Friday, August 17, 2012

Well, Nominations are Over. #BB14

and Mike and Frank are on the block.  They are both in the HOH and they are grilling Shane pretty hard.  He is blaming it on Britney a little, and Frank is getting kind of loud that he could've pulled the trigger on him last week.

Mike points out what is he going to do with $10,000, after taxes.   Shane says everyone tells him Mike and Frank are coming after him.

Mike:  At the end of the day, you're going back to Vermont.  And she's going home to her husband in Oklahoma.  And she's going to take the $500,000 right off your back.

Mike is good at this, sounding friendly but stern.  Insistent.  Frank is letting him talk.

Downstairs in the Arcade Jenn is kind of giggling with Danielle.  She says those guys didn't expect that at all.  They were so chill marching to the table.  And then BAM.


  1. Do you awnser questions i have a couple about the game

    1. I will. I know a lot about the game and what's going on. What's your questions?

    2. Who is you fav player first


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