Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vintage Chilltown from BB7 #BB14

The POV is  underway right now in the BB14 house, and in my quest to procrastinate and waste valuable time I stumbled on a section of video on the SuperPass website that is nostalgic and oddly timely.

There is a section where SuperPass hosts a few excerpts from the live feeds from each Big Brother season.  After Janelle's bombshell admission this week of a showmance with Dr. Will during BB7, I decided to view a few clips that are posted.  (You can read what Janelle said here.)

The clip I watched first was a food competition where the BB7 house guests had to dig large rubber rats out of troughs of slop.  They could not use their hands, and were tied to a partner.  The team with the biggest pile of rats won.  I remember seeing this on the show, but this was one camera feed way up high on the action.  You could barely see who was doing what, but I did hear things like Dr. Will telling Chicken George that he "definitely brought the fucking heat out there".

Mike Boogie talked about this competition this week---he said he ended up with slop deep in his ears that the doctors didn't find until weeks later.  He had a very bad infection from it.  And you might know he has ear infections this week, although I don't know how he got them.

Then there was an excerpt titled Chilltown Game Talk.  Wow.  It is a 6 minute long meeting of Chilltown in the storage room.  They are so excited in this clip--things are going their way and they are celebrating.  They are both buzzed and several interesting topics are discussed, including:

*  Janelle is the HOH and everyone in the house expects her to nominate Mike Boogie.  Wil reports that they were just alone in the back yard and Janelle told him she liked him and wanted to kiss him.  He said, Janelle, don't play with me like this, and she persisted.  He eventually said that "Janelle was Rap City" with a throat-slitting motion which I think means they just made out.

*  Will said they need more alcohol, immediately!

*  They discussed splitting any future prize money two ways.  Will told Mike he is in position to win, and that if they are both nominated Will will just ask them to send him to Jury and he will start promoting Mike's win.  They shake on the plan to split the money.  (Are they allowed to do that?)

*  Will says if Mike wins BB, then they will be a lock for The Amazing Race.  (ha ha ha)

I miss the Evil Dr. Will.

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