Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wi Heuser on Twitter #BB14

If you don't follow Wil yet on Twitter, you might want to fix that today.  He is going to provide a lot of entertainment when all is said and done, and beyond.

For example, it looks like is going to release a new video on Tuesday starring our good friend Chef Joe.   I'll be watching that, Wil.

And he shows us this ladylike picture of his dog Belle, whose life he swore on at least twice in the BB14 house.  And you know I don't even understand that concept.  Love the exposed brick walls in Wil's (parent's) home.  And Belle's a good girl.

Wil reached out to Janelle last Tuesday.  And she responded.  Can't you just feel their friendship blooming?  Or ka-booming, I guess.

Speaking of Janelle, she heard from her old friend (or frenemy) Erika Landin from BB4 and All Stars.  One thing they do have in common now is some serious anger issues with Mike Boogie.  How young does Mike look in that photo?  That was only 7 years ago...


  1. Another great batch of postings!! Ian is totally in the hot seat.... I wonder if Ian really is so compulsive and obsessive that he "has to" rock constantly in the hammock or if that is an act. I thought a bunch of things about Ashley were fake until I saw her roaming around after she lost on the competition on Thursday, to the left to the right back to the left, finally she found a place to sit down. Wow! and how weird was her speech to stay in the house? I think she is a sweetheart type of person who really did not "get it" the whole time. Just my thoughts...

  2. Thanks!

    Supposedly Ian has Aspberger's, or however you spell it. I read somewhere that he exhibits some of the traits, particularly the way he walks on his toes and points his feet outward.

    And I think Julie Chen was really pissed at Ashley. In the house the HG said her dazed exit was embarrassing.


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