Saturday, August 11, 2012

Um.....Yummy. #BB14

Shane tried to eat a bowl of slop but couldn't finish it.  He and Joe plan to wait for the slop banana bread, then have protein shakes for lunch and more fish for dinner.

Can it be much worse than oatmeal?  I don't get what is so horrible about having one bowl per day. They can use maple syrup and brown sugar in it....

Back in the early days instead of slop, they had the PB&J diet and everybody bitched about that, too.

Mike put his fish and eggs into a bowl and I just saw him squirt yellow mustard in there.  GROSS!  And you know he doused it with hot sauce, and whatever is in the bottle on the far right below.  Ketchup maybe?  Yes, it is Ralph's ketchup.

And he's eating that voluntarily.   No one is making him eat that.

Britney is out of the DR and sits down with a bowl of slop.  She asks Mike a question about being in the military and what they eat.  He says she needs to ask Danielle since her parents are Marines.  Mike thinks the food selection is somewhat limited, with fewer choices than "the sorority house".

Mike gives a shout out to someone in Afghanistan, and then to "Meow Meow Mr. Enzo Palumbo". 

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  1. Becuase it is so high in protein it has a metalic aftertaste that the HGs hate. Alison Grodner said they created it after the Have Nots would go on sugar highs and crash out with eating so much PB&J sandwiches. They wanted to create someting nutritonal and slop was born. When they taste tested it she said it tasted like metal and gave them all the runs.


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