Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wil Heuser Takes Aim #BB14

Last week, Wil promised to release a parody of the Big Brother 14 show on Tuesday.  Well, he came through on that promise, but was a day late.

Wil is releasing a trilogy of videos, demonstrating his business acumen.  If he releases one each week, he will be right on time for the season finale, where the subject is sure to come up.  He is so talented, really talented.

I think the people hardest hit here are Danielle, Janelle, and Julie Chen herself.  But maybe Wil will give equal time to the others in the upcoming trilogy segments.

You can keep up with Wil, and see all of his videos, on his website


  1. He does a great Joe and a good Frank, especially.

  2. Yeah. His impression of Frank blinking and saying Preesh was spot on. And he's more like Joe that Joe is, if that makes sense.

    I wonder what his Ashley character will be like? And Ian?


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