Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You Can't Hide from Dingo.... #BB14

The sharp eyes of Dingo over at HamsterWatch have been watching Joe verrrrryyy closely.  And he's seen Joe put a few forbidden things in his mouth this week.

If Production wants to keep Frank (and I think Production wants to keep Frank) this could be a problem....

Jen Johnson got a penalty vote on BB8, after she was warned by Production to stop eating.  Her eating was intentional--she knew she was headed out of the door that week.  She ate several turkey burgers and an apple after a fight with Evel Dick, a great night on Showtime.

Jeff Schroeder got an extra day added to his Have Not week during BB11 because he drank some Gatorade without realizing it.  I don't recall knowing anything about this until Jeff mentioned it on the live feeds.

And Enzo Palumbo snuck cubes of cheese and other goodies inside his penguin suit numerous times during BB12.  Nothing happened to Enzo.  I guess no one cared.  About Enzo, or about BB12.

So, I guess Production can do whatever they want to do with this information.  As they say, they can "check the tape".  How great would it be if they showed the tape live on Thursday night and Joe found out he lost a vote then?


Thanks Dingo.

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