Friday, August 3, 2012

Wil Just Freaked Out #BB14

and I think he was shrieking that there was an iguana near him.

Dan and a few others jumped up to take a look.  Hopefully they would help him out with the lizard so he doesn't have to jump off.

Turns out it is moth.  (?)  Wil makes a joke about the Hunger Games.

Mike is muttering that he got "10 warnings and lost 5 points".  Frank wants to get in the DR and bitch about this.

No one is being allowed to go in the house and they are very antsy.  Mike thinks they are changing the beds around since it is "a new game now".

They are talking about Janelle's left elbow--whatever she is doing is against the rules, they feel.  I think you aren't allowed to "lock your elbows".  Lots of complaints from Loserville on the sidelines.

The boat is creaking in a way that might sound nice if you are on the deck with champagne, but is hell to the HG hanging from the side.

Dan is still trying to boss Danielle, telling her if she makes it to Final Three she gets some sort of Coach's Speech from him.

Danielle should tell him to Fuck Off, but she doesn't.

They are all pissed about the rule breakers---Janelle and Danielle keep getting warned about their elbows, and Wil isn't facing forward.

Mike:  Is this for real or not?  Is it a rule or not?

Joe: It's not a rule, it's a safety option.

Mike yells for Ian to use his elbows---everybody else is.

Mike:  This is not a time to say Sorry BB---if you need to do it and it helps you, do it.  Everybody else is.

The showers start again.  Frank encouranges Shane, then Wil and right on down the line.

Mike:  Asskisser!

Frank:  It's a new game!

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