Monday, September 3, 2012

BB Labor Day Celebration #BB14

Frank has been saying all day that he thinks BB should give them a couple of cases of beer for the holiday weekend.  All of their work has been done this week, and he thinks they should be able to do some daytime drinking.

He told Joe to go in there to the DR and "aim high" and ask for two cases.  But so far, no such luck. 

Dan came out of the house with and American flag and paraded around the backyard with it while everyone cheered and some thanked the troops.

Dan was trying not to let the flag touch the ground, and asked if that would breaking a law or something.
Jenn said no, it wouldn't be breaking the law, but it would considered freedom of speech.  She said that if someone defaced the flag they could get a "free beat down" from her, though.

Joe grilled out today, and brought the food inside the house, where everyone gathered to load up their plates, except for Jenn and Dan.  Jenn can't eat, of course, so she is outside splashing in the pool.  Dan is fiddling with a piece of string, trying to create a way to fly the flag outside.

Well, they certainly aren't celebrating Meatless Monday in the Big Brother house this year.

I don't know how Frank can stand his hair in his face like that.   It drives me crazy, just looking at it.

The bowl is full of something from Ian's HOH basket.  Is it Rice a Roni or Ramen noodles?   I don't know, but Shane asked him if seeing that was taking him back to college.

Another view of the dead animals meat.

Here's Frank saying grace over his food.  I guess the food he just ate by hand standing up in the kitchen doesn't count.


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