Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why is Danielle Crying? #BB14

What is the matter with her?

The HOH contest should be held pretty soon.  We have about 2 hours before Showtime starts, so I think they will hold it very soon.If they don't then it won't be until after Showtime ends.

Ian and Britney had a little celebration in the Arcade.  They agree that was one of the greatest BB shows ever.  At home they both would have been going crazy.  She assures him he'll be okay, he made a big move and it's okay. 

Meanwhile Danielle is boohooing with Jenn on Skid Row.  Britney just came in and I think something must have happened to make Danielle mad at her.  Britney says she needs to talk to her sometime.  Maybe Danielle is mad because Frank pulled Britney and Shane aside during the show.

Oh Jenn is telling Danielle that America probably loves her.  I wonder why Danielle thinks America doesn't love her?  Did she get boo'd?  I don't remember.

Ian wants Pop Tarts in his HOH basket. 

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  1. She was crying all night. She actually said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" to Jenn when talking about Dan going up as a nominee. I don't think she actually knows what that means, kind of like her use of the word touché. She also told both Frank and Jenn that Dan may use the POV to save her instead of himself. No words...


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