Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Day of Starvation for Jenn #BB14

and she is the first one to drag ass out of bed today.  I'm sure she knows she will be nominated today.

Danielle got up, and then got back in bed with Shane.

How great would it be if Jenn started talking to us now?  Maybe tells us a few exciting concert tour stories.  I saw those You Tube videos---Suicide City had fans lined up around the block to see Jenn play.  I think she even made appearances at Guitar Centers in the US and Europe to sign bass guitars.

Tell us some trash Jenn!


Big Brother asks her to put down the shades on the windows.  She says yes and laughs a little when Big Brother thanks her.  This was Mike Boogie's daily job..and then Frank's.  I guess it will be Jenn's job this week.

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