Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Day of Starvation for Jenn #BB14

and she sits quietly at the dining table with her protein shake and Ian Terry's playtoys.

If Frank wins the POV, Jenn may need to worry about eviction on Thursday.  I think Joe would be the replacement nomination, though, so that might just save her ass.  I don't think Danielle would vote her out, and I would hope Dan Gheesling would extend her the same courtesy, after what she did for him last week.

Production keeps telling Frank & Co. to STFU about Production.  Frank says they are probably the only conversational action in the house, and they keep talking about forbidden topics.

Danielle, Frank and Shane are talking about how hopeless Joe was with that hula hoop.  Frank said he never did get it going for more than one rotation.

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