Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Stirring Tribute to Danielle Gump #BB14

A very clever poster at Jokers Updates has been keeping a list of all of Danielle's trials and tribulations.   She has experienced so much in her young life, it really is incredible.

I guarantee at least three hearty laughs if you visit this link.  Thanks Gorf!  And thank you Danielle for sharing....


  1. RE: * She was beaten as a child
    * She had an alcoholic father
    * She had a possessed father
    * She talked to her dad and the last thing he said to her was she was going to hell

    It's kind of sad; I was on twitter and someone found Danielle's father's facebook page (Daniel Murphree). He just put up a picture of him and Danielle on 9/4 and there are all these comments about him being a proud daddy. Poor guy.

  2. Hi there Feed Watcher,

    Often you mention links which don't show up for me. The link to the list you refer to on this page is another example of a missing link.

    In the After Dark recaps you also include a little message which says something to the effect that the posting continues below following a break or a gap, and yet there is never a gap for me. The text just continues.

    So it seems like some of us are not seeing all the same things on these pages. I am in Canada, so perhaps that may have something to do with it.

  3. I think it must be Canada...you are missing a funny list unfortunately.

    For example, Danielle's family almost gave her to the gypsies!

  4. But how are you putting the link on this page that it would not be showing up? Are you not placing a regular HTML link? I can see most things in Canada. What are you doing differently than a usual link?


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