Finally the camera can't take anymore, either, and we go back to the card game.

Dan is already smirking to Danielle about the hand he has dealt himself and taps a card on the table, pondering his hand.  Dan wonders where the seven of spades is, and holds a card up to his forehead and mentions "career suicide" before laying it down.

I know my readers would like to know about the status of Danielle's skin at this point. She is wearing her make up tonight, so there are no highly visible eruptions, although her Third Eye is somewhat visible through the Showtime lenses.

Dan:  I'm going to the bathroom.  Wake me when September ends.

After the commercial break, Dan is back in action at the card table.  He left his cards face down on the table when he left, by the way, trusting Danielle not to peek.  I think he would still manage to beat her, even if she did look, right?

Dan says "turtle power"  and lays down his cards.  (Is that a saying popularized by the Mighty Ninja Turtles?)  He soundly beat Danielle again and uses the blue nail polish to add another mark to the Rummy Cup.

6.  Dan opens a candy bar---I think it might be a Three Muskateers bar, which is surely one of the grossest candy bars around.  (Dan has said that Almond Joy's are his favorite candy bars, so we are not on the same page AT ALL as far as that goes.)

Dan has quite a sweet tooth and is always jonesing for chocolate or other sweets.  Danielle says she is not going to have another beer and won't be getting a buzz.  Dan is long overdue for another but seems to be taking it slow, as well.

He offers Danielle some of his Almond Joy (so that's what it is) and she says no and he shushes her when she mentions how nasty that candy bar is.  She says she is depressed and asks him what he thinks it will be like going home.

Danielle:  Do you think I should, will Trey like.....since there wasn't

Dan, shuffling and looking annoyed:  Look. You've got to make a decision.  You have to choose Shane or Trey, right now....

Danielle:  Oh my gosh.

Now she says how nice it will be to have a conversation with Shane and not have to worry about "every single person" on the live feeds.

Dan:  I'll tell you what I'd do....I'd test the waters before I voted someone out...but I might wait until after the weekend,'s your perogative.

Danielle:  You're right.  Good thinking.

They smirk at each other.  I think he just told her to take Shane for a test drive first.

7. Danielle points out that unlike Ian, she has "a real career".  Dan says Ian will have a career, but then Danielle bites back that is different.  Danielle goes through the litany of reasons why she is so busy, with a full time job, two schools, blah blah blah..

Dan:  Do you get a cookie for that?

She keeps going on and on and he asks her if they distribute cookies for that, too.   Oh now it's time for Trey again.

Danielle:  The more I talk about him, he might get creeped out, because we weren't anything at all, do you think, for real, do you think he is?

Dan:  It depends on how much he liked you.  If he really likes you, or...

Danielle:  Well, he invited me to go rafting with his two nieces, and to meet his family and like, hang out..

Dan:  Was this before or after you kissed Shane?

Danielle:  Are you serious right now Dan?

Dan grins and keeps playing cards.

Danielle:  His best friends were there right before I came in, and they were all at the lake, and I heard his best friend tell him something like she's a keeper, and that's when..

Dan:  You kissed Shane?

Danielle gets angry and says she is trying to have a serious conversation with Dan right now.

Dan:  I know, but that was four months ago!

Danielle:  Yeah, so do you think I'm just wasting my time worrying about it?

Dan:  Just send him a quick text and see what he says.

Dan decides he needs another drink at this point, and he brings Danielle another one,  She protests, but he says it is their last night and he's never had drinks with her....she always get wasted.  He brings her over another bottle of Bud Light Lime and he is drinking a Coors Khaki can.  He tells her that the weekend is going to go by so fast, with the wrap party, and the interviews.  The subject of being friends cropped up, and Dan said "once you get married..." and the cameras change to Ian rocking and squeaking in the backyard.

(I'm sure they will mention how many hours Ian spent rocking this summer tonight on the Finale.  You know they just have to mention it.)

8.  After commercial, Danielle is telling Dan how much she is looking forward to meeting Chelsea and I sense some 'tude from Dan about that.  Danielle is defensive, saying she wants to put a face....and a body to the name.  (I don't think Dan even wants her to say Chelsea's name at this point.)

Dan is focused on his cards, laying them down and counting his points.  They move the candy bars from one pile to another accordingly.  (I would palm one of the Special Dark bars...)  Dan finishes his Almond Joy.

Dan:  When you first saw this shirt, did you think I was being cocky?  (the Dearborn's Finest shirt)

She says no, that she knows it is the Police Department. He wonders if anyone else thought it was cocky, and then says "it doesn't matter, what's the point".  (Now THAT is cocky.)

Danielle, shuffling the deck:  If you had to describe me to somebody, how would you do it?

Dan, mumbling very fast:  PSYCHO ROOMMATE

(OMG  ha ha ha ha)

Danielle didn't catch that, but looks up sharply, repeating the question.

Dan:  Fun, from Alabama.

She laughs and says that's all you would say?  He repeats it, but adds sweet to the beginning of it.   She's "sweet, fun and from Alabama".  He wants to know how she would describe him.  She goes on and on about how he is charasmatic, a great person, etc.

He lets that sink in, and then says thanks, that is nice.  And then he repeats that he would say she was a sweet girl from Alabama, and then cackles wickedly.

(Dan is so over this situation.  So very over it.)

They continue the game and Dan says he knows Danielle is holding two aces, and would bet $500,000 on it.  And she does.  Dan clears the table and announces he is back in business again, putting more candy bars in front of him, all in neat rows.

Dan:  So, are you going to tell me what those people said?

Danielle:  I told you.  They like me and Ian and Shane.  Well, they said Shane was hot.

She leaves the room and Dan sits alone, shuffling.  He has moved his headband from his forehead to directly on his head, like he is getting ready for a facial or something.  That look kind of disturbs me.  Dan is very pale now, and said the other day that he has lost 25 pounds this summer.

9.  Danielle is back from the WC and Dan starts to deal what he says is the last Rummy game of the summer.

Danielle:  Hit me.

She says something about staying in touch, and Dan tells her "there is always Twitter".  She is annoyed by that and says "it is a social networking site" and Dan says he is "on it 24/7".    Danielle seems to have envisioned this last evening differently, and keeps telling Dan to settle down, stop making so many jokes, stop making noises....

Ian comes in and Dan perks up, relieved.  He asks Ian what he has been singing to keep getting in trouble and Ian says the Duck Tales song.  (I guess that would explain what I heard earlier..)

Ian gives a shout out to his friends, and says that there isn't much else for the cameras to see, so he can get away with that.  BB tells him that is NOT the case and not to talk about Production.  Ian is rooting around in the fridge and finds leftover cookies that they baked last night.  They were on a plate in there, not even covered up but I guess that is better than leaving them out.

Dan admits he put the plate in there last night, and they seem impressed with Dan's gumption and ingenuity.

10.  The card game goes on, but the Showtime screen totally blacked out for a few seconds.  Totally black.  We'll say 5 seconds.  I thought something went wrong with my TV set, but then the card game popped up again.

After commercial Dan says "can you believe this is our last night?"  He is wearing his filthy flowered shorts tonight, and setting his dirty butt all over the furniture.

(And he lived with April and Ollie, too, so just ponder on that for a moment.  When I say they are dirty, I am saying that Dan has NEVER washed them.)

Danielle deals the cards and Dan says this is the last hand in the house.  We see Ian again.  He has scurried back out to the hammock and is talking and chewing his hands again.  He is wearing a black pair of sunglasses on his head and it occurs to me that we haven't seen much of those sunglasses he bragged about bringing into the house.  He said he had so many in all colors, but I didn't see them that much.  I know he gave a pair to Mike as Mike was evicted from the house.

I guess the Rummy game is over already, because they are saying that it was a good series, and Dan is putting the nail polish on the cup, with the date and the scores.  Danielle looks at the Bud Light Lime label and is giving us all advice about what protein, carbohydrates and fat do for us, and how we can lose weight.

All of sudden, Dan says he has a new game for her.  He shuffles the cards and says it is called, Will You Win Brother...she has one shot..choose red or black.  She says black and Dan throws the top card off and it is the four of diamonds.

Dan:  Sorry.

And he gets up and  walks away, leaving a stunned Danielle in his wake.

Danielle:  Why did you do that to me?  That is so mean!

He comes back and says What?

Dan:  You've never done that before?   Look, here, does Shane want to have a relationship with you or not?  Red or black?

Danielle:  You choose.

Dan:  OK, black.

He flips the card over, and I'm pretty sure it was red.

Dan:  He doesn't want to have a relationship with you.

Danielle:  I fucking hate this game!  It's so mean!  To make somebody that's like.....I asked you not to joke about one thing!

Dan:  So now you're mad because of a card trick.

Danielle:  I'd rather you talk about my silicone boobs or something.

Dan tells her to update the cup with her hashtags----if Dan won the series "fair and square" he'll take the cup home.  Dan goes outside and then Ian comes in to get another beer, this time a can of MGD.

11.  When we go back outside with Ian and his beer Dan is saying "on the reg" very loud outside.   Dan says he doesn't remember the last night of BB10, but he remembers this one.   He says that they'll never be under the same roof drinking beer together again.

Ian mentions "Quackation" and Dan says that there will be other people there though too, it won't be just the three of them.  Dan announces that they will all go their separate ways and they will never see each other again.

Ian:  Except for Quackation.

Dan asks Ian how he would describe Danielle.  (OMG Dan is evil!)

Ian, turning towards her:  I would say sweet, very beautiful, extremely kind girl.  No problems, but definitely gave me a different outlook on young women...

Danielle:  Awww...hopefully in a good way.

Ian: Of course.  Is this the "sit around and say nice things about each other game?"

Danielle says that he won't hear anything nice about her.  Dan tells Ian that he said Danielle was from Alabama and chuckles.  Then he says "sweet and fun" over a few times as we go to commericial.  Ian wants to talk about the Quack Pack--what was Dan's favorite thing about it?

Dan liked that they would meet up there late at night and make fun of everyone.  Ian says that is a solid answer.  Danielle likes that they all got along so well, they didn't have "a Frank" in their group.  Ian says that even after they lost Britney, they just snapped back together and "steamrolled".

(Uh...Dan wanted to evict Ian on the live show, and then wanted Shane out, but then settled for Joe, a decision I know he is still kicking himself for.)

12. Danielle asks about the Finale, does the Jury see the segment about what's been going on?  Or do they come back later.  Dan says they will come out from the side of the house, and then they will go backstage.   After the final Juror is voted out, they will bring the Jury back out to see who just got evicted.

Dan says that the BB10 Jury wasn't thrilled to see Jerry when he joined them--Dan says he was ostracized.  Ian says that is because "he was old as shit" and Dan doesn't see what that has to do with anything.  He asks Ian his favorite Quack Pack moment.  Ian says when he founded it---that was pretty cash.  And the fact that they said they don't nominate each other, they don't vote each other out.  Dan stares at him when he says that, with little expression.  Ian adds that he also liked the dog suit.

He asks Danielle what her favorite Quack Pack moment.  Danielle says the five of them always tried to get a picture together, but they never could.

Dan:  We will tomorrow...the good lord willing!

Ian laughs and says Britney is going to be the worst. Dan disagrees and says he thinks Shane would be the most bitter.  Danielle makes a dismissive hand motion when Dan says this. Ian says that Britney was his favorite, and they were just tight.  Dan likes her better than he did after he saw her on BB12.

Ian:  We would just get together and talk bad about everyone.  Like we would say we hated Frank, and that he stunk and needed to use deodorant.

Dan:  How come he stinks?  Did he know that he needed deodorant?

Danielle tells him that Frank didn't want the chemicals near his body.  Dan says that he could have used the natural stuff, and that it would have been fine.  Ian doesn't know, and says "search me" twice.  Dan wonders why underarms stink?  Danielle says because it is a crevice.  Dan says that is the first time that anyone has ever used that word in the BB house.

13. Dan says that Ian is worrying about how he's going to make a move on Kristin tomorrow.  Ian nods his head and says he is, and he is going to make a move.  He's been waiting years for this, since BB12.  Dan says she knows who you are now Ian...

Ian mentions that "today" Frank said "can't blame a guy for trying".  And then they discuss Frank and Mike Boogie cheating three times between them in this game.  Ian says they cheated twice in the Candy Counter competition.

Dan:  You know something is up when they take 45 minutes to reach a conclusion...

Ian reports that "they" came back and said Frank was disqualified.  This was the competition when he spoke aloud and was disqualified.

(So I guess they taped something with the Jury today?)

Danielle goes inside and they discuss how they are going to "exchange the collateral" tonight. Dan and Memphis exchanged collateral, too, and that is where Dan got the idea.  He says that he and Memphis were the final two for several days and it was easy to exchange.  Dan doesn't want to do it in front of Danielle.

He says that after the Finale things are going to be crazy, and they won't see each other.  Ian says they should put the stuff in their bags and they can exchange right after they walk her to the door.  Snakie is in his bag, too, he says.

Dan just wants it to be over, so they can relax.  Ian is glad to hear that he is "somewhat liked" on the outside.  He says that "someone" said they usually don't do this, but they want an autographed picture of him for his niece, because she likes him.

Dan:  Someone?  The wizard?

Ian nods and says not to worry about it.  He says needs the money so badly, and even $50,000 is going to make a huge difference in his life.  Dan thinks that their families are probably spending time together right now.

14.  Ian says he can't believe he basically outlasted everyone who was on the front steps on that first day.  He knew that they were only 12 outside, but remembers that he saw the promo that said they would have the most house guests ever.

Dan thought there would be 17 house guests, and that the one who didn't get picked would go home straight away.  If he didn't get a chance to talk with them, and had to pick sight alone, he would not have picked Ian.  But he says once he spoke to him, he saw he was different.  Ian repeats what Mike Boogie said about him---he has a good table read, which is poker terminology.

Ian talks about the Survivor challenges he and his brother created at home.  He did a pretend endurance competition, and also had his brother create a game for him to play, but he didn't tell him why, saying it might make sense later.

Dan:  You didn't tell him you were going to be on here?

Ian:  No...

Dan:  Not your dad...not your brother...what the fuck?

Ian thinks his brother would have told his friends, and wanted to be careful, just in case.  He told a few friends, whom he knew would keep it quiet.  His friend Hank said it was unbelievable, and that Ian is a "pathological liar".  (I think Hank is one of Ian's gay friends, from the imitation he just did.)  He says his professor knew, since they used his lab to film his intro video.  As he discusses the professors reaction,  the cameras change.

We see Danielle, who goes into storage to get something, maybe some medication.  The cabinet doors were all open.  It seemed unorganized and messy.  Danielle goes back to the bathroom sofa and is looking at a package or business card.  A label from something, most likely.  She gets out nail polish and is polishing her toes, I think.

15. Outside Ian says that when the audience gasped in the live show, Ashley thought they were booing, and Ian told her that the audience never boos.  They just gasped in shock.  Dan points to one of the cameras and wonders if those shots are ever used.  Ian tells him that his dad has a fake camera installed in their yard to look threatening.

They have a security camera in their house that is like spy screen.  It is hooked up to a TV in the backyard  and it is a motion detector. Their neighbor sets it off when she comes home and then she cranks up music really loud and they hear that too. Dan asks what kind of music, and if guys come over.  Ian slowly shakes his head, and Dan says...oh...okay.

Now we're back to Danielle, who is looking at herself up close in the bathroom mirror.  Oh dear, after commercial break the Showtime cameras are giving us the super close up of Danielle putting cream on her face.  Something is going very wrong on her forehead, a half inch below her hair line.  Three rough looking spots.   Oooo that is bad.

She finished drinking something dark, gulping it quickly like it was medicine.  (I thought she couldn't drink dark liquids?)

Oh, outside Ian is talking about how Ashley was giving him little back massages, and drawing hearts on his back with her hands, all the while carrying on with Frank behind his back.

Ian:  She knew I was young and impressionable...shame on her!

16.  Now Dan talks about when Frank came up to the HoH and heard them making fun of Mike Boogie and was nearly in tears, saying how could they clown Mike the night before he was going home.  Ian says that he was outside with Ashley, and he felt awful about it.  It was his worst day in the house, and he worried about it all day.  He was going to hide his vote and blame it on Ashley.

(Does he think he did that?  After the scene he made at the back door?)

Then he said he didn't want to win HoH, he wanted some other Quack Packer to win and evict Frank.  He claims he did not want to win.  Then he talks about how Frank won the Shamrock POV and yelled "You think you can get rid of me and Boogie on the same night?  Give me that", and grabbed the POV out of Ian's hands.

Dan says that Frank has some good Rachel-esque moments in the game, and will probably be back to play.  Dan isn't sure Frank can turn the corner like Rachel did, though.  Danielle pokes her head out to say good night, and Dan calls her over to talk to Ian about the night that Frank got upset about what they said about Mike Boogie.

Danielle remembers this night, and describes what Frank said.  She claims that Frank had been crying, but Ian corrects her and says he was the one that was crying.  Danielle has "whitening strips" on her teeth now, and her voice sounds funny.  (That is the package she was reading...)

Now Dan tells them when Mike pulled him in the storage room one last time to ask for a vote but he had to tell him no.  Danielle says Mike's pride was way too big.  Ian says he felt sorry for him as he left, but Danielle says not to, that he bullied her.  Dan wants to know more about this.  She says that he pulled her into the Arcade minutes before the live show started to tell her that he had a magic power that had to do with the box with the question mark on it. He called her Nurse Murphree and Dan just can't get over it.  Ian tells them this was Mike Boogie's Hail Mary and he was just trying to do some last minute campaigning, and was guessing about Danielle's profession.

Ian still doesn't know the truth yet about Danielle, so it is funny to hear the three of them discuss Mike's accusation.  Dan is fascinated that Mike figured it out, and they mention what Mike said during BB7 to Chicken George.  Mike told him that he won a special power in the house, and warned George not to get on the wrong side of it.

Danielle wants to go back and watch BB2 and they tell her how cheesy it is, and that the challenge would be to make a sandwich and eat it.  Danielle can't believe she had to fly through the air and they just to to do it that easily.  Now they crack up over the old food competitions, and how cheesy everything is.  (It was.)

Danielle:  I think I'm fixin' to go to bed.  I'm tired.

Dan:  You're fixin' to?  Or you're going to..

As the show ends Danielle is talking about her whitening strip, what it's make of, and when she will remove them, when the whitening process is complete.

**And with that, the BBAD season ends.***

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  1. I'm reposting my comment because this is where it belongs...

    During this episode of BB After Dark, while Danielle was looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, she said out loud: "I'm breaking out so bad".

    I responded (also speaking out loud to the TV): "You don't have to break out... you're gonna be sent home tomorrow!"


    Tonight's the night!


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