Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wil is Screwing Up #BB14

They just finished the POV player pick, and Frank and Mike are discussing Wil's shitty attitude.  Mike tried to clap and act like he was hyped but Wil wouldn't even look at him.

Frank:  His attitude is even worse than it was yesterday.

They plan to push that Wil is much more likely to win HOH than Joe is.  They are sure that Wil is coming after him because of the way he is acting.  Mike points out how pissy Wil was yesterday after the Have Not competition, when he was one of the winners---Mike handed him a green bandana before it started.

Mike:  We don't even need to tell Jenn what to do...we can just vote with our team.

Here are the players for the POV:  Britney, Shane, Jenn, Ashley, Wil , Mike and Joe.  I think there are seven players this week since Shane used his POV ticket to play. 

Frank:  I wouldn't mind if it's a tie, and I can say "get the fuck out, son".

Mike:  You can be real sassy with it, too.

Frank:  After it was over he was huggin' everybody and he wouldn't even hug me...I was like OK son.

Mike:  And that face....

Mike is pissed that Joe picked him as house guest choice.  He says it is so stupid for him to put there little arrangement on shout like that.   They want to "leave Joe on the ropes all week" and then tell him on Thursday so they can "own him".

Mike:  You know, I love all of these bad players.  It is just going to make it easier for us. It's BB14--and these people don't know how to play.  Even Ian....he's a BB historian, but he doesn't know how to play.

They chat about Danielle and her two personalities.  Mike thinks she is good to have around, except for her winning endurances.  Frank said it was made for her, but thinks Britney or Ian could have hung in there and won.

Mike wants to keep pushing with the rest of the Silent Six that Wil has a shitty attitude and knows about their alliance.  They need to be sure everyone keeps thinking about it.

Frank:  It would be great if it were a fucking double eviction, and they could both just go...

Frank asked him if he's getting "bromance" questions in the DR and we get FISH.

Now Mike and Frank talk about Janelle at home watching the feeds and make smart comments.

Mike:  Now you can leave your fucking cotton balls on your own counter!

Frank has been saying she always left her flip flops everywhere for him to trip on.

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