Thursday, September 6, 2012

And We're Back #BB14

and there is more whispering, whispering, and WHISPERING!  It is driving me crazy.

Ian seems to forgive Dan.   Dan says he took it better than Memphis did, when he put him up.  Ian wears his snake like a scarf and they shake hands, doing the "Renegade shake".

 Here's Dan finishing up his little gunshot thing at the end of the handshake.

Dan's wheels turn after Ian leaves.  Thou art a liar, Dan.  But you're going to get away with it.  Again. Damn.

Danielle stands around.  Who will she flaunt herself in front of now Joe is gone?   Who will discuss her cleavage now that Joe is gone?   Can she still complain about Frank now that he is gone?  What does Trey think about all of this?  Is he watchin'?

These thoughts, and more go through Danielle's mind.

The camera operators shoot her.  It is their job.

Ian reported that Jenn was crying, because she lost two friends tonight.  Frank and Joe.

Ian:  She really wanted my ass out...I know that!

(I'm sure she would have preferred that to Danielle or Joe leaving.  Who is going to mix up her Slopcakes?)

I'll bet her friends are freaking out.  I don't think Jenn ever really watched the show before casting, but she has a few friends who are fans.

The feeds are very choppy.  Dan and Danielle meet in the bedroom and whisper, of course.

Jenn starts doing dishes.  There are a lot of dishes in the sink, actually.  I'll bet Joe is glad he didn't do them.  I'll bet Joe is smoking a big cigarette right now, chatting with Dr. Zachary.

 Dan's wheels are turning.  Everything has changed.  And nothing has changed, and that is not a good thing either.

Dan has a made for TV moment.

 My live feeds keep freezing. 

I miss Frank.  And Ted.

Frank for America's Choice, Son.


  1. Frank deserves America's Choice! Great interview with Chenbot. It seemed like she really felt for him.

  2. Abso-friggin-lutely!!!!! I love Frank even more after the way he handled himself in that interview.

  3. Ahhh.. Danielle... so funny, dude! Poor dumb Frank tried so hard to win her over at the last minute, but he clearly doesn't speak 23-year-old girl. When they were talking about weight, she fished SO HARD for compliments and he didn't bite! FRANK! You were supposed to say, oh, no, Danielle, you are so gorgeous just the way you are! You wouldn't want to lose any weight! In fact, you might be a little underweight! But no... silly Frank thought they were just bonding over how hard it is to not get fat. When she said she had been anorexic, but OBVIOUSLY she isn't anymore, he just sat there listening. He's a great listener. But when he didn't immediately tell her how perfect she is right now, she knew that meant he agrees that she is a total heifer. 23-year-old women are idiots. I can say this because I once was one. Pretty sure I was a little less desperate for attention (okay, A LOT less), but then again my parents didn't put me in pageants when I was 3.
    I'm sure Trey is TOTALLY jealous that pretty-boy Shane has stolen his woman. Ahhh, poor Trey. HE might actually want to get a restraining order.

  4. I don't think Frank could have said anything to Danielle that would have saved him. If he complimented her figure, she would have only told everyone how he was hitting on her, and wanted to "get with her".

    One thing I've learned in life: You can't argue with Crazy.

    And Dan wanted Frank out. And Dan has been running the game for awhile now.


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