Monday, August 13, 2012

Update on Janelle's Chat #BB14

Janelle did a chat today that was moderated by Diana Watt. I have seen Diana on Twitter before--I think she works in the reality media area somewhere.  A tweet went out from Janelle about the chat and off we went...

People were asking questions like crazy and it was wild.  You can see the number of viewers jumped from 218 to 652 in the pictures below---this was less than one minute later.  At one point a bunch of other people got on screen and took it over.  One "user" was even a feed of the live screen at one point.  They had to figure out how to get them off screen and Janelle apologized to one of them by name.  You can see this below.

 Here are a few tidbits that she said that were interesting:

*  Alison and Rich (Producers) were very upset about Janelle leaving and in the Green Room Alison said she was sorry and there was nothing she could do.  She said she knew the timing of the question was bad, but she wanted to know if Janelle would consider doing All Stars.  (She might, but only if certain other people are there too, like Evel Dick and Jeff.)

*  She is eligible for Fan Favorite.  She is aware that Mike Boogie is saying that now that  Janelle is out someone else can win for a change.  But he thinks it is a Jury prize, but the prize is open to Janelle as well.  And I guess anyone else who is home already from the game.

*  Janelle had Violet with her during sequester, and arrangements had been made to have Violet and the nanny stay in an adjacent space if Janelle was on the jury.

*   No one has asked her about being in Pandora's Box, but she is under contract this season and has to go back if she is asked.  (Alison....)

*  Janelle's husband was FURIOUS when he saw that she was getting backdoored, and heard how she was being slandered. He called Alison Grodner and said he was getting on a plane and was coming out there to get her out of the house.  Janelle says there was nothing to prevent him from doing that, but Alison talked him out of it, saying that Janelle would not want him to do that.

*  Porsche told her about Willie getting arrested, and about Ashley's lawsuit.

*  Janelle hasn't watched the CBS episodes yet, but says Willie headbutted Joe 4 time and body slammed him with his shoulder.  Joe had to see a doctor and there were marks all over his face.  Janelle also described the pork rind incident with Willie and said Joe could probably sue Production for his injuries.

*  People have asked her if she thinks Shane is gay or bi and she says he is just not attracted to Danielle and told them that in the house several times.

*  She did not realize how crazy Danielle is, but noted that many of the things she said didn't make sense, and that she would say strange things.  She did not know she was not a teacher until after she was evicted.

*  She did not know Frank's dad is Sid Vicious until her husband told her.  She added that Alison Grodner LOVES wrestlers and brought up Jessie's name.

*  She said anyone who says they don't like Joe's food is just a hater.  His food was delicious and was one of the best things about BB14.

*  Someone asked if DR sessions were scripted. She said that they kind of lead you down a path, and then she paused.  She finally said Yes, the DR sessions were scripted.  But she has refused to say things in there before.

*  When she picked her team, she picked Wil because she saw how funny he was and he seemed well-liked.  She had no idea what a backstabber he would be.  And Ashley was "all over the place".  She wishes she had picked Kara and Ian instead.

*  This year, after they picked all of the POV players, the HOH had to empty the bag of chips on the couch so everyone could see that everybody's name was in there for the picking. 

*  Janelle will not discuss her stipend, but says it is more than Mike Boogie's stipend.

*  She will not be friends with him now, and doesnt' like him bringing Erin Brodie's name into it, to make Erin "feel even worse about her".  She does not talk to Dr. Will anymore.

*  She has said she would like for Boogie to go to Final Two and not win the game because it would burn his ass.  She says it would be funny if Frank won since she told everyone it would happen and they didn't listen to her.

*  When she first left the house she thought Britney only voted her out for game purposes, which is what Britney said in her goodbye video.  But now that she has read about what Britney has said about her, she is not happy about it.  She realizes now that Britney was backstabbing her from the beginning, when Willie was HOH.  She thought she had a Final Two deal with Britney and would never have gone against her in the game.

*  She left the make up in the house for the girls to use the rest of the summer and feels Britney is only giving her Mary Kay website shout outs to suck up to the viewers after screwing Janelle over.

*  Her dog Winnie die not have puppies.  Janelle thought she was pregnant with a litter but found out later that it "didn't take". Joe will have to wait until next year to get one of the puppies.

*  Frank worked out a lot and did not wear deodorant, so she said to imagine how smelly that would be.

That's about all I can remember.  I had to log off a few minutes early to take a call, but the questions were getting very repetitive.  There were a few assholes in the chat room, but it wasn't too bad.  One person kept calling Janelle a "LIAR" so she said "hang on a minute---I'm going to block that motherfucker!".  In the picture below where she was looking up she was reading a text from someone.

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